Are Emotional Vampires Sucking and Draining Your Love Force?

Have you ever felt so excited about something and expressed it to another and after the conversation you felt totally drained, tired and back to hopelessness? If you have then you have allowed a emotional vampire to suck your love force out of you without being aware of what or how happened. If you are still having these types of experiences then this is a great wake up call because it’s the tipping point to change being emotional drained of energy from another individual. It’s the first step to mastering emotional vampires. Click here to read more.

Who’s DNA are You Still Living?

<> this is so powerful when you are really aware if you are still living your life from old programming, old DNA that no longer serves you but you are still living it because you haven’t changed your gene’s information. Read more about perception and how it changes your genes DNA, click here. If you are unable to get to the page through this link then you can read it by going to my "What's New Page" from my website.

Christmas Special

If you have not been to my website this month there is a Christmas Special of $2.00 off my original poetry book, Forever in Bloom. If you know anyone who loves poetry or if you love to read poetry buy it for yourself, the book is filled with poems about everything. You can just pick a page out of the book every morning to see where your energy is in that present moment and read a poem. It can be another great way to remind yourself and to see what vibe of consciousness you are in. One day paperback books will probably become extinct and for this reason I think it’s even more important to have a collection of books when you want something physical in your hands to read. It’s a low price for a book over 200 pages filled with heart felt expressions. click this link to purchase and check my website homepage on the right side for the bonus number to purchase for $2.00 off the regular price.

Magical Evolving Christmas to You

Since we will not be connecting until January 2012, I want to wish you the best of the best and remember anything you do not like is the biggest opportunity to respond differently, long enough that you switch to the reality you really want to be living. All is always possible when you Believe it is!! Thanks a million blessings for your continued subscription to this ezine. May your Holiday Christmas Season be the most powerful energy vibrational frequency of being for you this year. Filled with lots of love and receivership of your desired manifestations because you are an Amazing Creator and Deserving of Anything you can Imagine.
Infinitely Anna Antoski

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