Proof Expands to Trusting Yourself and the Infinite for Amazing ExtraOrdinary Experiences

It's amazing how fast last month has gone by, hope you had an exciting month. In this month’s e-zine I wanted to share with you some of my experiences and it's really all about proof. Personal proof builds and expands more and more trust. When we think something is impossible and then open our minds to it being possible and then experience what we thought was impossible, that becomes our own proof. It becomes undeniable when we experienced it for ourself and we can also build more trust by observing others who are able to do what seems impossible, it all builds more trusting energy.

We need trust because trust is infinite esteem and evolving out of conformity and become leading edge Infinite Manifestors does take proof that builds the trust when our limited memories of beliefs nag us to believe things are impossible. Then when we trust, all things become unlimited and all impossible becomes possible. And all contrast and resistance is from not trusting because we have not created enough proof.

In the new pages I have wrote and added to the website, you can read and watch some interesting video’s that will expand your mind and beliefs to allow more impossible beliefs to melt away and build and create unlimited extraordinary beliefs to support the new you that you are becoming.

New Pages I have Added to the Website

<> I have added a few new pages to the website that you can check out if you have not yet. One page is on Reincarnation learning and knowledge about your past lives can be so helpful in this lifetime. If you have already recalled your past lives then you know how valuable it can be in this lifetime if there are certain challenges you have in certain areas or with certain people.

Immortality gene knowing that immortality can actually be a choice is not only empowering and expanding but changes so much that we have been taught in the past about our body, soul and spirit. Some people may not be ready for this choice in this lifetime, and for some of us it’s an infinite memory we planned to recall in this lifetime.

Multiple Personality Disorder I found so interesting because we can learn a lot from these individuals who have amazing abilities naturally and instantly, some automatically have a disease in one personality yet when they switch their personality in an instant, the disease is gone. How powerful is that?

Proof builds more trust and expectations, when we have a desire that for many seems impossible, that’s a nudging from Infinite Source or Higher Self to continue forth for the experience that builds the new memories. We then expand on go on to even more desires to experience that seem impossible but become possible through our experiences.

Affecting Weather have you experienced creating weather intentionally or automatically? Enough times that all coincidence is gone? This is so powerful and expanding experiences that show us amazing proof of really how powerful we are and experiencing it for yourself will be beyond amazing and creates new memories to continue to experience what others refer to as impossible to be experienced as possible, especially in real time.

My Self Healing Book

It is available this Monday at a great low price too. Though this book is small it is filled with the greatest information of self healing from my own experiences.

Check out What's New Blog if you have not heard about CERN’s newest successful experiment of breaking light speed.

Thanks again for allowing me to spend some time with you and remember and remind yourself, nothing is impossible when you believe that becomes knowing and your own experiences, it becomes unlimited. Keep building on your Infinite Esteem, it will always be worth it and you are always worth it all.
Infinitely Anna

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