Impossible Challenge

The Impossible Challenge is choosing something that you have never experienced.  And that you are so passionate about it that it urges and propels you to be so committed and disciplined every single day to imagine by focusing on the end result. 

 It becomes that you look forward to waking and sitting to do your focusing on whatever you have chosen and not miss one day.  Remember if you miss a day, you have to start over again, starting you counting of the days as day one again. 

You desire to experience so intently with so much passion that you commit to your daily focusing of imagining and do not give up until you have experienced it.  Once you experienced whatever it is you have chosen for the impossible challenge, you continue to practice until you can do it on demand.

You can also listen to Joe Gallenberger on the coast to coast am show if you have not heard it yet, just fast forward it to 00.38

Ideas of Impossible Challenges 

 *Winning a certain amount of money at the Casino

 *Telekinesis with roulette

 *Remote View with roulette

 *Seeing through 52 cards

 *Winning a certain amount of money from the lottery

 *Turning on a flashlight as the video below demonstrates

 *Turning on a light switch

 *Moving an object with you focused intention

 *Turning on or off an appliance with your mental focusing of intention

 *Bending spoons, or metal without physical touch, just using mental focusing of intention

 *Sprouting a flower bud or soya bean in your hand

 *Put a candle flame out with your mental intention

 *Out of Body

 *Manifesting an object in your hand

 *Having an object in your hand disappear

 *Teleporting yourself

 *Growing in new teeth

 * Healing yourself of an Illness

 *Levitating your body

 *Reverse aging

 *Changing your eye color 

*Growing in your natural hair color it's grown in gray, or changing your hair color with focusing intention

*Seeing interdimensional beings

*Hearing music when it's totally silent


There's also firewalking, walking on glass, breaking an arrow with your throat, bending huge thick metal rods, which is done through Tolly Burken's seminars and Anthony Robbins seminars too.  And many runs off's of the same seminars world wide.  When we continue to do something we have not done before that seemed so impossible, we continually break through old barriers.

I realize that some of these things on the list may sound outrageous to normal people in social consciousness, however we have leaped beyond social consciousness and are now urging ourselves to experience out of the ordinary.  Ramtha students, Tolly Burken seminars, along with many other groups have done many things on the list.

When one person can levitate, or manifest instantly, it becomes easier because it’s already in our consciousness level.  Or you could be the first to do something that no one else has done yet.  I myself have experienced some things on the list, and have mentioned those things throughout the website.  There are so many on the list for myself too that I desire to experience.  I will pick one and add it on the submit part too.

There are also many individuals on the internet now too that have challenged the impossible and experienced it for themselves and are sharing it too.   However the only way to really gain the most exuberant wisdom is to experience it for ourselves.    

 This may be the next stage for ascending masters as us.  To break out of the mundane and practice until we experience more and more seeming impossible of being absolutely possible when we experience it for ourselves.

Here is a great example of a Ramtha student using his focused energy of attention and turning the flashlight on.

Contemplate Before Choosing

Really give some deep thoughts about what you are going to choose.  As an example if you choose telekinesis, then keep in mind that as one Ramtha student explained that after he mastered being able to move things on demand, he also had to learn to not let it occur spontaneously.  He’d think of something moving and it would move.  So we may also have to learn to control it too once it is fully a wired neuronet in our brain.

 This all depends of course on your belief systems too, which is great because we also get to fine tune and look deeper into past beliefs and how they would affect our new ability.   And also future beliefs that we may want to integrate for our new ability that will be of the most benefits and supportive too.

 It’s all part of the extended and natural learning as we expand and grow into new abilities.  Just as a baby learning to walk will have some challenges and bruises along the way, and will also naturally become to learn and realize not to be walking into walls and mirror or windows too.  If we were to be able to walk through walls, I am quite sure that the natural ability will also be formed as an attachment to only be able to do it when we intended to.

The Impossible
Challenge Will Excel Enlightenment

We have been through so much as we went through so many stages of growth with DNA changing symptoms, now it’s time to experience what seemed impossible, to take the impossible challenge and excel to higher levels. 

Yes it will take passionate commitment to do the daily focusing of intention with imagining the end result, however the benefits of experiencing the impossible challenge actually changes and activates more DNA of higher consciousness to tune into.  We then experience seeing more of what was in the past invisible to us.  We then can connect with higher master beings because we are gaining momentum to become tuned into their higher frequency. 

 Just as we choose and lovingly enjoy to interact with others like ourselves instead of just ordinary people who have still no idea of that we are expanding into with our enlightenment and growth, these higher beings probably are the same way.

Are you Ready? 
Choose Something for
Your Own Impossible Challenge

Really challenge yourself to pick something so amazing.  Then when you do pick something that you really feel passionate about experiencing, please do share it below.  Presently you are sharing what you have chosen to use as your impossible challenge.  Once you actually do experience what you choose to experience, then you can share it under your title or headline that you entered your impossible challenge, and use the commenting part to share when you have experienced it, and the length of time it took of focusing and so on.

 Also keep in mind, giving up is no longer even an option if you are really passionate about experiencing something so amazing for yourself.

Timing of Impossible Challenge

Not to get too caught up in the timing, however you should pick something as a time limit to go by, it helps from keeping any procrastination or missing of focusing days from forming.  Usually for many including myself, time limits have been from a month to 4 months or much shorter too.  The more we practice the seeming impossible, the less time other different things we choose becomes quicker because we have formed more neuronet and memories to work from.

The Impossible Challenge

Challenge yourself by picking something you passionately want to experience that you have never experienced before.

This is what Other Visitors Have Picked for their Challenge

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Making something move on demand 
I started practicing this at age 11 and never accomplished it. My mind tells it may be a lot more easier now than it was then. Well see..

Sprouting a soya bean 
Because it would be a fantastic experience to feel and see a soya bean sprout in real time in my hand.

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.