Are You Being True to Yourself?

Are you really being true to yourself?  Or have you allowed others to influence you away from being who you naturally are?  We have been so conditioned to believe that we have to be what others think we should be.  I did live that way periodically throughout my life because I believed that if I was true to myself I would be judged, or not fit in.  Though my infinite spirit perpetually came through in many ways, one as being rebellious when I was a teenager, so many times I was true to myself, however it constantly got me into trouble.   

Many times that didn't stop me, I did revert to being a people pleaser in my 20’s, however my infinite spirit continually kept resurfacing and I just couldn't deviate from it any longer.  Because when I did deviate from being true to myself I felt unhappy and unfulfilled.  When I was being myself I always felt joyful, uplifted and had fun while experiencing exhilaration and bliss. 

So that showed me enough proof that I was going to be myself regardless of any other opinions and judgments.  However it seemed I still had so much to learn because in different parts of my life I would fall back to the old habit of being a people pleaser.  Until I finally once and for all finally got it, I finally realized that to love myself also meant to be true to myself too.   I am sure that you also have had similar experiences because when you are on this path you naturally have those qualities of a rebellious nature, as we are breaking through old barriers into new horizons.

I found when I completely accepted being true to myself with no more conditions, my world did change and there was less and less judgments upon me from others too.  As we know that when we change, everything around us eventually does change to mirror our inner.

Being True to Yourself Becomes Easy

If you haven’t already experienced being true to yourself consistently,  then it’s time to let go and just let yourself be who you naturally are until you become so comfortable with it that you will be in such peace and freedom.  It really does become more effortless and easy because that is who you truly are.  It’s the clear connection to your higher or infinite self or spirit where passion, love, fun and excitement, and new experiences await us, truly is the path that we follow and continuously experience. 

All ascended masters come to this realization of being true to yourself, themselves, and that’s when they experience the most amazing changes too.  It’s a big part in enlightenment, shining the light on you so that love can be the rays of prism that shines the same reflection onto everyone and everything.

Accepting Being
True to Yourself and Live it with Honor

When you truly merged with the deepest of your infinite spirit being and are truly being true to yourself and accepting being yourself without fear of being judged or punished, which is really just fears domain, you will find that it releases ego tendencies.  You actually become to even love your ego because you realize that it’s also a part of you and anything we love, we evolve.  We embrace into wholeness.  

You really become relaxed and carefree and allow things to unfold with your natural trust.  This is the ultimate freedom. 

Living Life Being True to Yourself

 It’s really all about releasing the grips that fear can keep us chained to.  When you live being true to yourself, you can eat whatever you want just because you are not fearful of old conditioning, you love and enjoy what you want to eat and it always has the best healthiest effects on your body.  You spend time in the sun, you actually become your own authority and know all those other old conditioning that we bought into believing because we didn't know any better at the time, are now blasphemy.  Just from experimenting and then experiencing how changing your thoughts about old beliefs is proof that it’s all on how we think, enjoy and love that matters. 

It’s the same with everything.   Letting go of more and more fear is expanding in higher consciousness and being true to yourself because you are then living life from your heart and infinite spirit so that anything you do is done loving, joyfully and that becomes the state of being you become.  Your brain and body responds from that state of beingness.  You really do turn to yourself instead of outside influences, you listen to your infinite intuition that always guides you to the most beneficial paths. 

 So you naturally are healthy because everything is in sync with harmony of that higher vibration as a constant downloading that is the consistent flow of health, lightness, easy flow.

 Martin Broffman, Anita Moorjani are two very inspiring people who have come to this same experience of being true to themselves.

 Anita Moorjani on her Spiritual Revelations, this is an great interview about her experiences of not being judged and just loved unconditionally, and all we have to do is just be ourselves.  Her book “Dying to be Me” goes in depth about how she cured her 4 year battle with cancer in 4 months after her near death experience.  And there are other videos where she explains her life before her NDE.  She states and we know that we don't have to die to be that change, being true to ourselves.  Just as we are doing on this evolutionary enlightening journey.

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