Did you Know that Our Sun is Participating in our Galaxy's Orgasmic Experience?

You may be wondering why is this information important for you to know? And you, me, all of us are involved, whether we realize it or not. If you have not heard Dan Winter explain this it may sound outrageous, however if you have heard him explain it, then it might make more sense. And it also has to do with our earth changes and the transformation of 2012 cycles.

We know that orgasm, which I wrote a book about is the highest vibration that we experience natural ecstasy and in the experience of orgasm we are actually timeless and spacious while we are in that experience. Does it not seem like the closest thing to what is referred to as heaven? If it is then it makes sense that the sun, our planet and the stars and planets in our galaxy are also connected and our participating in the evolution of the 2012 orgasmic experience too. Just as you who are reading this is and all of us on the leading edge of raising consciousness to higher levels. For more you can check out the new page 2012 and Beyond

Creating Symbols for the Desires You want Manifested

As you know throughout the website there are many varieties of techniques to manifesting your desires and from experimenting with many of them you usually will find the one that works best for you. Whether it's hooponopono, or Imagining, or EFT tapping, or whatever you choose to use, I wanted to mention one more in case you have not used it yet. Creating your own symbol for you desires you want manifested. It's from a Ramtha teaching and since our brain works better with pictures, when you create ayour own symbol is like a snapshot of a desire you want manifested. It's a great way to also remind yourself throughout the day when you're imagining the symbol you created and if you have already imagined, visulized in your mind like a video playing out of your desire manifested, then the symbol will automatically trigger the longer version of what you had previously imagined. You can also draw the symbol on a small card and carry it with you as a reminder too and whenever you look at it you are putting more energy into the manifestation.

It reminds me of the analogy of a organized file cabinet that has hundreds of files in alphabetical order compared to an unorganized cabinet where the files have no order. You can see how different it would be to find a file you wanted and the difference in how quick you would be able to find it in an alphabetical file.

New Comments Area

Also on the website I now have an area that you can add any comments you want, it’s now added at the bottom of each website page, when you add the comment you need to log in to your facebook or yahoo or any other account it allows, this makes it easier to interact and express what you think about each page.

New Book

I am in the last stages of finishing my newest book titled, “The Self Healing Master in You” and if you have any healing experiences you would like to share, just use my contact link contact and I will add it in my book, or if you want to share a testimony from anything you have read on the website it may be added too.

Transforming Fear to Love and Excitement Changes You from Inside Out

One more thing I would like to share with you in this ezine this month is the reminder of transforming fears. Think about something that scares the heck out of you? It could be lack of money, phobia’s, relationship issues or even maybe some psychic abilities, whatever it is when you think about it and it triggers intense fear sensations in your body, that’s what to work on. Face it right on!

Feel the intenseness of it and tell it literally, even out loud that it’s not going to take you down any longer. Insert the thought and feelings as if that fear was totally resolved. If it’s a money fear than think to feel as if you were rich and continue that IMAGINING every single time the fear thought and feeling comes up keep replacing it with the new feelings as if it was already that way for you. If it’s relationship issues, do the same thing.

Whatever the fear issue is, keep replacing it and within a few days of doing this consistently I guarantee you that you will have transformed the fear to love. Really give it all you’ve got to give, commit to doing this until anytime the old fear comes up and eventually through the practicing the new thoughts and feelings, the old fear become actual excitement. It’s so POWERFUL! And the only way to know is to experience it for yourself. What a difference it makes when that old fear then becomes transformed and perceived and felt in the new exciting way as already resolved. Also keep in mind that when you have done this with one of your biggest fears then you know you have literally changed within and the outside will start to reflect those new exciting changes without. “As within, so without!” It will allow old beliefs that no longer need to be running your life release, the longer you do it. the more comfortable you feel in the new imagining, the more you know you have changed to the new you. Then what you will find is that your passion, what you love has been hiding inside behind the fear. Have you ever heard the quote, that goes something like this ‘whatever you want the most is what you are most afraid of? The fear holds the key to your bliss and passion once you see through the fear into seeing the love of it. This is also a part of the new transformations of the energy consciousness of 2012 too, transforming fear into love in every area of your life.

So stay in the state of bliss until it becomes a normal way to live each day while simultaneously that high vibration is allowing the receivership of your desires to be manifested quicker too. Remind yourself often that you are so worth it! You are evolving and activating powerful DNA in your body and each day can become more exciting then ever.

Infinitely Anna Antoski

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