Shifting Realities Is Perceiving Beyond Beginnings And Endings

Whether you are aware of it or not, could we be shifting realities all the time? It can go unnoticed if we are thinking the same thoughts over and over because we will not notice much of it changing. It is changing even though it appears as if it's not or may have slight differences.

It is our perception that gives us the appearance of the illusion that it's a continuous line of events of reality, when under the illusion we are actually shifting realities, as if we were blinking in and out of them. Our perception can trick us to believe many things that are illusions.

Physical existence of our dimension is slowed down vibrational frequencies and gives the illusion that our reality of experiences are occurring of past and future on a continuous range.  And that we are in a continuous momentum of beginnings and endings. It is when we expand our perception beyond the normal perception and open up to expanding knowledge to know more about the nature of reality. Then we come to realize that everything is going on simultaneously, all at the same time.

Past, present and future becomes not to be what in the past was understood to be true. Thanks to quantum physics that has shown through many experiments that prove there is so much going on compared to what classic physics and science assumed. Now ancient knowledge that has been passed down by the greatest masters can have the scientific proof that it never had in the past.  The past can be changed, Seth spoke allot about it and Neville changed the past many times as you can read more about through this link.

Bashar :: Shifting through infinity - Highlights from BasharCommunications on Vimeo.

How Our Present Awareness
Can See Through Illusions

A great analogy that can show us how reality shifting is going on and how our present awareness can allow us to see through illusions is in watching an electrical fan. When a fan is switched off, the blades are clearly visible. If we switch it to a slow low speed we can still see the blades oscillating. But when we switch the fan to a high speed we can no longer see the blades oscillating, it appears as if the blades have disappeared. This analogy can be compared to lower vibration frequencies that give the illusion of past and future on a continous perceived momentum compared to higher vibrational frequencies of infinite realities and how we are shifting realities.

Our plane-t of existence is on a lower slower vibration frequency which we could also label as finite, like a fan switched on off or low speed of perception. Since we are always creating whether we are aware of the wisdom or not it is what we are doing, creating our manifestations through shifting realities.

Not perceiving beyond the lower frequencies will limit us from infinite perceptions of many labeled psychic powers because they will seem impossible in our beliefs. When we stop the chattering of our personalities as our altered ego we can become aware of the unlimited dimensions or realities.

The fan analogy compared to our perception allows us to see through the illusion to know the truth of what is really occurring. We do not assume that there are no blades or that they have disappeared just because we do not see them at high speed. This would be similar to assume that other realities are not there just because we cannot see them either and this is limiting our perceptions.

Keeping our self in present awareness at every opportunity can expand our self to perceive more then we are actually sensing our self to perceive. The more we see through the illusions of the lower frequencies of reality the more the illusions will fade. As the illusions fades it allow us to perceive shifting realities that were once in our past seeming invisible to us to be more visible. Then we can perceive the oscillating higher vibrations through our present awareness.

I explain about an experience when I was beginning to practice reality shifting and my mate was in a vehicle accident, through this link answers to questions number 5 reply and how I focused with pure intention to shift and be in the reality that I absolutely preferred to be in.

Shifting Realities To Your Preferences

How to shift realities to your preferences is done by thinking new thoughts compared to the old thoughts that you have been thinking. When you continue to do that until it becomes a habit then you will see your reality changing to your what you prefer to be manifesting and become.

The tricky part is trying to beware and observing the slight alterations of the minute changes as your realities shift. It does take quite the focus and constant self observation to notice. I find it so amazing when I do notice and more and more proof from experience keeps unfolding in amazing ways.

Allowing your mind to open up with newer thoughts so that your beliefs can then become to support your expanding self and be aware of shifting realities. Once you start to expand you will notice synchronicities and little glimpses and glitches for yourself.

Then you will start to notice that many desires you have had seem to unfold in your manifestations quicker and with more ease then ever before.

All it takes is keeping your thoughts focuses on what you want long enough and it does change everything. As you are shifting reality you become to love the reality that becomes manifested. Then continue to shift to even greater realities that you prefer and desire for your manifestations.

The most amazing teachings of reality shifting I have learned from is Bashar who is channeled by Darryl Anka. Bashar explains it using quantum physics and many examples that allowed me to grasp the understanding of shifting reality and how it can be missed if we are not aware of it. Along with all of Bashar's teachings any paranormal becomes to be experienced as normal and his sense of humour keeps the learning fun. Shifting realities is knowing your are an infinite creator

Shifting Realities Of Bliss On Your Way To Creating Your Manifested Desires

It is always a choice that you are making whether you are aware of it or not. It will make all the difference in the reality shifting you will find to be of your experience. It will appear as if your manifested reality will be unfolding in the creations you desired. If there is anything that you do not want in your reality then the knowledge of knowing this by thinking new thoughts will shift your reality to be what you do want. Denial of this wisdom will only perpetuate what you do not want to keep being created by shifting realities to ones you do not desire.

When we realize that all manifesting creations, which means all experiences is a manifestation from our own vibrational frequency as Law of Attraction explains. Denial is just another illusion to create it to appear as if we can judge and blame others, which is never the case when we are present aware creators. That would be giving our power away.

If we want to change our reality to be as we desire to prefer it to be then reacting negatively would only continue to create the same experiences to be manifested. The only way to change our reality is to respond differently to it in our present awareness so that the reality will change. It will change its vibrational frequency which is actually shifting realities to one of your preference. Depending oh how long you sustain the vibration will always be what the outcome of the manifestation is. The reality that you will be experiencing.

Bliss is Love's Natural Vibe

This is the reason that no matter what you are going through presently of your manifested created reality and if you respond in a higher vibration energy of thoughts changes everything. It will continue to unfold the manifested reality of your vibration to the reality that you will be shifting realities to. When you do it with blissful love energy of thoughts then your reality continues to create blissful loving experiences. Regardless of any past lingering reality that keeps showing up in your experiences. Soon you will see the reality matching your most dominant present awareness, especially if you sustain those thoughts to stay in that vibrational range.

Then you will be blissful through everything and your reality will continue shifting realities into more blissful vibrational frequencies. You will perpetually be shifting realities and be in that blissful alignment all day long and continue for as long as you sustain blissful thoughts.

It is always a winning experience because when we are no longer reacting in the same negative ways as we did in the past our reality is constantly shifting realities to our desires manifested. Instead of the continued shifting of what we do not desire to be manifested which is out of alignment with bliss.

So as long as we are keeping our self in present awareness most of the time and responding in bliss to any experiences that we have created it will continue along the blissful shifting of realities. Then we will see our reality continue to change to what we do desire it to be and it will flow so easily.

I have been doing this for over two years daily and I now find that my reality continues to get better and better and more blissful. Every experience that was once a problem transformed into a challenge then into an opportunity to always keep myself in present awareness of how I am thinking and responding. And every experience transforms as another learning tool that excels my growth into more expanding realities to experience. It surely is perpetual bliss.

All it takes is practicing it daily and then you realize that it's the new habitual way. So naturally that you will do it without having to remind yourself and simultaneously judgments are also becoming less and less. Bliss and peace become how you live every day so naturally and your desires manifest easily.

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