Immortality Gene in our DNA

The immortality gene has been a teaching of Ramtha's for decades and to activate the gene in our body’s DNA we must transform everything to love starting with ourself. This opens the 4th seal to grow. Then the immortal desire focused on it just like any other desire that will create the belief system to support it and then our body will then respond from the information that is already in our genetics. Our body cells then reverse the aging process and we sustain a youthful appearance while simultaneously keeping all the knowledgeable wisdom we have learned so far in our memories. If this resonates with you then it may be your life purposeful theme this lifetime.

Could it be Your Purpose in Your Life
Theme to activate Immortality?

If you have already evolved your consciousness to the reality of reincarnation, then you would also have come to the realization that our body is a vehicle for our spirit and soul to travel and experience physical reality. You may have already seen glimpses or full out visions or information of other lifetimes, and have worked out many unfinished experiences up until now. If that is the case then it may then be your purpose in this lifetime to evolve past what Ramtha teaches as reincarnation being like a recycling journey. It’s when we realize the wisdom that it’s time to get off that recycling ride of perpetually coming back to physical over and over again and finally remember what you really came here to do. Which is finally evolving to new and exciting levels of life to finally experience new unknown territories?

When we continuously reincarnate it’s as if spiritual and soul memories are forgotten until we get passed all the stages of survival again and open ourselves to what is referred to as awakening and ascension is evolving to the activation of the immortality gene

When we are ready we remember the reason we have come back into physical reality in physical body and then we desire to ascend to know more and the answers come so easily while we resonate with them. Meaning that in our hearts and soul we just know it is our plan we have come to remember. We become bored, we have done everything and desire new things to experience and if we continue to recycle through reincarnating over and over it’s like going to kindergarten over and over again. We just come to know that it’s time to excel into the higher dimensional realities but this time not reincarnating, this time we activate the immortality gene in our body’s DNA and continue on our path enlightened, remembering the reason we became into physical this time. Because the longer we live the more memory we can sustain for easy retrieval instead of remembering with each reincarnation. If this resonates with you then this may be your path to activate the immortality gene and journey onto more excitement in this lifetime with so many new things to experience. This is the main purpose for immortality and activating the immortality gene.

The Benefits of Immortality

The first big benefit to activating the immortality gene as explained above is to stop incarnating back and forth and finally remember one of the major purposes for coming back into physical to continue on the journey with all your memories and wisdom you have learned to be available.

A second benefit to activating the immortality gene is that you will sustain a youthful appearance, not in vain but it is a by-product symptom of the immortality gene being activated and then the body responding to it. If you choose 35 years young to sustain then your body also responds in every way in sustaining the vigor and energy as if you were 35 years young.

You get to choose your age and you choose the age that already has the best memories with all the attached thoughts and feelings for the age you choose. Then you keep your focused thoughts and imagining on that age until you finally believe into knowing you are becoming and then become it, just like any desire you manifest, the same process is what works. To get to the final stage where you not only believe but you know without doubt and it becomes a natural memory that you then think and feel from and you let it go knowing it’s all working as it should, then you see the result in your reflection in your reality in you.

A third benefit is you watch others die and being born again, you will know and sense who they incarnated into while you help them along because you now know so much that they have forgotten.

Dan Winter, The Purpose of DNA and emotions, you will realize how we do not only affect our DNA but also how we can change it too. This is part 6 of 12 parts, all parts are informative starting with part 1 explains more about our DNA.

Deactivate the Death Gene

We already know that we have a death gene activated in our body's DNA because this is the conditioned reality we are living presently for the majority on this earth plane. It has been taught that by the time we are in our early 20's in linear age that our body has already activated the death gene. This is the process that commands our body cells to deteriorate with every year consecutively, creating our body to become weaker and unlimited while shrinking our pineal gland. To activate the immorality gene we must deactivate the death gene by transforming everything to love that expands our heart chakra and desire eternal youth with evolving expanding consciousness into the higher dimensional realms of knowledge. And continue to transform that knowledge into our own wisdom through our experiences of experiencing immortality instead of death.

How to Activate the Immortality Gene?

Since the immortality gene is already in our body’s DNA then all we have to do is activate it firstly just by acknowledging by knowing it already exists in our body is an empowering start. For some individuals it may take breaking down many old beliefs that resist the wisdom and to do that one may have to research information so that your mind can accept the new information. For others who already resonate with the knowing of immortality makes it much easier because any resistance to this information is already established. Then you perceive yourself in this way from now on. Meaning whenever you think about aging the new programs are now running with the wisdom of information that is already encoded into the gene’s DNA because you have now activated or turned on the immortality gene.

How you choose to think which then triggers the feelings of immorally and bliss and passion also affects the activation, you will see it reflected in your own reality. Whenever a doubt surfaces you do the same thing as you would with any desired manifestation, replace it with the potential thoughts. This is how you stay on the same channel of vibrational frequencies by keeping your thoughts in that one direction, immortality.

Dan Winter-Key to Immortality, this is the 6th part of 7 video's. You'll see the reason that bliss is essential.

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