We Ascending Masters
are the
Beings of Enlightenment 

We Ascending Masters, we have been expanding our consciousness through enlightenment to know ourselves.  The illusion of separation of the body, soul, mind/brain, spirit as one being.  Going through the processes and stages of awakening we can now begin to resonate and hear the message so loud and clear from other master teachers, that we are beings mastering limitation to experience the unlimited.  And that we are the ascending masters.

Though we have not ascended yet, we have been and are in the process of ascending our consciousness to higher consciousness.

Adamus St. Germain explains it in this video.  If you have not come to this realization, I hope this information of knowledge will resonate in igniting that we are ascending beings.

We have done massive and massive work on ourselves for so long that of course it makes sense that we would be the new leading edge frontier of beings for evolution for future generations.

The old masters went through suffering in their lives as a catalyst to enlightenment.  Though we may have spent years of suffering, we can now know that the old way needs to be broken through for the new consciousness to take over.  We have worked on ourselves, not others, we have done so many disciplines to get to the state we are in right now for even a greater reason than we may have realized, which is taking the stand and honoring our position and ourselves. 

We have worked diligently to know unconditional love and releasing judgments on everyone or thing that appeared in the past in limited ways.   Transforming more and more through great self-reflection work.  We didn't back down for nothing, we courageously stayed true to being ourselves and continuing our enlightened knowledge into wisdom with humility, grace and courage, and continue against the odds to be who we are now.

Listen to Bashar talk about the guru in us in this video.

Seeing through
Costume of the Physical Body

How much more personal really can we be with our Infinite part of ourselves?  When we consider that it was only an illusion appearing real from our limited beliefs that we have ever been separated.  It’s similar to looking in a mirror, if we look into a mirror facing only the front part of us, we can be fooled into believing that’s all there is.  However if we move a bit we then see the other side of ourselves. 

Or what if we dressed up for Halloween being similar as dressing in our body as physical clothes upon birthing.  Imagine never taking off our hallowed costume?  While we are wearing the costume we can play the part of the character for the night, however once we take off the costume, we realize we are back to our normal self again.  This can be similar to birthing and forgetting that these bodies are so similar to a costume we wear in the physical plane that our infinite spirit wears and uses for experiences. 

We Ascending Masters are Still Ascending

Though we have not ascended yet, we are in the process of ascending into higher levels of consciousness, so we ascending masters are on our way. 

We have so much to look forward to as we continue on this journey of realization of the true beings we really are with still so many amazing abilities to learn and perfect as we ascending masters.

Getting Personal
with Your Infinite Spiritual Self

We love to create names as label to define as reference to everything, including ourselves.  We were given a name at birth, however is that really who we still are now?  We have grown and changed to now become, we ascending masters can now choose what's more fitting for a name.  And actually create another name that would actually represent ourselves now?  We don't have to get real serious about it, however let's stir up some creativeness and fun and create a name that suits you better now.

Sit quietly in contemplation about this and see what comes through as a name that you would love to use to represent yourself.  Even if it's only for submitting.  Also you can describe the reason you chose that label or name, what it represents for you. 

Think of Jesus, his name to symbolize as a reminder with the US at the end, unified, we are all part of a whole.   Virgin Mary, virgin thought, zero, no meaning but the meaning we choose to give it.  I am just saying what comes to mind, everyone will have many different definitions or representations to these names.  

 My chosen new name,  Annazus

My birth name is Annamarie.  I choose Annazus to represent US at the end for unity, part of a whole.  Anna for a long time has represented for me with the A at the beginning and the end, infinitely goes on, circle of light, evolving, enlightenement, as writing in reverse or forward is the same way.  The Z for me represents when we come to the last letter in the alphabet, we can start again with new perceptions, new transformations.

 That was fun, now it’s your turn.

A List that We 
Ascending Masters Live By

In the video Germain says to make a list and then live by the list.  Well I am quite sure that we can create a list because isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along without even realizing it?  All we have to do is look back at our journals and then keep in mind that we are putting these ideas into consciousness for retrieval for others.  Which we are doing all the time anyway, however now we can do it with aware intention for future generations.

 I am going to share my list and you can add to the list and or modify if you think it needs it.  This is a great step and leap beyond into imprinting consciousness. 

 *Being True to Yourself and not Altering, that means Loving Yourself Purely Unconditionally knowing it flows in affect to everyone and everything.  Always choosing to act from that state of being true to yourself first

*Listening to Your Highest Intuition of Highest Consciousness from Your Heart

*Bliss is Your Natural State getting Comfortable in Bliss

*Be in Bliss of the Heart for Easy Creating

*Seeing through All Separation, Be Unified, Transform Everything and One to Love

*Have no patience or tolerance for doubt, fear or suffering of the old world, have only empathy and devalue all limitations

*You are the Law Giver, It Is what You Say it Will Be, nothing has meaning but the meaning you give it

*Focus with Intention and Trust and Easily You will Receive

*Be the Light to the World by Shining by Living from Your Infinite Being

*You are a Love Being

*Look in the Mirror and Honor Yourself with Divine Love and see Your Eyes of your Soul and Spirit Shine through

*Everything You Create is with Ease, no Effort or Struggle is required, again that is the old world,  You are the Flow of the new world

*Remove all low frequency words as challenge, struggle, effort, can’t, impossible and such as they don’t belong to the Being that You Are now, they exuberantly served in the past, they are no longer of value or service now

*Knowing is Creating

*Everything and Everything Is Possible, Experiment and Experience it For Yourself

*Nothing can Lower Your Frequency because You Know Who You Are

*Live from Your Heart

*Sit quietly and all the Answers Always come to You

*This is Your World, Follow your Inner Infinite Guidance Always Trust Yourself Completely

*As You Evolve in Consciousness and Activate Crystalline data Your Body is Modified and Feels Fabulous through Each Process

*Nothing Matters but Your Thought of It, You eat for Joy and Love of anything you consume

*As You Think it, It Will Be Done, As You Feel It, it Will Be Done, As You Speak it, It Is Already Done

*In the Old World Aging, Poverty, Suffering, Lack, fear, doubt,  all of that was a Mental Conditioned Disease.  It was only a means of challenging to get us beyond into Ease of the Enlightenment of Empowerment, it was never meant to become stuck in for long periods of time

*Everyone has their own free will, aware it is known, not aware is where being becomes stuck, but all have free will and knowledge to progress and be free from all old diseases of the mental conditioning

*Love all that You Perceive, As it is All You in Disguise, a fragment is always a piece of the whole

*Revel in your feelings of love, ecstasy, bliss, excitement as that is what You Truly Are

What is the New Name you have Created

Share with us your new name that represents who you are now as you have evolved up to this part of your enlightenment.

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