I’ll Share Mine, Will You Share Yours?

I would like to share one of my bigger passionate desires that manifested and maybe you may want to share with us your passionate desire that has manifested too? Or maybe you are still working on a passionate desire that you can share. Or maybe you may want to share a manifestation that you didn’t want but subconsciously focused on it without realizing it and then it manifested. On the new page I added to the website you can do just that, share your experience of manifestations. You can also watch a short video from one of Bashar’s recent events.

Manifestations remind me of spring, buds blooming reminds me of desires seeded and getting ready to bloom. So it’s a perfect time to put more focusing power on your desires to speed up the blooming process of the desires on your list of what’s next. Or of what you are still working on manifesting.

Now for the sharing of one of my most passionate desires that has bloomed into manifestation, which was to publish a few books I have written in the last year or so. It has always been a desire of mine as I mentioned in the last ezine and finally I put more focus on it and then wala they are published. Well it did take a lot of work but it did not seem like work, now I know what it really means to love what we do. When we love what we do time really is timeless.

On the website’s homepage or on the link to the page above you will see the books on the right side of the page. Also take notice that if you do order any of them through my Estore and use the discount code I give you in this ezine, you will save $1.00 off on each book purchase. It’s one way that I can express my thanks and appreciation for your continued subscription to my Ezine and website.

Interesting Scientific Research

<> I found a few interesting articles that you may also find interesting too. All about memory and how our memories are not that reliable, you can check out it out from Science Daily Magazine false memories and another article “Did I see what I thought I saw”, creating false memories these science articles show us that shifting reality may just be what is going on when we ponder deeper into it all to take notice.

Another very interesting article paper clip made invisible from The Sidney Morning Herald, how scientist made a paper clip appear invisible, remind you of the philidelphia experiment? Well it is still in the beginning stages, but do you notice that many past fiction ideas or stories eventually become manifested into physical, or close?

So I hope I left you with some intereating things to wonder about and also remind you to keep the powerful focus on your big desires because if they're already seeded, they will bloom soon. And remember to check out the new page and maybe share a manifestation or desire you are working on or anything about manifestations. And last but not least, ah your discount code of $1.00 off any purchase of my books from my Estore. The code # is HBRJ6ACZ to enter upon purchasing.

So have a great manifesting month, hope to connect through any sharing through the website.
Remember anything is possible and you are always deserving of it all.
Infinitely Anna Antoski

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