What is Your Life Theme in
Physical Reality?

A life theme or spiritual plan that you may have chosen before you actually manifested yourself into your physical body in this lifetime is usually something you have had a challenge with for many years. Is it financial, always lacking enough money? Could it be unconditional love for yourself and others? Or could it be deservingness of the desired relationship you have always wanted to be in? Or could it be a theme on forgiveness? Or always pleasing others before yourself? Or challenges with certain traits in other people? Like blame, jealousy, revenge, any of these ego lower vibrational consciousness of thoughts? Or could it be health? Patience?

What has challenged you for years or maybe most of your life that you have struggled with is what your theme or planned purposeful blueprint before physically incarnating into this lifetime. I believe we all have what is referred to as the dark sides of our soul and I believe this may be what it’s about, any unfinished work we didn’t do in other incarnations we may choose to do in this one.

Working on your Life Theme and Resolving it

You may find that working on your life's purpose will be the biggest challenges to go through because you have probably been stuck or struggled in your theme for a long time. So yes it takes work just like everything else until we transform to believe to perceive it to be more simple and easy. Taking what is challenging you longest and the most to create it to be as an exciting opportunity, then it can become fun and even passionate too.

It will take consistent and constant aware to insert new ideas and thoughts with feelings to override the old ways, just as in everything else. It seems that we sure are creatures of habit and this is the reason it takes consistent repetition and awareness in the beginning stages. Just keep imagining what it will feel like once you successfully resolve your purposeful theme once and for all. It will be that imagining with feelings without doubt that will be the energy that will create the change and the new reality. Your life theme is also expanding the activation of your genius gene

Evolution of Souls

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