Did You Know that You Have Already Activated the Genius Gene?

If your days are still sparkling with passion, sustaining the shine of the extraordinary then you are still on the extraordinary path of an awakening genius. Or have your days become just normal and blah? That’s okay too, keep reading and you will get back on the path.

How are you doing <>?
It has been a month since we last got together through this ezine and I was wondering how your month has been on a daily basis? Have you been creating extraordinary days or have your days become just ordinary? Meaning have your days lost that magical exciting spark that creates the day to shine. Just like a dirty window that is difficult to see through until we clean it is similar to ourselves when we lose that passion for things that excite us. So again this ezine is intended to do just that, remind you to continue to transform ordinary days into extraordinary days because we really are geniuses in the making.

Did you know you had the genius gene within your DNA? Well I know you have already activated the genius gene? How do I know? Because you subscribed to this out of the ordinary ezine originally and that means that you have already sparked curiosity to know more about what is unknown compared to so many other individuals.

Being an Infinite Manifestor means continued activation of the genius creative gene that has already been activated because you are either curious or already on the journey of evolving yourself out of old conditioning and conformity ways of living life. You want more excitement, you want more unknown to become known for you. But if you allow some days to revert back to the old ways of thinking and being then before you know it your days lose its magical spark.

You already know it takes watching or listening to something inspirational to not only start your day at a high vibration but also to continue to evolve yourself to continue to have extraordinary days. Days that are blissful no matter what you are going through because whatever you desire it will take knowing and getting through the testing stages before your desires are manifested. Being aware and using more of your psychic abilities, ExtraSenoryPerception, experiencing desires manifested on a consistent base, observing how you affect reality and all that other great stuff to experience. Every day not just once in awhile will be what it takes to really allow the magic to stir and spark your day to shine with excitement and passion which continues the evolving of your genius gene.

What Defines a Genius?

An individual who thinks not like ordinary individuals, though everyone has the genius gene within, most do not activate it. Geniuses think out of the box, meaning they imagine a whole picture to a problem to resolve. Well isn't that what we do when we imagine our desires already manifested? Geniuses choose thoughts that are ahead of their time which defines them as a genius because others are too busy being in the conditioned reality of consciousness of lower vibrations. Instead of being in the social crowd all the time, geniuses spend allot of time alone and would rather be discovery something new or trying something new. Sitting around gossiping or judging just does not spark any fun for them, they’d rather be discovering new unknown territories. Do you find that to be the case with you too? We are still in the minority of knowing we create our own reality and it does take activating the genius gene to expand that far to venture into knowing this knowledge and opens the activation even more when we see the proof in our lives because then it becomes our wisdom. Being aware and using more of our psychic abilities is genius work too. If genius does not feel comfortable to you then all that means is some of your old conditioning programs are still running your life of still not feeling deserving enough, when you truly are. And it is a great sign to get you back on the infinite path where passion, excitement and experiencing new things are.

Instead of watching television try listening or watching some good video’s that will inspire and keep you uplifted and ignite some excitement? I know sometimes it can be a challenge but it is always worth it. How many desires have manifested for you this month? Keeping ourselves aware of these things is what will spark that passionate shine, just like turning a light on in the dark. What psychic abilities have you experienced this month? This is the continued path of the genius and just in case you have let ordinary days take over instead of creating extraordinary days, I just want to remind you that every moment has the power to get back on track.

Also keep in mind that I’d love to hear from you about anything you would like to share or discuss, either through the website or facebook. From my home page on the website you can connect to the facebook page. Sometimes this journey through evolving consciousness can seem like a lonely journey when others around you are not on the same path. So remember I am just a click away. If there is anything you would like to talk about without sharing it with others then just use the Contact Page and mention to keep it private.

Oh I'd also like to let you know that I have combined my 2 poetry books into one book without photography, if you want to check it out through this Estore link the title is "Forever in Bloom" and also remember any comments or testimony's which can be submitted on my estore page and are always appreciated. Again I would like to thank you for being on this journey and your continued interest in this ezine too.

Two New Pages You may Want to Check Out

I have added 2 new pages to the website with video's, we must keep repetitiously reminding ourselves with great wisdom of information daily to keep on the extraordinary path. So these pages will help, the Genius Gene in our body's DNA and getting to know Your Life Theme for this life time. Hope you exuberantly enjoy them!

If you have not checked out Joe Vitale's Wealth Trigger, you can by clicking the link on the right side of my home page.
Again thanks a million and have a extraordinary day in whatever you do because you really are an evolving genius.

Infinitely Anna Antoski

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