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What's Getting in Your Way of Experiencing Your Fullest Potential?
December 01, 2012

Infinite Conditioning
Creating the
Unified Transformation

What a great month to be in, especially with all the hype with Dec 2012. Any December can be the most enhanced spiritual atmosphere for love, joy, giving, receiving, and appreciating everything in the most infinite profound ways. It’s all about how we perceive it to be and we always have the choice to perceive it in the most highest benefits for our experiences.

So we can let go of all the fear hype of Dec 2012 and put more energy then we ever have to really boosting consciousness for our highest purpose.

So are you ready to stay committed through out each day through every experience to keep transforming?

It has been a couple months since we have connected through this ezine. If you are going through some challenges it’s even more of a celebration because the catalyst to your challenges is the great opportunity because it's usually a blessing in disguise. So it’s always beneficial when we perceive and love it that way because the benefits are astounding. So the focus will be on present momentum of transformation of ego's fear personality to infinite spirit connection in the most profound ways.

The Fun Celebration of Challenges

If any challenges you are going through is still stressing you out, then this is a perfect opportunity and time to give the best meaning to your challenges. See those challenges as a celebration instead of stressful because it’s really all about the meaning we give everything that really counts in how we perceive it and react from it. So knowing the benefits that come from doing that is the way to go and why waste anymore precious energy on stress when it can be perceived and transformed to fun and joy of the greatest opportunity.

If we find ourselves paddling up stream we can turn it around and allow the flow effortlessly by making peace with it all. To experience the empowering meaning for the powerful experiences of Infinite Love’s Flow. Perceiving all challenges as a fun game that Infinite Spirit is playing to get our attention can be a fun loving playful journey.

So it’s really about infinite commitment and have had enough of what you don’t want and stay committed every moment through your peak awareness and become that change once and for all.

So I am sharing more tools and ideas. like revising to breakthrough so that your life experiences are the way you want by knowing you are deserving of it all. Loving all the ego errors of misperception so that it can finally merge with the infinite love spirit of it all. And live the experiences we've been condtiioning ourselves for every day forth.

Here are some new pages I have added to the website that will help or guide you to doing just that, be and stay in infinite love’s flow for the greatest benefits.

Correct any Misperceptions You Still Have

The only thing that gets in your way of experiencing what you want is misperception of who you really are. Misperception gets in the way of remembering your infinite memories that are always there to guide you in the direction of infinite love and transforming any fear perception. Misperception

Super Charge Your Plain Affirmations to Emotional Affirmations

Go deeper and beyond normal plain worded statements of affirmations and impact them with emotional charge to create the programs or memories that create the most profound and lasting permanent changes. It is super charging your affirmations for a brain, body and soul experience. Emotional Affirmations

Infinite Conditioning for the Most Unified Experiences

All that we have put into our evolving journey so far, we have been infinitely conditioning ourselves. Whether it’s been years for you in expanding consciousness or just beginning, you are in that transformational point now and can use it to for your highest purpose now. No more waiting, just be it now. Infinite Conditioning

Trinity Impact Shift, TIS, Let it be Done

Whether you believe we are switching realities continuously or not, trinity impact shift technique will be a great tool to use all through the day to transform everything in your life to love, peace and easier quicker experiences of manifestations you want to experience. Trinity Impact Shift Technique

I Am Peace

Infinite Love is being at peace with everyone and everything. Being at peace is from our heart and transforms fear perception continuously so that bliss can be our experience instead of teetering back and forth from judgments of fears energy.

Using I Am Peace all of the time will become easy and simple to do once you have practiced it enough so that you will be at peace with everything and everyone. Then the ego and misperceptions are united as one with infinite spirit. I Am Peace

Evoling Death, Perfecting Dying

Just wanted to leave you with something you can ponder upon if you haven’t thought about Evolved Dying. Perfecting dying while alive may be remembering your infinite memories and catalyst of one of your primary purposes in physical. It is also enlightenment staying awake through the infinite journey, which we are doing already as we evolved so far but might not have realized how it also benefits us after we die, or pass from this dimensional reality. Does it resonate with you?


There's also some new things to check on the What's New Page.

For the 2 links that do not work if your are still receiving plain text as your subscription, they will be on the What's New Page.

Well I hope I have left you with some extra guidance and fun tools to help you remember what you do already know. However sometimes in our day to day busy life you may have been detoured from that knowing. You do have it all inside, the infinite memories and as we evolve in consciousness we will remember even more.

So if you celebrate Christmas or the Joyful Spirit of December or most importantly, the Infinite Spirit within you celebration, remember to love yourself unconditionally so it can overflow into everything in your life.
Infinitely Anna

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