Your Challenges as TVbloopers

Using this perspective as our life challenges as TVbloopers can make quite a difference in how serious and attached in emotions we become when we go through some difficult times. Especially the times of experiences that seem so impossible to change and are a reoccurring pattern we become stuck in.

Your Emotional Attention Creates the Manifestation to Be of the Same Energy Experience

Years ago I wanted to know the reasons that so many times I would manifest what I wanted however I would have so many difficulties along the way. It sure appeared as denial that I would have anything to do with creating difficulties, that’s how strong the illusion of denial can be. You know the saying, “things don’t come easy”? and we’ve all heard master teachings of “get out of our own way” yet if we are stuck in denying that we are the ones actually creating the difficulties then we will always be searching away from ourselves for our answers.

Then I came upon a Ramtha teaching that plainly said, whatever we experience as a manifestation is all connected in the same way we focused upon it, aware or not, it’s still energizing. Along with the belief I had that dictated that nothing comes easy. Right there in plain view. So I knew there was lots of work to do on these two things, create a new belief that dictated, ‘everything does come easy’ and consistent inserting of positive when I noticed a negative. Until I came upon bliss and that seemed more easy and simple, just transform stress to bliss because bliss is a relaxed state and in alignment with love, the heart and easy fun blissful experiences of manifestations too. Everything wrapped into one state of being.

Realizing being in a relaxed state has so many healthy and powerful benefits especially in creating our reality. If we are in a fearful or anxious state then whatever we our putting our attention on will be also how it manifests. So it can’t be overstated the importance of a relaxed state in creating reality, so that whatever we manifested will be in the same relaxed state we experience the manifestation in.

This is Where Challenges
TVbloopers comes In

TV or movie Bloopers make us laugh, when we watch them we know that the actors make mistakes that are taken by editing out of the original showing of the movie or tv show. Whether they fall, mess up the original script, we always see them laughing at their mistakes. We don’t yell at the tv and call them failures. No we laugh with them because we know they are human and it’s a part of human reality to go through these experiences we label as judgments of mistakes. We learn allot from these personal bloopers that strengthen us through the process.

Yet in real life we do the opposite. Usually we are so hard on ourselves for making the same kind of mistakes that we see the actors and actresses making that actually become the best part of the show or movie. Because truly the statement, “laughter is the best medicine” is actually what research has found to be true. So we can learn allot from using our own challenges as TVbloopers, just like a dream reality instead of taking our pitfalls so serious. I am quite sure that our spirit or infinite self doesn’t take all these bloopers we go through as serious. Spirit probably laughs at our personal challenges just like we laugh at show bloopers and we know that most challenges we learn and grow stronger as a result.

TVbloopers in Our Own Life Lightens the Load

If we take our difficult life experiences as a movie or DVD and use all our difficulties and challenges as TVbloopers and see them as special features as humorist experiences we would lessen the attachments to some low emotions. These special features can be perceived and registered in our memories as special opportunities to lighten up and laugh at them instead of dramatizing them into more dramatic manifestations would be so beneficial for us. Then when we have our final product, our desired manifestation it will be stirred in the generating energy of fun, humor and relaxed drama.

Actually we can write out our own script and add the special features as our own challenges as TVbloopers. Take any challenging or difficult experience you are going through right now and transform it into a special feature TV blooper and then sit back and laugh at it instead of getting all stressed out about it. Just like your own life script that you can imagine as a movie, your biography of how you transformed all your life challenges as TVbloopers.

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