Emotional Affirmations

Emotional Affirmations are more powerful than affirmations that are read or spoken without emotions, because an elevated heartfelt emotion supercharges the intention of the affirmation.  Affirmation that are read or spoken with no emotion will take allot longer for the changes to occur, compared to a supercharged affirmation.  

When we create a Trinity Impact Shift we are using an affirmation and adding a powerful intense emotion to the affirmation. When this is done with enough of an impact it eventually conditions you with certainty expectations.

Replacing Unemotional Affirmations
with Emotional Ones

Replacing unemotional affirmations with emotional affirmations may take a bit of practice, and the more it is done, the more naturally we become comfortable with adding the emotions to affirmations.  Whenever we notice ourselves reacting negatively to anything, is the best time to insert a new affirmation with emotion.  Using emotional affirmations of words with feelings to help with infinite conditioning.

As an example let’s use a body of disharmonious cells that subconsciously created the experience of a cold or flu. You are experiencing all the symptoms of a flu and you continually say your affirmations, “I am well, I am well, I am feeling better” you will notice that it can take a longer time for your brain to register or imprint this new program to believe you are feeling better when you are not.

Imagine First

Before doing your emotional affirmations first imagine for a few minutes, focusing on remembering what it feels like to not feel sick. How energetic you feel and so on. Once that image is clear in your mind, now put intense emotions into the affirmation.

Now putting everything into it, think of the difference of starting a fire with wood, paper and matches, now think of the quicker impact of lighting that wood and paper on fire by adding a bit of gasoline, then light the match. It’s like a quick impact that will supercharge the igniting.

Affirmations Supercharged

The whole of your heart, body, brain and nervous system is on it and you can feel it. Jump up and say out loud feeling what it would feel like to feel completely well. Then with a big Yes! I am well! Every time you start to feel ill again, do the affirmation the emotional way to supercharge it. Soon you will have changed your body’s reaction to stay sick to the state of feeling well.

You can use emotional supercharged affirmations with anything that you want to change and that you have used plain affirmations for in the past that still has not worked.

In this video Martin Broffman explains his experiences with affirmations when they are from the core, knowing of our being, which I am referring to as supercharging.

Emotional Affirmations will Show if You have Resistance

Do you have any left over residue of resistance to your desires? Or left over residue of something you dislike? Think of something you dislike and then say the opposite in an emotional supercharged affirmation way, have you done it? No? You mean you are just reading this but not actually doing it? Hmm, you won’t feel the impact unless you literally do it.

So engage by participating right now. Think of something you still have any dislike to and say and feel the opposite. As an example, let’s say you don’t like being financially in lack or broke of money and you say, “I am a multimillionaire” did you feel any resistance?

If you noticed that you didn't like being broke and you did the emotional supercharging the affirmation, there's a big difference in how you feel with something you like and accept to something you do not. This shows our resistance, how we get in the way of manifesting and experiencing what we want. It’s always resistance that keeps us stuck.

Emotional affirmations must be done consistently to override the resistance, when done long enough the old resistance will reverse to not feel comfortable with the emotional affirmation feeling more comfortable. This is conditioning you for the reality to experience without anymore resistance to it.

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