The Genius Gene is in Everyone of Us but Most do not Activate it

The genius gene is an inherited genetic gene, from the word "Geniune" to describe Divine opening that is already stored in our body's DNA that becomes activated when we expand our consciousness which is a result of thinking newer ideas removed from our past. In other words it’s when we explore into new possibilities that are unlimited and still unknown that holds the seed to know. And the only way to know for our own self is to experience something that you have not experienced before. This sounds like you and I because it is still a minority out of the conformed thinking that is taking the journey into knowing we create reality and becoming a conscious deliberate creator. That is genius thinking and doing.

If you were to write down two lists on a sheet of paper under two headlines
1. Past experiences and 2. Unknown experiences
you could fill the first list with thousands of pages of your past experiences. When it comes to the second list, things you have not experienced, you need to stop and think to come up with new ideas because it is not out of your habitual memories.

Continue your activation by staying in the balance of the paradox of non judgment.

How to Activate and Continue Activation of the Genius Gene

Reacting and continued experiences of thoughts from our past will only keep the cycle repeating the same old programs that create the same reality, so firstly we must consciously choose to think new thoughts and ideas to replace the old ones. That is the first stages of changing that will lead to the eventual reality to become changed. The more you do this, the more activation of the genius gene will expand because you are thinking and doing things differently than in your past. This continues the expansion of activation of the gene to perpetuate while it also is creating the newer reality for you to experience. Thinking and doing anything that is not of your usual old ways will always be the way to continue to expand the genius gene’s activation.

Writing out a list of whatever comes to your mind of desires you want to experience or manifest that is still unknown to you fires new brain cells while simultaneously expanding your consciousness while continuing the activation. It is not a beginning and ending type of activation, it is an expanding activation that continues to evolve and expand as long as you do not revert back to the old ways for too long. And if you do revert back, just knowing and using the power is always in the present will get you back on track.

2 Strand DNA to 24 Strand DNA

We have been evolving from 2 strands of DNA that uses a very low percentage of our brain capabilities leaving a high percentage left unused. If you are noticing or working on more ESP abilities like awareness of telepathy, remote view, deliberate manifesting, telekinesis, awareness of reality shifting and so on then you can know that you have already activated and expanding the activation of more strands of DNA in your body. These are the benefits of activation of more strands. You are raising your vibrational frequencies on all levels, merging with you infinite self and physical body.

More Powerful Benefits of Infinite Genius Gene and Continued Activation

In many of these pages throughout this website that explains higher vibrations of bliss, peace, love, relaxed states while manifesting your desires with added simultaneous benefits of sustained health and law of attraction. It is what it is all about literally, however there are many different process and ways to get yourself into the higher states of beings. Being aware and knowing that you already have the Genius Gene that's also related to the Immortality Gene inside is the most empowering knowledge that you are then turning into wisdom with each expansion you experience. Easier manifestations of your wants and desires because it becomes natural after you have many experiences of successes in your memories. Since you are reading this then it must be a big part of your purpose or life theme in this lifetime in physical, if it was not, all of this knowledge would not even be of any curiosity to you at all and that’s not the case. So it seems to be a step by step, stage by stage process, we grow and continue to learn and grow and expand some more and continue to feel better and better through each stage of the process as we flourish our infinite genius gene.

In this article, how geniuses think explains it’s not about high IQ’s or conformity either, its about choosing thoughts that are out of the normal habitual consciousness of thinking.

This video mentions many of the evolving benefits of expanding into infinite abilities.

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