Evolving Beyond the Belief of Conceit
is to Love Yourself in Totality

Louise Hay's Teaching of Loving Yourself

Louise Hay is the pioneer teacher of how to love yourself and in the video at the end of the page you can listen to her explain about how important and powerful loving yourself is.

Were you taught to love yourself? Most of us were not and we lived with the beliefs that loving ourselves is conceit entangled with many other beliefs of not being worthy. Beliefs that keep us in a loop, the very opposite of loving ourself. This is living as a finite creator instead of an infinite creator Most of our role models that we subconsciously recorded as memory through experiences in our lives didn't know the wisdom of loving ourselves or how valuable and empowering it is for everything.

Since you are reading this then you're already on your path of loving yourself or you would not be expanding your self on this evolving journey.

When we realize the power of loving our self and how that love extends into everything else that we encounter and all the benefits, it becomes a great inspiration to continue loving ourselves.

Conceit and any other resistent limiting beliefs is from the ego personality. When we have finally broke free from those old beliefs, then we have come to learn how to accept and love ourself. Even if it's just small steps or a day at a time, it's going in the loving direction.

The Mirror Exercise for Feedback
Louise Hay Teaching

The easiest way to know if you love yourself is to go up to a mirror and tell yourself how much you love and accept yourself. If you have never tried this exercise you can do it right now. Simply go to a mirror and look into your own eyes and tell yourself genuinely from your heart how much you love yourself.

Were you able to do it without any resistance?

If you are years into your evolving journey then there is no resistance. You already love yourself, you know you are a part of the All That Is, unified Source of Infinite Creation's Love.

If it felt uncomfortable and you gave up then the feedback is that your old beliefs is still the program running. It's an automatic reaction from those limited beliefs.

If you were able to go to the mirror and as you said the words and felt it in your heart, even if ego emotions surfaced you did move past what felt uncomfortable, that's a great step. The important thing is you did it and when you continue to do it you will become more receptive the more you do it.

If you wept tears or cried that is great too! Tears and crying is releasing built up energy stored in the body, so if it comes, let it go, it will purify you in the process, it’s such a releasing feeling.

It may take Practicing the Mirror
Exercise for Awhile

It takes practice until you can look into the mirror comfortably and genuinely without any resistant of other thoughts surfacing. Reminding ourselves that everything is inner first then outer, subjective then objective, “as within, so without”, invisible then visible.

It's best to practice so anytime you walk past a mirror you are able to love yourself regardless of any judgments, which means to love yourself with acceptance. If there is anything that you do not like about yourself, work on loving it so that the judgment is released. Then remind yourself that you can change anything and everything to become the love energy.

Releasing Judgments of Yourself then to Others

Anytime we judge ourselves it leads us back into the lower vibrational thoughts of the ego, of self hate or self doubt, dishonoring ourself. It’s the old beliefs, old memories that will trigger any disempowering thoughts of ourself. So it can sometimes be tricky, but by being self aware you are able to accept and love yourself bit by bit until it becomes a natural habit. By being aware whenever you start to judge yourself or put yourself down in anyway is the time to stop it in it’s tracks and insert a loving thought about yourself.

Practicing the release of judgments on yourself is the eventual flow of releasing judgments also perceived of others too. It is a win win situation! When you really work the practice to love yourself and eliminate self judgment into genuine acceptance and love, it's like a magical wand that transforms all you perceive and experience.

In others, in situations and in all experiences, bit by bit you will notice the more you practice loving yourself and releasing judgments on yourself will flow into everyone and everything eventually. You will begin to see the reflection of unity.

Loving Yourself Really is the Answer to Everything

This great practice to love yourself until you become to feel it within until it flows out, and it will. Using the analogy of a glass filled with dirty water, as you continue to add clean water eventually the cup will transform to be filled with clean water. The dirty water overflows from the cup and the clean water then remains. This is the same way we tranform old beliefs into new beliefs of love.

So the more you work on by practicing to love yourself the more it will eventually reflect in everything you interact with and perceive in your experiences. Everything starts to change, you beome that loving radiant vibration, evolving from your ego personality to love yourself and is flowing from infinite spirit .

You will then find feedback in every area of your life. You will start to notice that you attract or encounter more loving individuals into your reality. You will notice less situations and experiences that would in the past frustrate and trigger anger will change and resolve. Literally your reality changes to reflect the new love energy that you are vibrating, your new being of love resulting because you love yourself.

Loving that Loving Feeling …
Falling in Love with Yourself

We all love that loving feeling when we are first in love or when we manifest what we want. What does that loving feeling feel like? Lets immerse our memories into it. If you are not feeling that love feeling most of your day then this is a powerful exercise to bring it back into your daily life.

What does that loving feeling feel like? It feels heavenly, blissful, like nothing can burst that bubble of lightness, carefree, on top of the world feeling. We see the beauty in everything, even things that we not so pleasing before just shines with beauty. It feels like we are walking on a cloud, smiley, happy, joyous, excited, passionate, free. Someone cuts you off in traffic and you smile at them and wave. It is a high vibration!

Nothing seems to be able to alter you from that loving blissful state, UNLESS you allow it by choosing some lower vibrational thoughts to burst your bubble. You never have to let that happen, it is up to yourself to create it to be a habit from loving that love feeling enough and knowing all the benifits too.

Love yourself enough to be in that state of love no matter what is going on.

The more you are in that loving state, the more you will notice less and less addicted your are to old negative emotions that stimulate the negative feelings that try to pull you into altering your bliss, your loving reality, it's all up to you.

What we See in Another, Is what We
Believe is Missing in Ourself

Whether it is something we seen in another that we want for ourself, be it in a love relationship or any relationship or quality, negative or positive. We desire those qualities or whatever it is that you like or dislike about another, however the tricky part is that we believe we don’t have it in ourself that is the reason we want it or admire it or don't like it.

If it is something another has that you don’t like, it is also something you may believe you don’t have in yourself, yet behind the illusion, you really do. So either way whether it is something you see in another you like or do not like, you would not be able to see either if you didn’t already have it in your belief system, or your memory of programs.

The illusion is that it seems to be missing in you or that you are not like that, however we can never deny what we want or see in another being a reflection of what is inner first. The illusion of denial will make it appear as if it’s not in us, however that is an illusion. The mere ability to perceive whatever it is we are perceiving about another or an experience or situation can only be perceived if it’s already in us to begin with.

If it is something that you admire for example the success that another has, you have that same potential ability within you, you just have not believed you do, but you do. It just takes practicing to bring it out for you to realize it is there. The same is for an example of something you don’t like about another, maybe the way they put others down, but if you notice it then you also do have it somewhere in your memory too.

It's really important not to judge yourself either because it will only lead to more resisting of self love. Instead embrace the awareness and be more loving and compassionate to yourself to release the old patterns of judging. By doing this consistently you will notice more and more of your reality changing.

Loving your Desires Into Manifestations

Do you fear, which is resisting your desires or do you really love your desires, which is allowing them to become manifested to you?

We all hear and know the difference in resisting compared to allowing, we can feel the differences when we are self aware.

When we are resisting then we are worried, fearful, anxious, against the flow and so on … when we are accepting we are allowing, lovingly, in flow.

For any desire we want, no matter how big or small it is to our limited self, to the Infinite Creation it is all the same, nothing is impossible, everything is possible. It is only our beliefs that make it appear as something is a big manifestation compared to a smaller one.

If we are in a resisting energy then we are creating our manifestations to be exactly of that energy, getting what we do not want.

If we are in a loving energy then we are creating our manifestations to be exactly of the energy, of getting what we do want.

Loving our desires is a high vibrational frequency that also is a higher speed of manifesting it into our reality. We are not forcing, or tugging, instead we are loving it into being manifested.

Have your Invisible Mirror with you at All
Times is the Journey to Evolving

I found that by having my invisible mirror with me all the time, it reminds me of my passion of evolving into a love being. If I judge anyone or anything, my mirror reflection allows me to turn any negative into a positive or into love.

The greater the challenge the more I realize I need to do my inner work until I can then perceive it in the most loving way. Whether it is a person, thing or situation, anything is my mirror to see my reflection.

The journey to evolving into a love being, does mean to love yourself first. It not only creates our life to become blissful along the way, heavenly on earth, it also allow us to be on the higher vibrational frequencies.

There is so much fun, excitement and passion on that high level and we also activate more of our higher abilities so that life becomes easier and easier, bewitching.

Yes, it become magical because when you become more sustained and fulfilled on that high vibration, more and more so called psychic abilities become interesting and possible in your new belief system. New creative ideas come forth and life then does become magical. There is tremendous benefits to being on the higher vibrations … and when you do love yourself, it's the door way to getting you there.

Think of evolving as a baby learns to walk, we are learning to become love beings with super powers. It would appear to the norm as super powers but we know we had to take the journey to getting there. Super power takes genuine responsibility and it is so worth it.

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