Subconscious Programs are the Most Powerful in Creating Your Life

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Have you had many deliberate desires manifest this month? Big or small, it doesn't matter ... it is enough to add more proof for you that you do create all of your reality and that added proof reprograms your subconscious mind. The more we recognize our manifestations the more we can over ride those old programs.

Though I know you’ve heard it all before about the subconscious programs versus the conscious mind. But if we are not being aware throughout the day, every day of what subconscious programs that are still running, then it may be blocking the receivership of your desired manifestations. It can also be affecting your moods and your health too.

If your days, your reality is not the way you prefer or want it to be then it is really important to be aware of the subconscious programs.

You can see the changes and affects when you really become passionate about your own transformations, which is creating the new programs so that they are aligned with what you want. And to creating each day so that you are living it in the most highest vibration you can.

So if you would like to continue for more on this subject, then just click the link and it will take you to the page on the Subconscious Mind

On that page you can also listen to 2 video's by Bruce Lipton and the subconscious mind. Even if you have heard it before, if your every day life is not as you prefer it to be, then it’s worth listening and watching again. This time with your total conscious awareness, being focused on how it really can make an amazing difference in everything in your life. It is also so important if you have children or grandchildren or any children around you ... as they are role modeling you and it's creating subconscious programs for them too. Bruce Lipton's first video explains the importance of the first subconscious programs in our earliest years.

Lots of love for yourself because You Are Worth It!

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