Subconscious Mind

What Subconscious Programs
or Beliefs are still Running your Life?

I know we are all aware and have heard it before, that our subconscious mind stores our programs that create our beliefs.

Yes we may be so aware of the information, however are you taking notice of it on a daily basis?

If you are not, then you are letting 95% of the old programs that are your beliefs create your reality.  If these subconscious programs are not in alignment with your desires, then it will continue to keep you away from creating the reality you really do want.  Self sabotage is one of the biggest results of out of alignment beliefs, that even if you create what you want, old programs creates the sabotage effect in many ways.

We must remind ourselves that our subconscious programs are messages and ideas of what we believe to be truths from the time we were born.   Using the famous analogy of an iceberg is the best visual to realize just how much of our hidden programs we may not be aware of that is really running our life and creating our reality.

The top of the iceberg can be similar to our conscious thoughts and below the water is similar to our subconscious thoughts of programs or beliefs. Just stop for a few moments to really comprehend the intensity of 95% of the programs that may still be running your life without the awareness of it.

Subconscious Mind is like a Recorder?

Our subconscious mind is a recorder of data that has been recording programs since we were born.     And the majority of the programs/beliefs are not even true.  If we are still using them they will be out of alignment with what we desire to manifest in our life.

Imagine having a device that you have never erased but continually kept recording onto your whole life.    Then any situation or experience can trigger the memory of the recorder in less then a second, just as you hear the first few seconds of a song, it will take you back 30 years in an instant.  Time and space has no barriers at all!

It is the same as desiring lots of money and every time you get money, somehow, some way it has to go back out, never allowing that extra to be around in your possession long.   Or if someone says something that you perceive as hurtful, in a instant, irrelevant of time or space the subconscious memory of past hurts is triggered and brought to the surface for your instant reaction.

So if we are not paying close attention we will continue to bring up all of those old programs that in our present are so out of alignment with the reality we want to be creating.

Anger is another automatic reaction, so is doubt and hopelessness. Many self defeating programs that are stored in the old recordings are still sitting there for playback whenever we react in a negative or judgmental way.   It has become so automatic from not being consciously aware that we react.

How to Change the Programs

1. Being Aware ...

We must bring the old progrmas to the surface by being conscious aware of the old subconscious programs.  The only way to do that is to be as consciously aware of how we are thinking and reacting throughout our days.

2. Inserting the new programs.

By inserting the new programs we prefer to be the way we respond instead of the old reacting which are from the old programming.

3. Doing the above 2 steps every day, all day.

This way you are constantly creating the change you desire consciously and will override the older subconscious programs so the newer ones will become habitual.

For the quickest easiest way to change the programming is to say f**k it! that really will get your subconscious attention to connect to conscious awareness, because it interrupts it with an alertness, or unexpected emotions. Creating a significant breaking of the old programs.

You will find if you have been working on this quite deliberately and consistently day to day, that you have created new programs and your reactions have transformed into conscious aware responses instead, then you are on you way. You are an infinite creator instead of a finite creator.

To turn angry reactions into positive responses, consciously we must interrupt the old patterns consistently until the new way to respond becomes automatic.

It also needs to be done throughout the day for everything or anything that has a lower vibrational energy of negativity, until every negative reaction is transformed with an automatic positive response instead.

What this does to your reality is a complete turn around of opposites. Anger and judgment transforms into compassion, then into empathy. Fears and doubts transforms into hope, then belief, then knowing of optimism and trust.  The "I can't" transform into "I Can" and all old structure of illusionary reality starts to melt and transform into knowing you are creator, and your reality transforms into becoming a loving deliberate creator.

What Happens to your Body?

Your body begins to heal, you feel better daily, no more aches and pains, illnesses vanish and your mood becomes more fun and light of bliss. Your body is actually responding from your transforming higher vibrational thoughts, programs of beliefs. Your esteem and confidence becomes sustained and all faith is renewed.

The effects of your aware conscious responding has the most amazing effects for everything in your life.   It flows through the totality of you!

The subconscious is instead filled with the new thoughts and ideas that become the new powerful beliefs.   The recordings of the old programs become almost desensitized as the new automatic habitual programs become the natural feel good way to respond to everything.

You feel how worth it is because your body is feeling great, your moods are great, and you are feeling so naturally high most of the time.  You also begin to noticing more of what you want is becoming manifested.

Instead of being addicted to those old emotional disempowering triggers you have created, new emotional triggers of compassion and empathy is the response instead of anger, hurt, doubt or fears. Because your new empathy is so turned on and habitual, all judgment has no emotional trigger because you now automatically respond with empathy.

How can one be in empathy and judge another? It just can’t be done.

When you are empathetic, even the worse driver in the world that has cut you off, you have empathy for, that removes the judgment.

It is So Worth it!

Once you have worked on transforming your old reactions to new responses, from the repetition it becomes the natural way to respond. When you're responding in the new loving ways, and your body is feeling good all the time and so is your daily mood, you become to know it is so Worth It.

You realize that absolutely nothing is worth reacting the old way because of how great you feel.  It becomes your daily life now and it is easier then reacting from the old programs.

All it takes is doing it every day until it becomes the new programs and habit you enjoy. It’s worth the challenges when you first start to do this because the challenges really do transform into a passionate fun way to transform your programs. Knowing that it transforms everything else along the way.

In this video, which is part 11 from "Overcoming the Dark Side" Bruce Lipton explains more about our subconscious and how we really do need to get to the programs to create the change we want.

Evolving into Paranormal Experiences

Any paranormal experiences is making more unknown know through practicing until you create new programs, which are new memories.   Using your imagination and focusing until you actually have the experience in physical.   If you have not experienced anything out of the norm, then you have to create those subconscious memories to retrieve from to then create the experience for yourself.   Once you do, it expands your mind to empowering possibilities that you may have once believed were so impossible become possible.

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