What are Dreams?

We all experience dreams even if we don’t remember.  Similar to breathing, yet many may not realize the benefits, it’s a doorway to another dimension that for many is not used to its full potential.

Dreaming allows us to work out so many situations that we don’t work out in our physical waking life.  For example if you are going through a difficult experience and are unable to work it out, when you fall asleep and travel into the sleep dimensional reality, the difficulty may work itself out.  There is a release about the situation until it bothers you again and becomes worked out, even if it become perpetual until it is completely resolved.  Dreaming is the outlet, it is also another dimensional reality.

When we are in our sleep reality it seems so real that if we didn’t wake up, we'd would never know the difference.  In this sleeping/dreaming dimension we are free, and nothing is impossible because we are free of our physical body's limitations, while still connected energetically.

Have you ever awakened from a sleep and remembered you were being chased?  And you notice that your body is sweating and breathing heavily? Or experienced something so comical and awakened actually literally laughing? Or in a difficult situation that you were able to extract wings and fly above it all and get away?

Sleep/dream reality reminds me of an assimilator or a game.  When you are so focused and immersed in the game, you realize your connection so easily when you are maneuvering your hands while engaged in the game,  Which is referred to as lucid dreaming.   Yet your body is also still connected and does feel the maneuvers you are making. But for most individuals they are not aware of what’s going on until they awake and recall the experiences, or don’t remember the experiences at all.

Different Types of Sleep-Dream Realities

Though there are different dream types, when we categorize them, really we are going into other dimensions, infinite dimensions. In lucid-dreaming we are actually consciously aware of what we are doing and can control what we are doing and the outcome. In nightmares we are working out many fearful experiences we are dealing with in physical. Dreaming will always be dependent on the individual, their beliefs, what they are going through in physical.   It can be very useful to use any information you can recall to help or guide you upon awakening. Everything in your sleeping reality will be connected to what is going on in physical life but expanded in many fantastic, fantasy ways compared to your waking reality.

Using an analogy of a house with many rooms, though there is your family in each room doing something and you are in one room, you are all in the same house separated by walls and doors.  We can expand the analogy to view it as a small town, everyone having their individual homes, yet all residing in the one town and on and on to a country and so on.  Everything is created by borders depending on how we perceive it all. So whether it’s doors and walls or houses on streets, we have these borders that really are illusions when we thin the veils. We can perceive sleeping reality the same way as borders from our physical waking reality to sleeping reality, just another dimensional room we experience.

Affirmations Allow You to Recall Your
Sleep-Dreaming upon Awakening

I wrote down many of my dreams in a journal for years.  At the time it seemed I didn’t recall many until I began using affirmations before sleep which gives suggestions to create remembering dreams upon awakening. After doing that for a couple weeks, I was so amazed that affirmations really worked because I was awakening and remembering not 1 or 2, but 6. 7 and more of what I dreamt. I realized that a whole other life was going on in my sleeping dimensional reality, yet found so many connections also to my waking reality.

A Pivotal Dream in My Life

Have you awakened from sleep what you dreamt felt so real, you actually remember every detail as if you lived it? That’s because you did! It’s recorded in your memories. You lived it OOB in another dimension and your infinite self wants you to remember it, it must be a pivotal point for some reason to use in your life for the meaning or communication it can offer you.

I had a dream that was so vivid over 20 years ago, and was a very big AHA learning moment for me, and can help us in waking reality. At the time I was curious and began researching and studying dreaming reality.

I became best friends with a male I met back then and we became so close. I had a dreamt that I was at a gathering it was a wedding and I went into the washroom and was brushing my hair and it was falling out until I was bald. When I walked out of the washroom I was terrified and my family tried to comfort me while they were also in shock too.

Approximately 2 years later my friend was diagnosed with cancer and passed on within 7 months of his diagnosis.

Deciphering Dreaming-Reality for our
Benefits in Physical Waking Life

The benefit of decipher my sleeping reality, which at the time I didn’t know what it meant until after my friend died. Firstly, his last name was “Hair”, so when I recalled my dreaming of losing my hair didn’t mean I was going to lose my hair, it meant someone so close to me I was going to lose. Hair being quite a close place on my head and my friend’s last name being the same. Though many times it can be through hindsight that we learn about our past from our sleep reality, it’s pivotal because the more we learn how to decipher, the better we get at deciphering them in the present.

Another sign the dreaming-reality had showed me, but again it was also later in years and looking back through hindsight. Two different times in my life over 2 decades ago I had also created bald spots on my head from anxiety and stress, which also was another great learning experience. It also related to the past of what I dreamt that one night too with my hair. That if I didn't handle stress differently, I would create a disease. This sparked more curiousity to know about my body and my attitudes and how it is all related, connected as self healing Though it took a lot of learning about dreaming-reality and how it pertains to my waking life, it can be the greatest catalyst when deciphering it for yourself.

Another Of My Pivotal Sleep-Dreaming

Years ago I dreamt that my son died and it felt so real upon awakening, and I can still remember it like it was today. Then a few months later, my son's life did change because of an injury.  He could no longer work at his present job any longer and his life indeed changed. So I realized it was not that my son would die physically, it showed me that it was the death of the job, the death of living his life the way he did, and instead journeying upon a whole new career and living his new life.

Dreams are from infinite realities and our sleep reality most of the time is not so specifically exact.  Though it can be, but usually needs deciphering because we filter their meanings with our own beliefs and perceptions that alters how we perceive them into our own lives.

Famous Discoveries from Sleep

Many famous discoveries were created in sleep dimension.  When we go to sleep and deliberately think and focus upon a problem with the intention of finding a solution, great creative information can come through to us upon awakening.

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