Where’s Your Attention?

Mind Wandering is Occurring all the Time

Wherever your attention is will literally be where you are, maybe not in body but in your mind, out of body when your mind of thoughts are on something other then what you intend to be doing.. Yes right now, stop for a moment and contemplate how often and most of the time it goes unnoticed how automatically our mind can wander away from our initial tasks.

We know right now in this present moment you are reading this webpage, but are you really? How often has your mind of thoughts wondered spaciously out of this time interval momentum of reading this webpage? The only way you will notice it is by being aware that it’s even happening. In school we daydreamed. We’d be sitting in class and our mind would take us to anywhere we wanted without leaving our physical body, like remote viewing.

Reversing the Perception and Beliefs

What if we reversed our conditioned conformed beliefs that we perceive and think the opposite? Because the opposite is what is really going on. When we really absolutely realize to know that we are an infinite spirit that came into these physical body’s then we can more easily comprehend to reverse our perception. So then we could refer to mind as infinite spirit traveling around using time and space depending on your attention out of body so naturally. Though we are always infinite spirit, the only disconnection is the beliefs that we are just this body of ego personality and that’s it, and we know that belief is so limited in our evolutionary growth.

Now take notice and ask yourself, how many times did your mind wander just as you read that last paragraph? You could of wandered many times just in those linear few moments of reading. And that can show us allot about time and space removed from linear perception.

Differential of Time

If it takes us a few moments to read a paragraph when we are totally focused on what we are doing, yet we can be interrupted and go off in our mind to other thoughts that could take us out of liner time into infinite time in space as we wander. So a paragraph would of then taken 10 minutes to read when we wander compared to a few seconds if we were only totally focused on reading without mind wondering.

In other words, in linear physical perception you read for 10 minutes, yet where your attention was, out of body, that part of you may have been gone or daydreaming for a half hour. This shows us the difference of time in and out of our body.

So thank goodness for mind wandering, too bad our teachers back in the past didn’t realize how important it was for our spiritual growth and punished us for daydreaming. So being a rebel conditioned rule breaker was such a great thing for us to be and do, it’s the catalyst needed for change and be on the leading edge.

Where’s Our Attention when We Dream?

When we fall asleep and dream our mind is wandering too. The only difference from waking mind wandering or daydreaming and sleep dreaming wandering is that we have been so conditioned to automatically believe and separate waking states and dream states as different and more real. Even if we don’t remember our dreams, we know we always dream. Yet this is the same thing we do when our mind wanders anytime we detour from the task or whatever we intended to be doing. Also notice the time variables, if you’ve ever looked at the clock and fallen asleep then awoke and in physical 5 minutes past, but yet in your dream it seemed like hours. Seems to then make sense when a person dies it could seem like 5 minutes to them in their dimensional reality yet for us it could be years.

So really we could see mind wandering it as lucid dreaming while awake. This is thinning the veil even more between the fine line that the song implies that ‘life is but a dream’ when we ponder deeper. For now we will stay focused on attention because life is a dreams could be another webpage, see how easily we can wander off the original topic?

Mind Wandering is a Natural Ability

It’s so natural for us to mind wander in our attention all the time in infinite space. This is the whole reason that we have to practice and learn how to keep the focus in creating our desires. We literally have to train as skill to focus because it’s so natural for us to mind wander. So we don’t need anymore proof or convincing that we are naturally wandering beings and most of the time we really are Out of Our Body. Hardly leaves much room for anyone being skeptical, however that’s what spiritual awakening is all about and probably our major purpose for reincarnating again.

Once we really understand wherever our attention is, is literally where we really are, then we can also use it more productively as in remote viewing, or picking destinations to travel upon and bring back information instead of just randomly mind wandering. We can hone in on our natural mind wandering attention ability with even greater purpose in alignment with our evolutionary path too. Using time and space as our port hole into infinite dimensions to venture upon.

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