What is
Multiple Personalities Disorder?

Multiple Personalities disorder also labeled “Dissociative Identity Disorder“ is a diagnosis of one individual who can switch instantly to other personalities. So one individual in one body experiences multiple different personalities and the changes have attached beliefs that create the body to change with the personality they are in.

Medical research has found that these individuals create altered states of being of personalities as a result from traumatic experiences either early in life or through life from abusive experiences. When an experience is so traumatic and the individual is unable to deal with it, the experience becomes separated into the memories as another being to be able to deal with it. Fragments of the whole self of personality become to separate into other compartments without conscious awareness of what is going on.

In writing this page there is no intention of course of any judgment of the disorder or about the challenging journey that an individual goes through. I have no experiences of this disorder with myself or anyone I know as a legal medical diagnosis. However it’s challenging not to be in a hypocritical kind of paradox because if we perceive any altered personality state in our being we may have experienced a similar type of disorder without even realizing it to be a disorder, something like PMS. I am writing this page as proof of how powerful our beliefs and bodies can be compared to abilities that multiple personalities disorder can show us. For more information about the disorder you must then search that out for yourself.

Beliefs in Multiple Personalities Disorder
Psychological Body Affects

What is so amazing is that these individuals have such amazing abilities that could be labeled extraordinary or paranormal. In a altered states MPD individuals become in their being of other individual personalities in one body. So in other words they change their state of being to become another being in their experience of reality instantly by a trigger of words or emotions from memories that seem to be the command that brings on the switching of personalities.

Psychological Body Affects

Some of the psychological effects of individuals with multiple personalities disorder is they can have different handwriting, using left hand or right hand depending on the personality they alter into. Even their vision changes as you will see in the video below, the girl is blind in one personality and when she switches to another personality she sees clearly. For other individuals their vision becomes altered needing to use different prescription of eye glasses used.

Even illnesses and disease change in some individuals with multiple personalities disorder, in one personality they have a disease when they switch to another personality their disease is gone. The same with allergies and many other symptom change to accommodate other switches of personalities to match the identity. This happens in real instantaneous time without any gaps, just automatically. In some individuals their eye color changes. Scars can appear and disappear, burn marks, cysts, multiple menstrual periods for females, different accents in their language, speech mannerism, beliefs, gender associations, even e-xrays and brain scans change when they change personalities.

How could this possibly be ignored that these amazing abilities are occurring to all of these individuals who have this multiple personalities disorder? Instead we should be learning from their experiences of how awesome these abilities really are that can be used in our paranormal extraordinary practices in a potential whole way as a healing and evolving way for MPD individuals into empowerment instead of a disorder.

What Personalities
are Most Dominant in Your Reality?

One example when we are angry and stay in that anger for awhile, couldn’t we perceive ourselves as a different personality in the time we are in that anger state and all the emotions that are lived while in that state as blame, hate, withdrawal and so on? Compared to when we are in a loving state and in that state nothing seems to matter to us, we automatically respond loving, forgiving, accepting and so on, no matter what another does.

We see it all in a different perspective reality when we are in a state of love then in a state of fear or anger and our reactions are different and in alignment of the flow depending on the state we are in.

Or if we are playing with a small child we also alter ourselves into a state to build rapport with the child. We also change our personalities so many times without noticing it when speaking to others depending on how attached we become in what they are saying and in how we react too.

These are really many different multiple state of our being, different emotions being are role in reality out of one body, however this seems so natural in our day to day life, we just accept it. However if we were to actually stay in that state longer and become that state then it could be diagnosed as multiple personalities disorder, especially if we were unaware to remembering as amnesia to our shifts in changing of personalities. However most of the time we do become aware when we are becoming to angry, either another tries to calm us down, or we do it from realizing this upset usually drains and tires us.

When we can take all knowledge and allow it to teach us for our highest potential in evolving our consciousness, many possibilities that once seemed impossible become possible. We can use all this information to make more evolving changes in our own lives just by realizing how powerful we as humans in our physical bodies really are and stop wasting our abilities in non evolving ways.

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