Extraordinary Living

Living an extraordinary life takes knowing that you are worthy and deserving just because you are you. Knowing it's inside you to take all your power back from reacting from past memories of data that no longer create experiences that keep you feeling your best. Feeling your best through every situation will be the energy that creates more situations to feel better about. Knowing there's no right or wrong as judgment guides, and instead remove all that judgment once and for all in all our thoughts of reactions. Love and accept yourself for you and always expand on that unconditional love, it will overflow into everyone and everything else. Desire to experience what you have not experienced before will keep you on the leading edge and living the most EXTRA-Ordinary Life.

Ordinary or Normal can Keep Us Stuck

Extraordinary is the opposite of ordinary, no longer reacting and doing what the normal do and have done throughout history. But first we must really take a good look at what ordinary defines so that the opposite of it will shine.

Though there's no right or wrong between the two, and if we teeter back and forth, eventually we'll get into the flow if it's your passion to really master reality.

Ordinary, normal is living from beliefs that we don’t have much control over reality in our lives. Everything just happens and then we have to deal with it. Sickness happens and then individuals ask why me? Living from ordinary beliefs are creating reality with no awareness and then becoming depressed because of the beliefs that trigger the feelings of hopelessness, believing they have no power to change much.

Ordinary beliefs filter individuals to perceive extraordinary people as crazy, but only because extraordinary is still something unknown to their belief system. They do not have any other way to define us, to make sense of what we are doing because it’s so opposite of how their perception of their world works.

Are You Stuck In Between Ordinary and Extraordinary?
If You are then it’s Time, You’re Ready to Take it to the Next Level

Sometimes you react from normal beliefs and others times you respond as a master of your reality, so you may be teeter tottering back and forth. If this is the case, then all it takes is consciously in genuine awareness tell yourself you are going to moved yourself to the next level. Then take the big leap and respond the extraordinary way with everything, not just a few things, but with everything.

Why would an evolving extraordinary creator stay in any pain or suffering reality? The only reason can be because they have not heeded the message yet, they haven’t come to the total realization that enough is enough. Once we do then we move ourselves up another notch past teetering to really get into the flow of not giving up till we master our challenges. This may take power boosting every day to keep you on that mastering track to get into the sovereign flow.

Extraordinary Living, Being

Extra-ordinary Individuals and I consider yourself to be one or you would not be reading this right now, so congratulations for taking the leading edge. You know it’s always worth it and you know, you feel it in your being, your heart, in your everything that this is the path you are suppose to be on.

We know all is possible and anything in your life you are living that you haven’t made possible yet, we know it’s so close. There may be some old lingering beliefs still to deal with, and we know we will. We know we really have forever so we’re learning while enjoying the journey. Any illness we have, we know is our opportunity to learn more about ourselves and how we created it, and work on harmonizing our body cells. We have stopped judging ourselves because we realized enough to know that judging ourselves only keeps us back in the past of the negative energy that continues to create more negative reality to experience. So we know we are learning from it all.

Ordinary people perceive and judge this behavior as crazy and think we should just give up, but we know this is the whole point, it’s when we hang on long enough we will create what we want. We’ve come to the realization that giving up is not an option anymore. We know too much and all this knowledge and wisdom is priceless, evolving and so empowering.

Extraordinary beings as ourselves know the power is in the present, we may not have figured it all out, but we have enough proof in our own experiences and know and use the powerful present through our awareness. We know what is referred to as psychic or paranormal is part of our evolving DNA from our infinite self, and we know it’s all a part of our evolving in physical. We experience telepathy through our daily life, along with synchronicity or when we’re out of synch. What we haven’t experienced of the psychic abilities yet, we are still working on to allow those experiences to be known for us. We see psychic stuff going on all the time, even though the ordinary folks keep missing it.

If we are not moving objects with just our intention, then we know it’s on our desired experience list. If we haven’t levitated yet, that’s also on our desired experience list. We want the new experiences, we know it’s all part of the new future and are part of creating it too.

Committing to Every Day Being Extraordinary

No more just letting the days pass in the ordinary ways, instead spending our time working on mastering the cards consistently, moving objects upon desire, being healthy, feeling great and blissful, turning lights on without physical touch. Using each day in every way the evolving extraordinary ways with infinite possibilities instead of the old ways of the past. This is how we advance to live and experience the impossible becoming possible in our own lives. We become the conscious deliberate infinite psychic beings we were meant to be finally.

In this inpirational video, Will Smith describes so powerfully with his great wisdom from his experiences of living life in the most extra-ordinary ways.

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