Reality Shifting Tools

 Choosing the best reality shifting tools can really make quite the difference when we integrate shifting reality into our awareness, and become to live our life with this wisdom. 

We can have the knowledge about shifting reality, however, if we are not putting it into conscious aware practice so we can notice these shifts, then we are not living the real wisdom of it through our own experiences.  When we do experience enough evidence for ourselves that confirms we are shifting realities, we want to use the best reality shifting tools that are available.

Knowledge of Multiple Personality
is also on my list of
Reality Switching Tools

Though I already have a page on multiple personalities, I feel it’s important to revisit it again because it clearly shows us reality shifting tools.  And how our brain and body can respond instantly to a completely new personality with completely different histories of past and future in a moment.  One person who has 4 personalities, shifts whole histories within a moment, how powerful is that?  And does it all in one body.

In one moment this person has a disease of MS, and is shy with one color of eyes, has a rash, and needs glasses.  Then in a moment will shift to another personality and within a moment their brain and body has shifted to be healthy, no MS symptoms, eye color changes to another color and no use for glasses, along with a different personality of assertiveness with high self-esteem.  Then in another moment shifts and becomes someone totally different than the other 2 personalities.  We really have to delve deeply into our psyche to comprehend what’s going on?  They seem to use reality shifting tools without being aware of it. 

So What’s Really Going On in
Switching Realities

We know our brain is a receiver, our body is the servant to the brain’s messages, and the infinite spirit is downloading informational data.  But if we ignore the new information, we will then revert back to old programming. 

When we are being conscious and aware of being connected to infinite spirit, then we will be on the leading edge of consciousness, compared to social consciousness because we are alert to more of our infinite source. 

We no longer value or believe in the medical system, the dental system, the financial system.   Actually all the old conditional systems drop away because we are becoming sovereign.  This is where conspiracy’s come in once we even go beyond conspiracies to realize they were also reality shifting tools we have been using.  We then see that it all happened for a grander exuberant reason.  When we become disconnected and fall back into the subconscious or ego, then our channel has changed back to lower social consciousness levels.

So now we can comprehend what we always heard and resonated with ,that everything is going on simultaneously, and everything is connected to everything else, unity, all parts of a whole.  As we go through our awakening stages we become to realize and even experience more of this wisdom.  We are consciousness moving through infinite realities that already exist, and visiting these realities continuously when we are aware of how and why we experience whatever we are experiencing. 

When we realize that we get to choose consciously and deliberately the reality we prefer.  And do TIS  while using other reality shifting tools as I have always been affirmations, we really have empowered ourselves and continue to ascend and merge more with our infinite spirit.

The Tuning Tools, Techniques
Processes for Attuning Reality Shifts

So we pick a desired reality we want to experience.  We focus on it with pure intention that is one reality shifting tools that shifts our consciousness via the brain receiving the message to be the one we tune into with a past and future that is in alignment with our desired reality.  If we have doubts about experiencing that reality, we have to reprogram our brain to be wired to tune into that reality.  This is where focusing our imagining with intention comes in.  Individuals with multiple personality disorder just do this naturally, they are not even aware they are doing it, and can’t control it.  No wonder because it’s labeled and defined as a disorder instead of a magnificent ability.

Many of our old beliefs dictate that everything still takes time.  Once we delete that belief and start working from the knowing that time can also be on the list of reality shifting tools, we can use time to its potential.  This will be another stage of realizing that time is a tool, and we can use it for our potential, and expand so that we can quicken time to experience quicker conscious deliberate reality shifting. 

The Most Powerful Reality Shifting Tools

These are the reality shfiting tools that I have found to be the best to work with in shifting reality to your preferred experiences.  Mostly from Ramtha and Bashar teachings, (though there are many other teachings similar ideas) I integrated their teachings into reality shifting tools that I have used and perfected throughout the past few years for shifting realities.  I have had successful experiences with doing this with many things I have wanted to change, and also for faster shifting.

 Time  is a reality shifting tools to shift or move through infinite realities, time is what gives motion its momentum.  In linear it’s believed and perceived as one moment after another, that the present is a result of the past.  In spacious time of infinite realities we perceive time in more of its natural state, which is totally flexible and relative to focused motion through space.  So any timing of manifestations, or switching realities to our preferences is all left us to us, we are the one creating the time factor of long waiting for desires to be experienced or quick manifestations.   

Emotional Affirmation of “I have always been …… fill in the blank of your desired experience is another on the list of reality shifting tools.

This is from a Ramtha teaching.  When we say repetitiously throughout our day, “I have always been” we are summoning or becoming the vibrational resonant match for the frequency that will channel in, or be the radar to be in that reality we prefer to be in that also contains the exact past and future of that reality. 

 Using an example of desiring to be wealthy financially.  When we repetitiously affirm to our self, “I have always been fabulously wealthy” you are choosing the frequency reality that is already fabulously wealthy.  In that reality the past and future of already being fabulously wealthy already contains the past history of a fabulously wealthy personality, and also a future history of already being fabulously wealthy.  That means money and wealth comes easy to you, winning money comes easy.  Everything to do with fabulous wealth is naturally simple and easy.  So you can see how the personality becomes a different person with a different reality containing everything that matches that reality.

It's the same thing with “I have always been healthy”  or anything else you fill in the blank to switch to the reality that already contains your desires being.  Do keep in mind that the longer it takes to make complete shifts is dependent on our own beliefs and the length it of time it takes to rewiring to the preferred reality. 

To use an example, we don’t throw out our computer if we can’t get on one website if the server is working because we can get onto other websites.  So if we aren’t noticing any shifts yet, it’s not the system that’s not working right, it’s the programmer, our own self that has to be tuned.

Imagining with Heart Felt Feelings that you are already what you desire to be or have or do.  The first few times you begin your focusing or imagining work, if it doesn’t feel natural or that it’s possible for you, that’s because you have to create it to be believable.  The way to create it to be imprinted in your brain and self as believable is to continue to focus or imagine what it is as it already is, over and over ... repetitiously until it becomes naturally believable.  Then you know that you have cleaned out all doubt from your system.  When you can imagine purely exactly how you desire it to already be manifested or experienced without any interruptions of doubt, fear, lack of trust then you know it is pure intention.  That means you are becoming a resonant vibration to frequenize that reality to become the one that you switch to and sustain for as long as you want.  The brain has created the neuronet in the brain to receive it and broadcast it.

Knowing Nothing has Built in Meaning.  Everything is neutral energy, everything is zero and has the potential to become whatever meaning you choose to put into anything.  You put the meaning that defines everything that is of the best potential for you.  You get to choose from Infinite Possibilities.

Switching a billions of times a second is also on my list of reality shifting tools   Knowing this and integrating by using this as a reality shifting tools into your life is another powerful tool of knowledge.  When you integrate your knowingness experiences, IT becomes a most magnificent tool.  This wisdom when experienced repeatedly, it allows us the greatest choices to choose in every moment to switch to realities we prefer.

Suzanne Somers was misdiagnosis by 6 different doctors in the hospital of lung cancer that was apparently  throughout her whole body.  It is possible when we know the knowledge of shifting realities that she could have been doing exactly that without realizing it?  If multiple personalities can do it, and if you have experienced shifts for yourself, you absolutely know that it’s a possibility for Suzanne too.   In 6 days shifting from almost death to finding out she had no cancer at all.  Really something to think about.

 She also mentions that new evidence has submerged to not to have mammograms, I recall Seth channeled by Jane Roberts stating that decades ago, he said whatever we go looking for, we will create.  So I believe that shifting realities will also become truth for those who are unknowledgeable about it now, will become wise to it in the future.

Suzanne also mentions that having knowledge makes a difference for her.  She has definitely brought lots of experience and knowledge to the public, and even says, “we’re barking up the wrong tree” without realizing even she is not aware of what may have subtly happened to her.  But if she knew about reality shifts and we create our own reality she would of realized that her thoughts and emotions were the actual channel changer in her multiple diagnosis. 

Infinite Present Moments, and It Is Your Choice, is also on my list for reality shifting tools  In every present moment we have the ability and the choice to change instantly.   We get to choose in every moment which reality we desire to experience from infinite possibilities that are available.

Each Reality Contains Its Own History of Future and Past.  Every reality that you choose to be in already contains its own future history and past history depending on the channel you are in resonance of. 

Reality Shifting Tools through Infinite Realities Becomes the Norm

Letting go of what anyone thinks and being true to yourself in accepting and experiencing reality shifting, and using reality shifting tools until it becomes natural for you is leading edge wisdom.  For many it may never become their wisdom, but for ourselves we continue to stay on the leading edge because staying connected to our infinite spirit is our passion and what excites us the most.

 We know that the true master is our self, ascending masters becoming the infinite spirit experiencing physical dimensional reality exuberantly, lovingly and perpetually evolving into more unknown to become known.  Our brain is designed to receive information and rewire for our best potential through our journey. And our body is always serving our brain that is serving either our infinite spirit or our ego personalities.  So we are either into survival or creation, and we always get to choose, but first we must become aware that we are the choice makers.  

Switching realities is the next big step of awakening.  The more we practice and integrate reality shifting and use the best reality shifting tools, it does become second nature for us.  Then we can look forward to more amazing experiences of teleportation, manifesting instantly, actually becoming more bewitching.  Ok, maybe that’s not such a great defining word, however if we watch bewitched, star trek, or any of those great once perceived as fictional shows that are perpetually becoming science, those shows do show us what our future has the potential possibility of becoming. 

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Share your experiences of reality shifting tools or an experience of reality shifting. Or any other tools you use that's not mentioned.

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