Natural Sleep Patterns from Seth, Jane Roberts Teachings

Natural sleep patterns I encountered the information of knowledge from a Seth Jane Roberts book decades ago and when I first read it I was also working straight night shifts.

I really enjoyed the night shifts because it just seemed like such a great time to be awake when most of the population was asleep. When I was off the shifts I also consistently awoke after four or five hours sleep and felt so alert and not tired. So what I read about natural sleep made so much sense to me and so I continued those natural patterns ever since. Sometimes I go off the natural sleep patterns and always notice the difference in my energy when I do.

Seth explained the reason for drowsiness when we sleep more then five hours in one sleeping is because we are away from our body for such long periods of time, it takes more time for our body to adjust.

Audio 4 of 13 Seth Speaks, the first part of the video is about sleep patterns that are most beneficial for us.

3 O’clock to 5 in the Morning

Three to five o’clock in the morning is such a powerfully great time of the night to awaken and allow creativity to flow. With the majority of the population asleep I find that we can really tap into peaceful serenity too that can be so timeless and expands to experiencing the beautiful nature awakening with the sunrise. There’s so many great benefits on the whole when we align as much as we can with nature and our natural connection to the infinite source of it all.

It also helps when we go with our natural sleep patterns then time becomes more flexible and during our day this also connects us more to our natural self and infinite flow the more that we can step out of our linear patterns that can constrain us into a structure that has become so habitual.

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