2013 New Beginning

2013 New Beginning, do you feel it?  Are you experiencing it?  For myself just as probably for you too and as I have mentioned many times, that we have been on what seems to be a long journey.  Though if we look at it, a decade or two or more is really nothing compared to humanity’s past and all the other life times we have been through to get to this space in this present time of our lives.

We have cleaned up much of the past trauma’s, the old memories that no longer serve us once we have let them all go and have come clean.  This 2013 new beginning can lift us higher in consciousness than ever before.  That dirty dusty mirror of our true reflection can now shine so clearly of who we really are.  A magnificent piece of the whole of infinite divine, we were never really tainted or tarnished, it was a big illusion to get through the muck to know the truth, that we were always divine and infinite. 

What a wild game we played to get to this part of the game to wake up, be in light of, shine that light on who we always were, and now to know it from the deepest infinite part of ourselves. And that's what 2013 new beginning is all about.

Left Over Residue

Even if some left over residue of past does surface, we now know it’s not such a big deal as it was before because all our experiences of unknown has become known in owning our past, purging it, and releasing it so easily now.  From the experiences of how great bliss and light feels, when we let it all go is our own proof and also our inspiration to no longer alter from the infinite and our continuous journey from 2013 new beginning and onward. 

Dying While Being Consciously Alive

Being clean, light, free and peaceful in the midst of any left over storms is now so easy because we have done the work, and are now experiences the benefits.  We cried, we hurt, we screamed, we fell in and out of so much confusing things, we went through so many symptoms of purging and letting go of all the emotional energies we held onto to for so long.  These are mini and major deaths of the old self dying its old illusions, beliefs and programming that we lived that we have now discarded as we continue 2013 new beginning and onward. 

How many deaths of the old self have you experienced as the new self was emerging similar to the transformation of a butterfly?  This is the divine light body that was activated and forming from old to new.   This is dying while being consciously alive. 

Instead of dying and coming back and redoing and remembering, this time we really got it, we remembered our purpose and as we went through our old self dying, while the new self was emerging, we felt the sadness, the tears, the addictive longing sometimes of the old self. 

For many of us it literally felt like experiencing death and all the processes we have went through to realize it.  When we did finalize the self-realization, our bodies felt all the symptoms being released with many ailments until all that’s left is feeling love, peace, free, liberated and bliss, inside and out.  This 2013 new beginning can be the most exciting yet.

The Clear Mirror Reflections

Are you really feeling it yet?  Does 2013 new beginning feel so much different than a few years ago?  If you still are not reaping the benefits every day, then listen to this video as Panache will be a reflection for you.   Somehow deep down I always had this feeling that I was already perfect the way I was, and so was everyone else, however it took letting go of all the past to really own my own divinity.  So I knew it intellectually, resonated with it, however had to purge so much along the way to know it in my heart, soul and spirit, so that my body could be overflowing in it. 

For me, Panache is reflecting it back to me now.  So if you get the same reflective message of aha, yes, that’s it, you feel it in your whole beingness, then you have awakened, you are self divinely realized.

And it’s not that we never were divinely infinite, we always were, now we are experiencing it, and 2013 new beginning is a great expansion for us.  It’s just that so many illusions of pain and fear clouded the reflection.  All this work we have all done just dusted away all the toxic emotions and memories to see the real us shining through.  So this is what 2013 new beginning can be for us all.

Let Everything Go and Start a New

Letting go of all the old concepts, even the idea of spirituality, the techniques, everything and just be a clean brand new being with new futures to behold.  How can we be the same old person now living the same old way when we come upon this Self Realization?  We can’t.

We now must peak into the new future from this 2013 new beginning because we are now fully awake and conscious, fully ourselves and nothing will ever detour us from that now.  If we look and see what the new infinite divine person we are now and are going to continue to be in our future, what will that look like?  If we stay present in that peak awareness to imagine into the future time line of how we will be living, it will easily without any effort to shine on brightly for us to see it.

Embracing and Loving Your
Ego Personality

Everything now is peaceful, that also means living full of bliss.  If anything comes up that’s chaotic, so easily you can transform it now because you have had massive practice.  You know what feels the best now.  If someone is giving you the finger, you see the finger as peace not threat.  If you still see threat, you don’t give up your power in blame anymore, you give thankful blessings that there’s still a little bit left for you to clean up. 

All that old drama doesn't stimulate you any longer, you’re done with all that now.  That’s it.  There’s no more figuring out or doing to understand when you self-realize and own the divine nature in yourself.  There’s just awareness and transformation in every present moment of now perpetually.  You just dust the mirror.

Merging Separation
for Oneness Experiences

We embraced and loved our ego personality for all it has given us. For the opportunity to maneuver in physical, it has its job, once we embrace and love it for what it showed and offered us, which was to use all of it for our evolutionary growth into our own divinity from now the 2013 new beginning and into our future. 

We realized that it was always us, parts of ourselves that we have seen through a perception of separate parts of us.  Without our ego personality we would not have been able to get to this point.  The parts merge into the whole of ourselves, the ego past back stories and memories have transformed and merged into greatness with our soul, spirit, body, all as one now recognizable divine being. 

Aunty Mahealani …Hooponopono and Aloha Spirit

The New You, Owing your Divinity

The benefits are that you are peaceful and loving all the time, it’s who you are now, it’s what you have now become accustomed to being, feeling and experiencing.  We could see it as a higher consciousness time line we’ve raised ourselves into the experiences of. 

 So what does the future look like for this new being we are becoming more of?  Though we are sparkling many shimmering shiny new perspectives uniquely, it still has a similarity of that higher consciousness.  Unconditional love is natural and always overflowing.  Never any need for forgiveness because we see through to everyone else’s divine nature, naturally. 

 We allow and accept everyone because that’s what naturally feels peaceful with unconditional love.  We experience more and more of the way we now are in most encounters, the world really becomes to mirror our divinity and love.  All those old attached triggers no longer trigger you, you smile in unattached yet loving heart smiles of allowance, accepting.  There’s nothing to fight or stand for to defend anything because you know by your own experiences who you are, the divine being in physical embodiment.  All threats just dissolved in the transformation of this self-realized divine being nature that you are.

Everything Becomes Effortless
and Simply Easy

More and More experiences become so effortless, simple and easy.  When you begin to experience the synchronicity of everything aligning so easily without effort on your part.  You have an intention, and it becomes into your experience so quickly.  When I need it to rain, I put the intention out, and then next thing that occurs the rain comes, and just enough to do what it needs to do to replenish itself to nature.  If I need money, I put the intention out, and money comes through for my needs.  If I need an encounter of a mystic experience for something I am still learning, something mystical appears either through a being showing up, in a dream, or intuition or insight. 

Being totally and fully present becomes so natural too.  All the work through practicing has become a natural habit now, so it doesn't take work, it just naturally feels blissful to be present with all the benefits.  We realize to be any other way just doesn't feel good anymore so consciously we choose never to alter from it.

In the future as we become lighter and lighter, more extraordinary abilities will also become natural, just as remote viewing has, changing time lines or reality shifting, telekinesis, teleportation and even more future abilities we may not know about yet. 

What I have found that has changed with all this continued practicing on these abilities is that when I put a lot of effort and strain into it, it becomes resistance.  However when I am at the stage of readiness, effortlessly it becomes to be experienced and more at my command, but not with a resist commanding, an actual already built in trustful knowing that the expectancy becomes it all in the process of reclaiming ourselves of our divinity.  It’s a natural by-product.   It’s like one program with all the attachments already contained in the one program for activation.  Easy and effortlessly, hold the intention and release for the receivership.

 The reflection will always be there, either to learn more from or deny it till we finally get it.  Any time lapses will always catch up when we stay perpetually aware to keep noticing through our self awareness.

So What is Next?

Though we now realize that 2013 new beginning is now, we have been in the process all along to get to this point, leaving the old past stuff of toxic emotions behind and now living the 2013 new beginning, what’s next other than all I mentioned in the above paragraphs?  Please do share your future insights and blueprints below of what the future can become for us all.

New Beginnings 2013

Share with us your blueprints, insights and ideas for our future for 2013 and beyond.

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