Infinite Conditioning
will Override the
Old Unwanted Conditioning

Infinite Conditioning is what is needed if you are still reacting from old unwanted patterns of beliefs, and memories that continue to be creating the reality you no longer prefer to be experiencing.  Now is the time more than ever before because consciousness has been expanding and also peaking at some levels too.

That means to stop teetering on those brakes and let more fuel drive us along. As we have been evolving so far we have learned and experienced allot already. However, if you are still apply the brakes to continuously test the water with old conditioning of doubt and lack of trust, the more impactful infinite reconditioning is needed. Not the old way, instead we will be using the more powerful methods and techniques to power boost the infinite conditioning, as using Trinity Impact Shift all the time.

Now is the time to put an end to the past conditioning, and waiting for the future desires that you think will create the joy and fulfillment of peace you keep searching to experience.

Being a Clear Receiver
Infinite Spirit’s Unified Connection

Realizing and knowing right now that you have done already so much work on infinite conditioning for yourself and you are now going to just enjoy the ride to the fullest in the most powerful moment of now. By genuinely knowing and doing this, the infinite momentum will perpetuate from here on in.

No more waiting for this or that, you are just going to be the infinite conditioning you have prep yourself up for now. Continue to remind yourself, no more waiting. You will be that infinite love, you will be that pure connection to infinite unified one spirit, with no more conditions. That means you will also be infinite peace with everyone and everything, including yourself first.

This is what all that evolving conditioning was preparing you to do. Transform you ego to infinite spirit and enjoy the ride through all and everything that pops us even unwanted in your experience.

This is genuinely experiencing enjoying infinite love now and letting that now overflow from now on. And of course this is what staying in the present moment is all about, however staying in the present infinite moment with the highest benefits of infinite love, infinite peace, infinite joy and appreciation. The whole mix in every moment that creates every day and everything to be experienced of the highest benefits for our totality of it all.

The Ego’s Job is Lessening
as it Transforms into Infinite Spirit

Yes we know all the reasons why we needed our ego personality all along, however now we know it’s time to merge it once and for all. Put everything we have into infinite spirit’s unity of love and live it from this moment on, every day in every way. That’s it.

It will only seem challenging if we keep defining it to be by rehashing our ego’s definitions, but that’s what we’ve done in the past, and we are no longer desiring to continue to do that now. If you are really ready, and really committed to your evolving journey and infinite spirit, then it will become so easy, and simple once it is done consistently for the new infinite conditioning habit to sustain from now on.

You have done the greatest work, now it’s time to reap all the benefits and rewards now. So you will no longer let anything get in your way of infinite being because you’ve experienced enough of it, you want the real experience from now on. What you’ve been conditioning yourself all along through your evolving work.

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