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We are More than Our Bodies

Before I came upon reincarnation it was my out of body experiences that lead me to actually believe that I was more than my body. Even though at a young age I recall my grandmother talking about reincarnation as it was a belief she believed. But back then I didn’t realize or care too much about it, through hindsight I can see that I was absorbing the information and can also see the many reason I choose to come back into the family I am with in this lifetime. Even though I know we have had numerous lifetimes together through vision, automatic writing, ouija board and resonating feelings about many of them. Many were relatives in past lives and many of my karmic and amends have been made because of my openness and awareness to it all.

Dr. Brian Weiss 
great show of knowledge and wisdom of past lives, future lives and so much more

My Son is My Grandfather Incarnated

One experience I would like to share is my present life with my eldest son that not only do I know but many of my relatives have mentioned and said the same thing, that my eldest son is my mother’s father reincarnated. How can so many others see the same thing that I have known and even my son has referenced so many things that correlate and phrases that my grandfather has said when he was alive.

The first experience I had that he may be my grandfather's reincarnation was when he was only a month old and I was dressing him on the change table and my grandfather’s voice protruded out of him and said, “I am back!” Well that shocked and scared me so much that I jumped away from the change table and felt frozen in fear which seemed like forever and just couldn’t go back over to the change table. I was terrified and didn’t know what to do. As my son stared at me for awhile then started crying at such a loud pitch and wouldn’t stop and that was what finally got me to go back over to the change table and finish dressing him.

Well I was too scared to tell anyone about it as they might think I was going crazy but finally I told my grandmother who believe in reincarnation and she was not surprise at all, she said, “Oh that is normal” and continued to talk about it and other stuff. My aunt who is my grandfather’s daughter my mom’s sister one day nonchalantly said, “Did you know that your son is my father come back into his body?” Wow! I was beside myself to hear it and also relieved because now I can finally talk to anther who understood too. There began my real journey into reincarnation and pondering which opened the door to many unanswered questions and the shed light on being aware of other incarnates I was interacting with.

Dr. Ian Steveson Research 1 out of 3 parts

My Grandfather’s Last Words to Me before
He Passed

One more important detail I must add is that on my grandfathers death bed just before he passed he said to me, “Make sure you marry” and he stated the name of the guy I was dated for a long time at the time, “it is very important that you do.”

I was again shocked and didn’t understand what he meant or why he said it, though I was thinking along the lines of maybe he would be a good provider, however after hearing his voice through my son it all dawned on me and the dots became connected why he said it. Because maybe he already was remote viewing, seeing his future and knew he decided to come back through a child if I married my boyfriend. And I did marry him and I birthed a son, the one the voice came through.

My grandfather and I had many amends to make, things that we never agreed upon and I felt he was very judgmental about me and controlling and he died without us coming to any of these amends, understandings or forgiveness. My son always seemed very much an elder to me even when he was a child and very father oriented and was a tremendous help when my sons were young and I went through my divorce. What else could I think, just too many experiences kept going back to he must be my grandfather, now I know he is and we have made so many amends.

So it made so much sense for me of the reasons why he incarnated through my son. Also helped me to understand the benefits of reincarnation and why it would be a part of our spiritual and physical evolving experiences.

Relationship Incarnations

Here is another incarnation that I seen. My present mate is my youngest son’s brother from the 1600’s. I didn’t’ realize it until years after we were in our relationship that the visions started to connect all the dots and the Ouija board too. They both have the same first name, they both have blonde hair and my mate’s father and my son have the exact same birth date. Not only that my youngest son and my mate have had many years of stubborn fighting and not getting along, of course I mentioned this many time to both of them but they are not believers in reincarnation yet and just pass it off as coincidence. Well we know what coincidence is, the bringing of energy together to show us signs, transforming coincidence into perceptions of synchronicity. Anyway, I know it and seen all the signs and the connections and many reasons for their own connective amends. Presently they have both made those amends and have resolved so much.

The Process of Spiritual and Soul Travel in Physical Reality

So if we are spiritual beings firstly, which I believe we are and our soul holds our memories of everything, holding infinite files upon files and we only retrieve what we are ready or wanting to retrieve, it’s like a safe zone type of mechanism.

When we think of our physical vehicles as an analogy to our physical bodies, just think of how many vehicles you have gone through so far? When one is old or breaks down to cost too much to repair or we desire a newer version, we let go of the old vehicle and get a new one. Our physical body is like a vehicle that is able to transport part of our spirit and soul into physical reality, we use it for as long as we can and then we may choose to take on another vehicle through the birthing process of a newborn. Not unless we evolve to the wisdom of immortality Immortality Gene and then we no longer choose to reincarnate anymore. Just like another analogy of getting into your car to travel to a friend’s house, you get out of your car and go into your friend’s house. Same with our body as a vehicle, when we die or pass on we are getting out of our physical vehicle and visiting with other spirit friends ect…until we choose to come back to physical and if we do then we use another body.

Dr. Michael Newton - Past Life Regression Part 1 out of 5
Fantastic wisdom of information Dr. Michael Newton describes souls, between lives and past lives and soul themes, soul mates, soul groups and our development in different lives and explains that Earth is only one school. So worth watching the other 4 parts of the video's.

Linear Perception and Simultaneous Perception

What is really going on in real space and time?
When we perceive in linear perception we are in a slowed down version of experiencing everything, except for some gaps that for most go unnoticed. Though I have used this analogy before its validity shows how similar looking at pictures compared to watching a video would be compared to the similarity to our time in space.

Linear perception is like looking at still pictures and seeing everything simultaneously is like watching a video. Each picture has its own story of memories experienced attached with it and if we were to expand a picture by adding a vivid specific description into a video format and do it with each picture we would have a extensive video. So all the memories of experiences of each picture we could watch without interruptions. When we compare this to linear time in space compared to real time where everything is happening at once then reincarnation would be seen in two ways too. One in slowed down perception of continuous reincarnation in slow mode like each incarnation being a still picture with all our experiences, the other like a video being able to see all incarnations at once if we were to activate the immortality gene and then live long enough to see through that extended perception like a video. 

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