How Often are You
Focusing on your Desires
during the day?

We all know how important and powerful focusing on our desires really is for manifesting the creation and experiencing of it. Yet day to day living with all the demands and schedules can detour our attention that is essential to manifesting what we want. Even though everything and everyone in our lives can take priority sometimes over our own self. This is the reason that reminding yourself often how important and powerful your attention on your desire is for you manifestations.

How often do you need to focus on you desires?
In the beginning of a new desire and depending on your beliefs that creates automatic focusing, if they are resistant or accepting is the first thing to be aware of. When you choose a desire if there is resistance then it will take more attention to imagine your desire as already manifested whenever you think about it. The repetition is so important until your belief becomes accepting and feels natural until all resistant thoughts and feelings have changed to believability of your desire. Once you get to that stage then whenever your desire already manifested pops up in your thoughts, then all you need to do is love it with a bit of attention and let it go until the next time it pops up.

Most Powerful Times to Focus on Your Desire Already Manifested

Again whenever the thoughts of your desire pops up throughout the day should eventually become natural. Other most most powerful times to focus your attention on your desire is before sleep and upon awakening. Also anytime you become into a zoned out or trance state of mind is similar to the same frequency as before sleep and upon awakening from a sleep.

These 3 powerful states of being is prime time to to guide your attention back to your desires..
Trance like states and just before falling asleep and just when you awaken is so powerful and in the beginning may also take some practice in reminding yourself until it does become natural. You will know when it becomes a natural habit when you lie down before sleep and thoughts start going rampant in your mind, it becomes like a switch and you just remember to do it and then do it. It’s like switching on a light. When you lie down and the thoughts start surfacing, really what occurring is you are just being aware of thoughts. As soon as you become aware, eventually that awareness becomes your trigger and automatically switches you’re attention to your desires already manifested and imagining before falling asleep. Then doing the same thing upon awakening and before getting out of bed.

How Pure and Unaltered is Your
Focusing on your Desires?

When your attention becomes so pure and so unaltered of any doubt you know that your belief is supporting your desire and you will find it easier when putting your attention on your desire manifested.

It’s all about your manifested desire becoming so believable that your beliefs system automatically supports it and you effortlessly are able to imagine it. Trust also becomes naturally embedded into the mix and you become a clear channel of energy to your desired manifestation and then you also become to expect it naturally too. You will find it easy to let go because everything becomes in alignment, which is being on the pure channel of vibration to frequenize the manifestation into your experience. 

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Share with us any of your own manifestations. Whether it was something you focused subconsciously on that you didn't want but it manifested, or desires you did want and they manifested.

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