2012 and Beyond

2012 History

2012 and beyond is seeing more of the infinite stream in consciousness. We have all heard of 2012 and the Mayan’s prediction of the cycle we are going through as we approach the date 2012. In many predictions from the past many perceived these predictions of doomsday until many teachers and master shared the information that has transformed so many in the process.

The transformation that we are evolving by raising our conscious awareness to more and more ancient wisdom of knowledge into our present as a result. We are transforming from a collective fear based world into a love based world in consciousness that is creating amazing and exciting times for our future. So we are all involved whether we realize it or not just because we are alive and experiencing life. Many of us may even remember that we choose to come through for these exciting times, to be a part of it all.

“The winter solstice on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 universal time is the completion of 5,125 year cycle of the ancient Mayan calendar a 26,000 equinox cycle.” Even though these are the predicted dates, consciousness on our planet is changing all the time. As more individuals raise their conscious awareness of the infinite nature of reality and becoming to know our co-creation in it. This 2012 and beyond will be an on going as we expand in consciousness. So it's not like it will be completed on Dec 12, it continues to evolve as we evolve.

The Mayans calendar that predicted the major changes for 2012 to our earth as it expands, grows and purges old energy of fears low vibrational energy into pure love energy is in the last stages of its cycle. In other words we are over the top of the hill of 2012 and beyond into greater horizons to experience. Though we may still go through more cycles we are creating great headway. This headway has altered so many doomsday possibilities that could have occurred and though there has been catastrophe’s it has been lessened because of the raising of conscious vibration and awareness.

2012 and Beyond, Our Changing
Expanding Consciousness

I love how Dan Winter describes what’s going on with the galaxy (the Mayan prediction) the sun’s maximum, “the sun is participating in a galaxy orgasm” which makes so much sense to me, especially with regards with 2012 and beyond. If you have not heard Dan Winter explain this you can check it out on this video interview.

2012 is a pivotal year in time that will continue to expand and evolve, it's been amazing so far. With the help of technology of computers and the internet allowed us to evolve to expand our consciousness faster and quicker in regards to everything. While simultaneously the evolutionary changes of our planet and 2012 and beyond. Because more knowledge and information being released for all who were interested.

We can see how humanity’s past fear energy of greed and conspiracies has become unleashed for us to see through the veil of what has been going on. With governments and the many big companies that have been running our world and trying to sustain the fear energy that has kept them in control.

Our evolution in the evolving of finding out what a small few have always known that we create our reality has quantum leaped us ahead into so many individuals finally taking their power back. And that’s all that was needed to stir the energy vibration into a higher paradigm for our world that also affects our universe too.

In the recent past it was believed that a small percentage of the population was needed to leap the planet’s consciousness to a higher vibration to avoid many of the predicted catastrophes. It’s now being realized through research how one person makes more of a difference than was ever known. Maybe it really all comes down to the truth that we are switching realities all the time depending on our individual vibrations and how we are responding to everything. So then it really is all about our own self and how we respond to 2012 and beyond.

Fear Based Consciousness Compared to Love Based Consciousness of Living

It’s quite easy to see when we compare the fear to love. In a fear based reality there is greed, hording, control, manipulation, conspiracies covered in lies. Anger, rage, fighting, wars, tension, anxiety and lots of illness and disease. When all this has transformed and we have evolved to a love based reality then it’s the opposite. How can there be lies and deceit when telepathy is a natural sense, just as our eye sight is now.

How can we do what we don’t like to do when we know it affects our body and immune system? When we know that reacting with stress disrupts our body’s natural harmony that causes all disease. How can we fight and go to war when we are loving and peaceful with one another when empathy is so heightened. The list goes on when we just compare the opposition of fear reality to love reality. The contrast is like night and day.

How could we grow old when we live blissfully and know that our hearts is functioning to its ultimate capacity? With bliss that vitalizes and reverses the aging process to sustain a youthful vigor. 2012 and beyond through decades we will be living a love based reality and not only will it be so exciting with all these new experiences that we are presently practicing to get there. We are going to be living what has been referred to as heaven on earth, blissful reality, what I refer to as orgasmic living.

2012 and Beyond, Living in a Love Planet and Using Extraordinary Powers

Psychic abilities or extraordinary powerful abilities and 2012 and beyond is another part of this evolution as we transform from doing things in the old fear based reality into new expanded and empowering ways of doing things. These old ways of doing what we no longer want to do because many of these old ways no longer fit into the evolved way of living life which is being of joy, bliss, love of everything. This is what will become when decades later the planet has evolved. My books,"Evolving Reality of Bewitched” and “The Hidden Meaning Orgasm Reveals" Estore are both about these topics of guidance into the new ways of being. The New Earth, the new ways of life will be easy, simple and in harmony, in flow while also uniting oneness which all extraordinary abilities are all about.

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