Perception Changes Genes DNA

Perception changes genes DNA.  Perception defined in the Dictionary

1. Act or result of perceiving
2. Awareness of environment through physical sensation

By knowing that perception changes genes DNA just by perceiving we get different results in the reality we experience and in our body.  So even the dictionary is stating that  perceiving creates action or result.  Everything we experience is through our perception and the most powerful part of perceiving is how it actually, literally changes our genes in that our DNA picks up creating the blueprint and responds to.

DNA, Genes and Flexible Blueprints
all from Perception

Our DNA is a double helix blueprint for the proteins that make up our genes, but the DNA blueprint is based on information it retrieves from our genes. Our genes are made up of proteins and it is the variety of combined proteins that create the information that is coded into our genes.  So it is so important in knowing that perception changes genes DNA.

The new present evidence of biology states that our genes are programmable all the time.  Our genes are constantly changing or staying the same depending upon how we react, respond, literally to our perception to everything in our lives.  The way we react or respond is how we perceive that then creates the signaling that changes the way the proteins bind together creating the information that the DNA then picks up on.  Thus changing our body cells and total vibrational frequency of energy we are emitting.  It has been said numerous times by many other teachers that we humans are an electrical current input and output generator or antenna. Electromagnetically tuning into reality every situation, experience by the way we think and feel, the state of being is created also by our perception and constantly creating all of our reality.

It is how we perceive that is creating our body and reality, our perception changes genes DNA, so it is worth knowing what our beliefs consist of?  Because what we believe creates the way we automatically react emotionally.  When we respond lovingly, we will experience the highest potential experiences.  If we respond negatively, we will experience lower potentials of experiences.

Who's DNA are You Living?

If you are not aware that perception changes genes DNA from how you interprit all that you encounter through your perception, you could be living your life from old genetic genes that no longer serve you.  Which really is the attutde that also is a filter for your perception.  You may have accepted an illness or disease that you were told was inherited by your family gene or through unconscious role modeling of another that you did not even realize. 

Awareness allows us to change that blueprint of gene memory of information to a new bonding of proteins to give a better potential desirous outcome and our DNA will then change to accommodate.  Anything and everything can be changed just by our perception, by perceiving everything differently than in our past, responding in a new different way.

DNA and Gene Heritage Dis-evolved 
Old Perception

A dis-evolved DNA is living repetitious heritage that no longer serves you but you are still living it.  Whether your DNA is carrying the information from role modeling or actual gene heritage information? Literally it's still the same thing because our DNA is always programmable. Our genes have the ability to change its encoded programming at any time we desire to change it, though it does take some consistent passion work, when you experience it for yourself is the most amazing proof.

If you were told that you have a disease that runs in the family heritage, well that teaching keeps you being a victim to the disease and this is dis-evolved living of your life.  Same with reacting negatively most of the time or believing that some things are hopeless, pessimistic mentality that can also be carried on from DNA programming and role modeling.

Were you taught that cancer runs in the family, or that you will never get ahead? The list of course can be endless either way, positive or negative. The same thing goes for the other side of the coin too when there is positive DNA that was programmed will be a benefit for your life, and this is the genes you want to continue.  Realizing that perception changes genes DNA gives inspiring meaning to doing the work involved in responding differently.

The most important information to know is that anything programming in your DNA can be changed.   We are never stuck unless we believe we are and to change that type of thinking only takes knowledge to know more about how our DNA, genes, brain and body works. Once you know this knowledge you are already on your way to evoking the start of the changing of programming.

DNA and Gene Heritage Evolved
New Perception

When we get to this step by perceiving infinite consciousness thoughts and feelings, it will generate high feelings of sensations and we are using our genes to activate the programming that is always been available. 

This evolved programming is recording the most potential information of wisdom to be activated, and sending a cascade of proteins into our genes that will be the read out for our DNA that will trigger throughout our whole body.  Just by changing the way we perceive everything is then creating a new evolved program from the new genes information.

Multiple Personality Disorder shows absolute evidence of how one consciousness (soul) can have many different personalities and their body changes instantly to whatever personality state they shift to.  You can also read an article about Multiple Personality Disorder in Scientific American magazine.

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