Releasing Your Past Takes Facing it Right On

Releasing Your Past is a must for evolving and becoming all you can be. If you really want to take evolving sovereignty to the next level then you must stay committed to letting go of all the old data by no longer reacting the same old ways. Whenever you are stuck in the old reality, whether in sickness or financial or just unhappiness, whatever the old reality that you seem to continue to be living, it’s all based in fear memories, all from the past.

When You are Stuck

When you are stuck, that’s the most powerful opportunity to stay in that moment of that feeling until you let the fear, the anger run its momentum and it turns into sadness. Keep lingering in it until you burst into sobbing tears. Not by ignoring these fears but instead by lingering in it for awhile, own it so you can then disown it. You will find that instead of ignoring or denying it or reacting but instead linger in it and really feel the intensity of the fear, anger, hopelessness that is stopping or blocking you from going forward. Stay in it until you feel its release, and you will know because it’s like a big AHA moment. All your past pain and fear surfaces because you have faced it right on this time.

After Releasing Your Past
You Literally Physically Feel Lighter with Amazing Clarity

The past is heaviness that you carry around with you from reacting from those old memories that keeps them active. When you successfully release your past you feel like you are walking lighter, your thoughts are so clear with amazing clarity, doubts vanish and the newer empowering consciousness appears for you to now be experiencing. This also is when you continue to experience bliss until more past creeps up, and you do it again, stay in that past until you successfully release it. Bit by bit the higher consciousness of thoughts and feelings emerge so naturally every time you continue releasing your past. This opens the way for all great things to be experienced instead of the old.

Feelings, Own and Let Go to
Experience the New

Feelings allows us to know what is going on within us, denying our feelings when they are in the negative vibration must be perceived as the greatness it presents us with, to learn and grow as a result. When we in our present become angry at another or a situation, it’s never the immediate person or situation that we are angered or feared about, it’s gathered up old memories from our past. The other person or situation has only stirred our old memories that become triggered that we react again from, all from within our own memories. This is another reason it’s so important and a must to own this by no longer judging any of it and just linger in it until all the memories associated with those feelings are faced and successfully released.

Feel that fear, feel that anger, feel it all turn into sadness and that heartfelt sobbing crying until it finally transformed to laughter. This is successfully releasing your past, this is extraordinary living, you have genuinely worked it out, owned that past and now find it comical how attached and reactive you were about it all. You are also creating the new light hearted memories to retrieve the next time any negative reactions turn up. You become aware now because of how you owned and released your past that made way for higher consciousness and everything great that goes with it.

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