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Are You Still Leaking Your Power Away? Infinite Habit is the Way to Go
October 01, 2013

Hello so great to connect with you again and this month it’s all about reclaiming yourself totally. Are you ready? Have you already been experiencing your natural infinite-self lifting you along instead of the personality pushing or resisting as it’s accustomed to do?

So let’s get into to the great stuff, the steaming of high consciousness frequencies. Before we get to that, let’s spend just a little time in the last stage of enlightenment, which is letting go of all the emotional toxic build up once and for all.

Toxic Emotional Release

Either you have already released a lot of toxic emotional buildup, or you are in the process of releasing toxic emotional build up that has been stored in your body throughout your life time that needs to be released. On the toxic emotional page I wanted to share, and you can also share any techniques that you have developed of the best way you have brought to the surface old toxic emotions that need to be released.

The more you let them go by not giving them anymore attention or going searching for it, the better each day and all experiences you go through become more peaceful and free of negativity so that every day life and experiences can be of bliss, peace, freedom and unlimited. Toxic Emotions that are blocking your peace and bliss click the link.

Infinite Habits

It took us all whether you’re aware of it or not to developed a natural stream of infinite habits, and being aware that’s what you have been doing is great realization. We all go through certain growth spurts in our higher consciousness growth, I know I have and am, and I know so many of you are too from the submissions and emails, which thank you all for your continued interactions of all of us sharing in all this.

I came upon the realization that we are creating infinite habits to become our natural empowered way of being. Most of our past habits became that way from past conditioning, they become so natural, and now on this infinite journey we are transforming all limiting habits into surging powerful habits that are for our highest benefits. What infinite habits have you developed that you can share? Infinite Habits webpage

2013 the New Beginning, Creating the Future Blueprint to Bring into the Now

2013 is such a fabulous exuberant beginning for our new lives and new ways to be experiencing life now and in the future. Even though we’re getting closer to the end of 2013 year, it’s really the new beginning for us all as we continue to expand in higher consciousness.

We, all of us, get to create the new blueprint and begin living it and adding to the blueprint continuously as we go. So, on this webpage all of us together can add our visions as a blueprint to what we see for the future and share it with others as we continue to evolve in consciousness. As we write our new visions and share them, collectively we will be also expanding IT collectively. One thing of absolute is that we will be picking up our visions and ideas from higher infinite consciousness instead of the lower densities that are so worn out. The new is us creating it now, so do join in with your visions as you are an essential part of it all. Click here for 2013 New Beginning page

Enlightened and Enlightened Experiences

Many of us have already gone through so many DNA changes and symptoms that lead us to awakening, enlightenment. So we have shared our experiences with that part of the journey. Now it’s time to go fully ahead and share our most amazing experiences yet. If you have had new experiences that seem to come along with enlightenment, you can share them below. For those who have not come upon them, you can get a peak into what you may experience soon. Enlightenment Experiences page I noticed from the last newsletter data, it showed that a few newsletters did not go through to the recipients, so you many want to check your spam folder in case it automatically is put there.

Just a reminder to also check the What's New Page. if you have not in awhile.

I so lovingly appreciate and want to thank you all for this sharing time through this newsletter and the website, together though many miles apart, we already know that distance and time never separates us, and together we are collectively creating our new future, while sharing in all that we go through to get there. It’s always an infinite blessing
Infinitely Anna

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