Will this Be An Extraordinary Year or Another just Ordinary One?

Thank you again for allowing us to get together through this ezine as a reminder that you are worth it and this year can be the most powerful high energy vibration year that you can use to change everything in your life to extraordinary. Just by letting go of all unwanted past once and for all. Jumping on the high vibe by choosing the new extraordinary thoughts that also contain the most fantastic feelings too. With passionate daily practicing to experience what you have not experienced yet, so that you can realize how powerful you really are. Now is the time, are you really ready to make every day count on your way to the most powerful life, it's all part of evolving. To help you along the way, I am offering a savings of $4.00 off the regular price of $13.99 from the Evolving Reality of Bewitched paperback book. When you enter this bonus code 6AP77VW6, you will only pay $9.99 for the book. Not only is the book fun but it will remind you how powerful you really are when you expand your mind into all possibilites that can also become your reality when you know it and work on it. This offer will only be available for you as a subscriber and until Jan 8th, 2012. Read more about Living Your Life in the Most Extraordinary Ways through this link. and watch a great video that will inspire you to live your best life.

Letting Go of the Past is the Most Important Thing You can Do to Evolve to the Extraordinary

<> I know you know that higher consciousness has all the possibilities. Are you really ready to live it daily by removing yourself from the past of no longer wanted experiences? So you can be living from infinite consciousness where higher beings are always available to guide and help. Think of it this way, if you had to choose between watching t.v., would you use a converter or go back to the old way of changing channels manually, which means having to get up every single time you wanted to switch stations. I know for many of you, you may not even know about that, but think about it, because just a few decades ago that’s how we changed channels. I believe the answer for everyone would be no way, no one would go back to using the old way when the new way of changing channels with a converter is available. Or what about typing with a typewriter instead of a computer? Same thing, a typewriter can’t do anything to transfer data as a computer can, so no one would go back to using a typewriter now. There are so many things similar we can compare of the old way of doing things compared to the new ways. In the future extraordinary will be the same way, all that seems ordinary and normal now will also be old ways of thinking and doing things too. You can Read more about Releasing Your Past through this link

Using Your Dreams for the Wisdom it Can Show You

Sleeping reality and our dreams can not only show us more about ourselves and beliefs but also give us clues and signs that we may be missing. Dreams can urge us to change things by different choices that will also change our present and future reality by deciphering our dreams. You can Read more about Dreams and their Benefits

Extraordinary Beginning of the New Year to You

<> here's to a newer and better evolving beginning of this year, with this powerful infinite energy that is expanding and wil guide you literally along the leading edge of all possibilities. May you allow every day to be your best day yet, just because you are worth it and loved.
Infinitely Anna Antoski

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