Enlightenment is awakening to remember your own divine nature. The divine self that you have always been, but until you realize it through self-realization of who you really are, it can be quite the journey. 

We begin this journey every time we birth into a physical body, though we have a fog of amnesia and take our journey with all the challenges that hold the divine seeds of opportunity to eventually get to the realization that many of us purposefully remember is to be en-light of that recollection.   That we have always been divine, the fog lifts more and more so that the remembrance becomes so clear with clarity that we own and be the being we were always being urged to be, ourselves of higher consciousness.

Merging with Infinite Self

Being and living enlightened we have merged, or are in the process of merging our ego personalities, body, brain and infinite self as one being.   And now realize that it has been our main purpose in this life and we continue to experience more of the enlightenment experiences from infinite habits either all of the time, or most of the time. 

We have experienced so much contrast in the past, and know the difference of feelings now, from lower consciousness of fear to higher consciousness of love.   In the past we were living without the harmonizing of both brains, now both halves of our brain are in sync and we have connected our brain with our heart.

Creative Ideas come from Higher Consciousness

The most creative newer ideas and future choices stream into us from higher consciousness of infinite possibilities if we are a tuner for to receive it.  This is another one of the greatest benefits because we can choose from futures that we can begin working on now.  If you want to be a healer, start with healing yourself and download the program that states, “you are already a healer, you have the healing touch or vibration, you are a healing beacon” and so on, by affirming it, and practicing it, it is what you will become. 

 It doesn’t matter what it is, the more outrageous it is, the more you know it’s from the future that you are going to be bringing it into the now.  It will take streaming and downloading the information from higher consciousness of infinite realities and opening up the programming with all that data, experience already embedded in it, the affirmations is like a zip open file.  Eventually through repetition you will be reflecting and living whatever it is you desire.

  Awakening to Our Own Enlightenment 
   The Final Stage is the New Beginning

There’s no need to go into any depth about all the stages and challenges we went through to get to this seeming final stage, the greatest part is sustaining the experiencing of enlightenment. 

So I wanted to create a page that was separate from the DNA symptoms page, so our main focus is on the experiences we are all having and that we can share since our enlightening.  If you have not awakened fully to this yet, then you can share the experiences that you have had that are on the way to totally awakening on the DNA symptoms page.

For many of us, the connection with infinite self experiences are similar as a teeter tottering effect, on and off for different lengths of time, for others it’s fully realized through near death experiences or other experiences or challenges.   Either way it’s the time that all the prophecies in the past have mentioned about it, the dawning of the enlightenment, the shifting of consciousness, the golden race, raising of higher vibrations collectively, and mostly we’re shifting to the realities that are reflecting that for us.

Enlightenment Experiences

Below you can share your experiences as you are raising in higher consciousness, enlightened.  It can be so unique, yet so similar of what our other selves are experiencing.   It’s fantastic and magnificent that we are now shifting quicker.  I look forward, and I am sure we all do look forward to hearing each other’s infinite experiences of living infinitely, more awake and conscious as ever before.

I will begin by sharing a few experiences I have been having, and will submit them so that anyone can also comment or add to them if they have had similar experiences, and look forward to your experiences, and comments.  We are changing and growing together, as fragments individually expanding and unifying through our perceptions.

*For the past 6 months of more, periodically seeing white light in my eyes in the mirror and in others too.

*Seeing others as other selves, less separate, more unified

*Seeing others so loving, personality is like a background shadow

*Hearing the most beautiful music playing when nothing is on, total silence and then I hear such divine music that I’ve never heard before

*Time shifting experiences

*Versions of individuals changing and sometimes almost instantaneously

*Synchronicities more than ever, all throughout the day

*Feeling peaceful, calm in the midst of any drama

Your Enlightenment Experiences

Share your enlightenment experiences with us.

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