Infinite Habits 
Become Natural as a
  Result of the Infinite Journey

Developing infinite habits for most of us comes from the work we have done.   We have walked the journey, not run because we went through so many challenges and turned them into the biggest opportunities to become who we are now. 

Sure we may still have some periodic dusting to do, however, the most amazing thing is that we are living more of our divine natural self than ever in our past.  Actually most of our past has dissolved while our divine natural selves bloomed.

Whew!   It’s sure been a journey, and we now look forward to even more exciting and out of the world experiences to come. 

 David Wilcox  Occupy Yourself,  Personal Spiritual Development and how to be a Love Transformer.  You can also check out Q & A from the Law of One information through this link.

Downloading our Future
Desires as Already Manifested

Infinite habits become natural, and another habit can be to download your future so that you can be living it quicker than ever before? 

Since we are no longer living off old worn out past memories, and have created so many wonderful desires that have already manifested, we had to have either consciously or subconsciously downloaded the new future. 

If any of you did start practicing from the last newsletter the super charged affirmation, “I have always been …….. (fill in the blank) you would of experienced things becoming easier in flow.  Because that affirmation does become powerful as we add that to our list of infinite habits to use for our future now.   Being a major radar channeling tuner that connects us to our future now reality shift. 

Our infinite habits become the tuner and clear channel for living and constantly reprogramming moment to moment through our peak awareness all that we can desire for our future.  That means we have learned to think, feel, speak, behave as we are already that future now and that is the state of being we are and that’s a magnificent infinite habit to keep using.

Other Infinite Habits

It is so beneficial for us to be aware of how much we have changed by noticing our infinite new habits.  Here are some that I have noticed, and do share with us any that you have developed so that we can also use them too. 

All and any infinite higher consciousness habits are for our highest benefit to continue to use so that it propels us to perpetuate our evolution into making more unknown known for our experiences to keep evolving and expanding into higher consciousness of love.

Infinite Higher Consciousness Habits

*Waking up early in the morning to spend alone time in meditation or focusing on imagining my future now downloads. 

*Starting the day in bliss time expands my day to become even more peaceful and blissful.

*First I had to remind myself, but now it has become natural that I am a Love Transformer and being plugged into infinite self/source of higher consciousness.  This has shifted my reality to be a magnet to feeling so uplifted and light and free that I have also experienced weight loss without any changes to what I eat.  It really amazed me that just by merging most of my ego with higher self, allowed me to just be in a surrender state all day through everything. 

It’s so crystal clear now, if any negativity surfaces, easily now I can just say and let infinite self/source melt it away.  I have also found that after doing this repetitiously, it has become so much easier to naturally stay out of the way of my ego trying to do everything that caused so much resistance and blocks.  The freedom and weight release is literally amazing.  Most of the time feeling so carefree, like constantly walking on a cloud.   

Tell us about Your Infinite Habits

Share your infinite habits with us.

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