I Am Peace
Is the
Ultimate Transformer

The Power of I Am Peace really is the most amazing, profound divine transformer that I have ever experienced. As we know we have used and have available to us numerous tools and techniques for creating changes we want and creating our life to be of what we want to be experiencing all the time. Many of the tools and techniques have led us through what we needed to get us this far and as we evolve we do want quicker and easier effective tools.

If you have been on this enlightenment or spiritual journey of awakening, enlightenment of evolving for awhile you most probably have researched and experimented with everything. And with the intention of finding the most profound simplest and easiest way to transform moment to moment to experience the moments change that overflows into lasting change.

Well I know I have found it for myself and though it is an ancient teaching I found it to be the most impactful and amazing way to impact moment to moment transformation. I have been doing it now for a few weeks consistently and that’s the reason I am sharing it with your now. This is the I Am Peace already energized statement used as an emotional affirmation in what I am coining and referring to as the Trinity Impact Shift combines all the sacred divine instant empowerment.

What Being In Peace Does

Conditioning to being in the I Am Peace state so it can become your infinite conditioning. From moment to moment what it does is creates a relaxed state about everything and everyone continuously. Which means you are in a state of being that is letting go of judgments consistently that eventually becomes automatic naturally by repetition to be totally accepting, allowing and no longer triggered by any negative annoyances.

Something or someone is irritating you? Just be in the continuous moment at peace with it, which means be the I Am Peace literally. If you feel resistance the first few times of doing the I Am Peace, then keep doing it until you have surrendered to Peace literally, you feel it, there’s no more tension or resistance.

No matter how long it takes you don’t leave that moment until you have successfully felt your stressed state of being change literally to feel from your heart into your body become at peace with it all. Let that peaceful feeling take completely over you until you experience a huge smile naturally.

You Will Know it when You are the Peace

When you do literally feel the peace, you feel the transformation to complete total I Am Peace, you will know it, and you will also be so amazed because in those moments you will also experience the shift in the person or situation. From one tense experience to the peace experience just by staying in the Peaceful State long enough, once you master getting passed all resistance to feel the complete other side of the coin, so to speak.

You will see the difference, the person who you are interacting with totally change. if it’s a situation it totally changes to some kind of peace change. You will experience right before your own eyes, your own experience. You will know that the trinity impact shift has taken place.

Transforming Everything to Peace

When you experience peace you want to do it with everything because it works, you’ve experienced it.

No more digging in the past to figure things out.  No more wondering about the other person or the situation that you’ve been attracted to learn from, it’s all taken care of in the Peace momentum.

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