Illusion of Time in Space

Illusion of Time in space is just as it sounds, as Albert Einstein said, “time is relative” to whatever we create it to be relative to and flexible to.   If we have infinite space, and time is a variable that we use to measure as markers in time, this let’s us perceive time as illusions in space.

Time will become as relative depending on how valued we make it to be.  The more we become enslaved to time, the more it will actually mess up our natural self.  We’ve all experienced time to fly by so fast when we're enjoying what we're doing, or go by so slow when we are not enjoying what we are doing. Now imagine a lifetime of slowed down time or fast time and knowing it’s really our own choice. You can surely know if you are enjoying life if you notice that the days, months and years are going by so fast. The illusion of time shows us how flexible time really is when we take time to notice it. We can get so much more from space when we remove even bits of time from it.

Illusion of Time in Our Experiences

Illusion of Time is when we experience it independent of the clock and calendars that keeps time consecutive in motion of continuous flow that keeps us experiencing time in linear continuity. What if we were to remove all of our man made measuring of time and just went by the sunrise and sunset?  We’d still quite easily be able to measure time just by ticking off each day we see the sunrise or sunset by a 24 hour cycle.

What if we lived in Nunavut Yukon Territories, or Norway where three to six months of the year it is daylight, and the other 3 to 6 months it’s night, dark? Then we’d have quite the challenge to keep our measuring of time.

Let us work from an even broader perception of 3 years with only daylight just for our imagining.   So that we can remove ourselves from time for awhile and expand on it to see what our life would be like in comparison. Let us also imagine that we are on an expanded vacation of 3 years too. We will also notice how our beliefs would change in the process.

Imagining Space Without the
Measuring of Time

Let's imagine that every day that we awaken there are no man made measurements of time as clocks, calendars, but we do have computers but they have no time or calendars in them either.  The sun will not set for 3 years, so each day we wake and do whatever we do, and when we are hungry we eat, and when we are tired we sleep. After even a few months of living this way we’d be already quite removed from time as we know it that contains so many illusions.

Experiencing the New Reality

Yearly Celebrations May not be Good for Our Health

One of Ramtha’s teachings he talked about yearly celebrations and the affect it has on our inner biological clock.  So with this knowledge added into our imagining we would no longer celebrate significant dates as we did in the past, because there are no markers measuring our perception of months or years.  Then time would be dissipating more and more. So we wouldn’t have birthdays, anniversary's, or any other yearly celebration days. Instead we have gone back to our creative natural way of being and create celebrations without any linear measuring of time marks.  We celebrate every moment to be an exciting experience to celebrate.   Remember we’re on a 3 year vacation doing whatever we want, with all that we need also provided.

Our biological inner body clock would change because we have no more association with those old time markers of getting a year older that’s associated with beliefs that create our mind and body to deteriorate.  So our inner pituitary gland is evolving and our pineal gland would be growing instead of shrinking as in present day because we are using our creativity more then ever, and creating new ideas for everything.   We’d be enjoying the present moment without any future to wait for because linear past, present and future has merged into just one big expanding now momentum of experiences.  Sure we still have past memories but they’ve also merged into the present because we’re just having so much fun living naturally.

We would probably live hundreds of years and be able to live those years in great healthy shape in mind and body.  Intuitive abilities would become more natural too allowing for more extraordinary abilities.  We are no longer enslaved to time, and we’d be seeing through the illusion of time because instead we are living our lives so naturally, that all these evolutionary changes are taking affect and rewiring our brain in amazing ways.  We all make money or provide services in exchange for our needs, there is also no competition either. So you can feel how different life would be without linear time, because we’d have breaking through the illusion of time.

Let’s Keep this Natural Memory We
Have Just Imagined

If we spent some emotional imaging going for awhile then we may have actually memorized a memory of it so we can use it in our every day life. Especially when life’s challenges seem to get us feeling down. Just go back to this memory, file it under Powerful Present Moment Vacation, or something like that for easy retrieval.  Even if we can’t live what we imagined, we can incorporate different parts of it into our lives as much as we can to get some beneficial affects.  This is the power of imagination melts away illusion of time by being in no time.

Mental Mini Vacations

 I have taken mini vacations for years, have you? Whether you are remote viewing, OOB, or just sitting and relaxing wherever you are and just imagine you are wherever you want to be.  Then let your mind wonder to it and in it for awhile. Or just spend 5 to 10 minutes sitting in pure bliss by conjuring up whatever triggers and creates the bliss feelings and go with it.  It’s so amazing how refreshed and great it feels having a mini vacation each day.

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