Toxic Emotions

Toxic Emotions can block the harmonious flow in your body and prevent you from health, peace and bliss.  If you are going through DNA changes, you are already familiar with the many symptoms the body experiences as you go through your changes.  The most important part of this process is to let go of as much emotional build up that is stored in your body so that your body can harmoniously be free flowing.  When your body is free flowing, and any symptoms that are creating pain or discomfort from toxic build up of old stored emotions becomes released you feel so free and at peace with everything.

Since this seems to be the most important part of being on the so called fence of enlightenment, either  being on one side of bliss and freedom, or on the other side of constant negativity and feeling low and de-energized that is a result of toxic emotions, the most important part of it all is getting off the teetering of the fence and jump onto the peace, bliss side. 

You can stay stuck a very long time if you don’t own your past trauma’s and built up toxic emotions to finally let them go by focusing more on your natural divine infinite self.  Reminding yourself that whatever you are keeping your focus upon is energizing moment to moment.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Old Way

I have experienced getting stuck in the old way revisiting or creating new toxic emotions because of being more focused on finding the toxic emotions until I realized that if I continued looking and searching for it, that I would be also streaming from lower consciousness continually.  So I put a major break on it all, stopped it dead in its tracks and began to focus on my divine infinite self.  And WALA, shift and changes began rapidly.  Stay aware of how the old habits can sneak in and detour you.

Yes we know that we have built up toxic emotions from our past, who doesn't who comes upon this physical plane of experience.  Our body is the vehicle that we use in this environment and we must become in peak awareness, to keep yourself in noticing what stream of consciousness you are streaming your thoughts from?  If you are continuously searching in the past of any negative not feel good thoughts of toxic emotions, be totally aware that you are streaming from lower consciousness, and that’s not the vibrations you want to be playing with anymore.

Finding the Best Ways
to Let Go of Toxic Emotions
by Being a Infinite Tuner of Love

See your body as a receiver.  What does a receiving device do?  Let us use the analogy of a computer, the computer is a device, though I am not discrediting our body by being compared to a computer, but for the analogy it exuberantly fits to really see how we can make it all become easy and effortless to being a toxic receiver and instead be a divine infinite receiver.  A receiver picks up information, our body, and a computer is clean with nothing until we add programming to it.  You can choose what information you want your computer, and your body to be receiving no matter what past trauma or past memories you already have stored in it. 

With computers you get to pick the websites or anywhere you want to go on the internet, it’s your free will of choice each time you go onto the computer.  You may have a long list in your favorites, but really how often do you really use that list.  It’s sitting there just as memory in your body, however if you never again click on one of those favorites, it will not become onto your screen for revisiting.  Though if you did want to revisit a great site, it’s there at your command, however you wouldn't want to revisit toxic emotional memories if you know it's going to detour your health, peace and bliss.

Now think of your body the same way, sure it does have cellular memory but it’s scattered throughout your brain and body, by streaming higher consciousness you’re constantly overriding your cellular body memory of toxic emotions with the best highest good and potential for your body and life experiences.  Keep choosing the higher consciousness thoughts that already have embedded within of higher feelings too so that on your screen of you mind will always be the best and highest consciousness of choices to be running or entertaining in every day experiences.

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Say No to Lower Consciousness
Yes to Higher Consciousness

Okay, let’s get right to the nitty gritty of it all.  Sure almost all of us have experienced abuse in some way in our past, people are people on their own paths and we experienced what we have experienced because somehow we were on that same frequency whenever things seemed to happen to us.  We have used it all as opportunities and can let it all go now, no more playing in that mud.  Now is the time to let it all go, stop constantly bringing up and focusing on any past what so ever, let it all go and turn your focus completely in the direction of higher consciousness.

Continue to stream and download the best of the best, the greatest things that you can reach for all the time.  Not just some time, all the time.  Does this take practice?  For me it did!  The greatest practice of anything else that I invested my time and energy into.

Perpetually Stream
 Downloading the Future of Bliss

Why should you perpetually stream and download the future of bliss?  Because bliss comes from infinite source and through our heart and bliss is the most indescribable loving, peaceful, freeing, ecstatic experience a being can have.  To experience bliss you are living from your heart. It’s not passive at all, it’s the most impassive experiences I have experienced.  It’s filled with harmony, joy, love, peace, freedom, unity, and so very highly active because bliss is the best state of being to create from. 

Sit, by sitting I mean be in that state of being, so sit under a tree in bliss and you will tune into the history, the present and the future of that tree.  Sit with an animal in bliss and tune into its history, present and future.  Sit in bliss and hold an object in your hand and tune into its frequency to remote view or pick up its information.  Sit in bliss and allow the future that you really passionately want to be living and let the downloading of the streaming of that future penetrate you.  Sit blissfully and put out your intentions. 

So if another person is in complete fear and negative drama and expressing it to you in detail, what do I do?  Sit in bliss and see through to their infinite spirit self and the personality that’s talking becomes a shadow, and I just listen but am not attached personally.  Because when we are focused, and living from our heart and bliss we’re streaming from infinite sources, higher consciousness, we are the higher being sitting like an eagle seeing from cliff of it all.  Though when we have to dive down into the lower realms, example when another is in fear or drama, we as the higher being (like an eagle) still have our focus from the cliff. 

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Listening to the drama another is talking about, we are no longer attached personally anymore because we already know from experience that it can pulls us in and we have to crawl out of it again. 

No we don’t do that anymore.  We become what many teachings have described as loving detached, where we have learned and conditioned ourselves through infinite habits to let go of toxic emotions that can absorb like a sponge, we are instead keep our focusing and streaming from the heart, bliss of higher consciousness.  As we continue to live this way, we are constantly squeezing out the sponge, and more and more of the sponge gets filled with higher consciousness streaming.    

Toxic Emotions you have Experienced

You can share your experiences with toxic emotions, what you have experienced and how you let go of them too.

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