What Do Emotional Vampires
Santa have in Common?

Emotional Vampires and Santa for the majority may seem to be just fictional characters that are used in stories, so they are both thoughts, ideas that vibrate energy frequencies in consciousness. Wisdom from many master teachers have shared that anything that can be thought already exist in consciousness or we would not be able to think it to begin with. So these characters do hold a vibrational reality in dimensions of consciousness just because they are thought of and entertained with emotions. When we perceive it this way we would perceive vampires to vibrate at a lower energy consciousness and ideas of Santa as a higher consciousness. Similar to contrast and negative and positive. The lower energy will drain and the higher energy will uplift, and for us on the leading edge is to find the balance, paradox of the middle nonjudgmental aware zone with all thoughts.

What is an Emotional Vampire?

Emotional Vampires are other people that suck and drain your energy in the way they talk with their negative beliefs. Many of these types of individuals may not even be aware that they are doing it, they may even believe they are trying to warn you in a loving way. Yet these loving ways are just dysfunctional negative programs of memories that they valued for so long that they may not even realize the negative energy that they expand. You may have a great idea that has created such excitement and you tell an emotional vampire and they can drain all the love force of excitement out of you. You leave feeling drained and hopeless and have to work harder to get yourself uplifted. Many times you may not even realize what had happened for you to feel so down, and that is only a result of not being aware enough to realize you have been de-energized into a lower vibration.

Could You be an Emotional Vampire without Realizing it?

It is so important to stay aware not to be a draining energy vampire yourself. A real master of reality that is sovereign will confirm that if you are being drained of your love force by others, that can only mean you have it still inside you at some level. You will not even realize it until you keep yourself aware of what is going on most of the time or especially when you become to feel drained and down from negativity. But if you are experiencing others to be vampires draining your love force, optimism and bliss, then staying in blame will not do any good except for creating more experiences and encounters to be drained about.

Or maybe you are the draining vampire to your own self, this is so tricky when it goes unnoticed of awareness that you are constantly doing this to yourself. Do you focus upon doubt a lot? Do you judge yourself harshly? Do you react negatively? If you do, you are draining your own love force.

Either way there is only one way out and that way is awareness and transformation of all negative to a positive or fear energy to love energy through everything and every individual you encounter, especially the most negative ones.

Do not let Draining Vampires Drain the Love Force out of Your Life

It will take consistent practice of staying aware and constantly responding in the highest vibration long enough until it becomes a magical habit. Taking your power back will mean you are going to make and stick to the commitment to respond lovingly to everything that is negative or appears to be an emotional vampire. Every reaction will be the key to turn the negative energy around so that the energy is transformed to love and will be a constant uplifting energy. You will be uplifting others and yourself. How good does that feel? A lot different then emotional vampires, it feels blissful.

The Powerful Neutral Paradox Zone

By staying in the powerful neutral paradox zone of love will start with you, which is always the first step that expands to attracting and creating everything in your life to become of high vibrations, high energy. Switching reality to the best feeling reality.

Living from a self aware perception will not only keep you lifted and expanding in the best, most potential reality while simultaneously creating the reality you desire and prefer. It sure is the greatest most fulfilling work we can do with the greatest benefits. Knowing it is always up to ourselves first.

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