Our Body is Precognitive

Our body is precognitive, it actually reacts seconds before we are consciously aware of a choice or decision we make. Dean Radin has done experiments that individuals are shown images on a computer screen and he observes their eye dilation. What Dean Radin found through this research is before individuals would respond their eye dilation and body reacted seconds before they made a decision.

The Powerful Benefits of Using this Knowledge that Our Body is Precognitive

Since these experiments has shown that our body and brain is reacting to the future before we make a conscious decision in reacting at first could make us wonder about our own free will of choice.

I pondered this for a bit and what it seems to me to be occurring is something our subconscious is doing all the time, but we may not be noticing it. Just as when we drive a vehicle and many times we are so busy in other thoughts then what we are actually doing, we land up at our destination safely and automatically.

It would seem so magical and mysterious except when we go deeper we can know what’s really going on. So could it be that time's illusion creates the body is precognitive as another illusion because of all our past memories that it already knows in advance how we are going to react? If this is the case then we have more choice then we ever realized and we can actually create new memories for the body to direct in predicting our future. So it can still be automatic however predicting by our own choosing to our preferences instead of from our past memories that are programmed.

Stopping the Enslavement to Our Past

This would mean then that the only thing we are really enslaved to is our past beliefs that keep creating our future. However that’s the paradox because this is where automatic conditioned memory is already active in our brain, nervous system and body from past memory. The only way I can perceive how it can do that is because our brain and body has already memorized, conditioned or hardwired our reaction from our past history of data of information. Created from past automatic memory that our body can react to the future seconds before we consciously do anything, so it’s working or predicting from being on automatic pilot.

This is where our most powerful benefit is in knowing this because we can now rehearse through repetition to create the new memories breaking the old patterns of the past to new reactions. Then this will be the new way the body is precognitive, in other words this new pattern will be how our body then reacts to the future. This is so important when we desire to make big changes for our future and how we desire it to manifest on what we prefer instead of what we don’t prefer.

Noticing Your Own Experiences in the Body

Years ago I noticed that I had pink eye starting to form in my left eye, it has already become very red and itchy. After a night sleep and when I awoke and looked in the mirror it was gone, my eye was normal. Then within less than second when I looked away and then looked again it looked the same way it did the day before. I wondered how can that be, however this was in the beginning of my learning about the nature of reality.

Of course there's too many experiences to even write about, so I am just mentioning the one's that pop up in my mind right now that show how our body is precognitive. Another experience was intense back pain before going to bed, upon awakening I actually happily got out of bed walked downstairs in no pain. However I am writing with the perception now from insight of hindsight, as soon as I started to make my coffee, the pain became so intense I could hardly stand.

I wondered what's going on? And as sync would manifest itself answers always came to me quite quickly, or the right book, or video or next research.

After so many of these sparks of experiences I became to realize just how our body is precognitive. Naturally when we are in zero point, neutral, our body responds in that blissful unaffected way of no pain so naturally. Until, and without ourselves even noticing, well until we do, and old thoughts surface like faster than the speed of light our focusing on what we expected from our old beliefs then fire up in the brain through the nervous system and create the body's reaction to what was suppose to be, as expected. Like, oh ya, that pain that was there, then like wala, it's back.

This is so important because if we are not aware this and how our body is precognitive then it continues to go on, however when we focus on being aware and taking notice, instead of these sparks of feeling so good until we switch the body's reaction to pain again can be the key point. This key point is when we can actually keep the body as it awoke, no pain, or anytime in the day that this occurs. Once we notice this enough we can actually stop in that moment of noticing when the pain comes in and go back to the neutral state and stay in it instead of falling back to the old state of expectation by retraining the brain and body.

Retraining the Body and Brain to Our Desired Preferences

We need to retrain our body and brain to react to the future automatically to what we prefer so that the new way of being is rewired and downloaded into our belief programs instead of the automatic reactions our body is already precognitive from. So that our body reacts seconds before our future in the way we prefer it to be.

So we must not be stimulated by the past memories, let them go and creating the new memories so that our body is precognitive the way we want it to be

So for me this experiment shows that we must retrain our body and brain to react to the future we prefer so that the new way is hardwired into our brain and body naturally. Reacting from our past will continue to create our body to be precognitive reacting seconds before we do creating our past to become our future So daily awareness and reinforcement of new programs must be memorized to become our memory so that our body reacts automatically only from the newer memories we have programmed it to be.

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