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Getting Personal with the Greater Part of You
June 01, 2013

Hello it’s been awhile and I appreciate being able to connect with you again. Time is just a reality tool that we are using to connect with, though it may seem to have been awhile, doesn't it seem like yesterday when we last connected?

We are evolving through consciousness to make greater strides in being able to create our life to become naturally easy and effortless by staying intimate with our infinite spirit, the greater part of ourselves, while we awaken to remembering that we are also ascending masters. So in this newsletter that’s what I wanted to address and make a big leap into living by owning who we really truly are.

So the first contemplation is to take a look at yourself, did you know that you are actually an ascending master? If you already know it and have owned it, then you may be interested in taking the impossibility challenge, more on that below.

Did you Know that You are an Ascending Master?

We have all done so much work on this awakening, enlightening journey, and it’s now time to own up to it and be one with the infinite source or spirit that is our being. Think about the movie the wizard of oz when oz is revealed when Toto pulls the curtain back and all sees that the big almighty was just a little man, human. All we need to do is reverse it, as we are the little human remembering or pulling back the curtain to realize we are the greater being.

Our human body being is similar to clothes. Clothes as different disguises of personalities, is what the body can be seen as, like the curtain, the vehicle for the infinite spirit of you. Go right now up to a mirror and look into your own eyes and declare, “I am an ascending master” if it doesn't feel comfortable, then start to get familiar with it by saying it every day until it finally computes. To read more about realizing you are an Ascending Masters click the link.

Getting Personal with Your Greater Being

We associate names to label individuals, let’s get personal and really intimate with the greater part of ourselves, and create a name to refer to the awakened ascending master that we are now. I have shared my new name, and you can check it out through this link, and then it’s your turn. I am looking forward to seeing your new name that now represents more of who you have become as a result of your expansion of enlightenment. The link above is also where you can submit you new name.

Always Being True to Yourself

Has it become a natural automatic habit to be true to yourself? Or are you still being what others expect you to be? This is such a profound way to live your life all the time. For myself it has been the most enduring loving way to be connected to infinite spirit. Once becoming very comfortable and natural at being true to yourself, you will find the most exuberant flow of high vibration to ride and then become the wave of love. Being able to do this without having a near death experience is so fabulous, if you are not familiar with being true to yourself, then it’s great to read about others who have had near death and share their experiences of how they have all come to the same conclusion that Being True to Yourself is the key.

Shifting Reality Tools

As I have become very comfortable with reality shifting, many tools that I have used I’d like to share with you as you may also find them beneficial too. Or you may already be using these tools also and if you are do share with us more about your experiences with them. One of the most useful tools I have integrated recently has been from a Ramtha teaching of a powerful, quicker energetic shift changer affirmation “I have always been” that I found to be a big key into shifting reality with history’s that contain future and past of what we prefer. If this link doesn't work for you, you can find it on the What's New Page. Shifting Reality Tools

Impossible Challenge

pick one thing that seems so impossible, and that you are so passionate because it will be the passion that sustains your consistency to focus every single day for a certain amount of time until you experience it. Take the challenge, click this link. Impossible Challenge Thanks to all of you that have submitted, and added to the website, it’s so fabulous for us to all know that we are not alone on this amazing journey. Also to other’s who have not submitted, your presence is also appreciated, because together our energy is leading the way to bigger and better experiences for us all.

Just a reminder to also check the What's New Page. if you have not in awhile.

I look forward to hearing from you with your new name and also about creating something impossible to become experienced, because when we do it for ourselves we create the most amazing neuronet in our brain that will expand to doing even more seemingly impossible things. Experience is the only way. Have an amazing unfolding of new experiences, and I look forward also to our next connection.
Infinitely Anna

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