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Do You Know Your Body is Precognitive, Knows Your Future
May 01, 2012

More Insights and More Helpful Teachings

I was looking forward to meeting up with you again this month through this ezine to share more ideas and teachings if you have not come across them yet, they may be very helpful on your transforming journey. Whether it’s changes you desire, new or old manifestations you may be stuck on, or desiring to master time for your benefit. You can check out the new pages below.

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Body is Cognitive

Do you know that your body and brain sees the future before you consciously make a decision? This knowledge from Dean Radin’s research and experiments can be a powerful benefit. Body is Precognitive

Illusion of Time

The more you notice and experience how flexible time is, it becomes so much easier to navigate if you feel you are at all enslaved to time. Even a mini mind vacation can make quite a difference every day. Time is Flexible

You are Where Your Attention Is

how much awareness do you give to where your attention is? And do you use it to your advantage as much as you really can? Were you ever punished when you were younger for daydreaming? When this is the most insightful and greatest work because wherever your attention is focused really is where your energy is being accumulated and where you are OOB. Your Attention

Our Challenges as TV Bloopers

Did you ever notice that whatever you are focused on with lots of attention and emotion actually creates the manifestation to also become experienced with attachments of the same emotions that you were focused upon. Something you really wanted but when you were focused on it, and maybe not even aware how emotionally focused you were in anxiety and later you experience the desire you had manifested but along with it came many challenges? So in the mix of focusing you added ingredients of doubt, anxiousness instead of trust and love of it. When you baked it through attention it came out manifested but with lots of difficulties too, just because it was added in the mix. In the past we might have believed maybe we were cursed or doomed to so much difficulty, now we know it was our own self getting in the way. Using your challenges as Bloopers can really lighten the energy and create the best result manifested too.

Natural Sleep Patterns

Do you sleep a solid 7 or 8 hours a night? There are more advantages to sleeping less and breaking up the intervals of SleepPatterns which is more natural for our whole being.

we are all part of this expanding evolution and anything we do that adds to the love vibrational energy is going to be a benefit firstly for yourself and expand into everyone and everything else. The same with anything that you continue to do will add to your growth in this journey, so keep on keeping on because no matter what you are doing, you are making a difference. Continue to let love light the way.
Infinitely Anna

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