Affecting Weather

Physics of Weather

Affecting weather becomes easier to comprehend when we look deeper at the real physics or deepness of weather. It is very interesting when we delve deeply beyond the illusions of old beliefs that describe not being connected or one with the desired manifested reality. The more we evolve, the more we become to not only see, but experience first hand our own connection of oneness to everything.

We are only separated by what we choose to keep believing, meaning old beliefs that are old prehistoric thoughts that everything is separate from ourselves.  The more we experience connections to certain things, and continue to explore and experiment, we just simply amaze ourselves of how connected we really are to everything.  Affecting weather works the same way. Well that is the way it's working for me, how about you? Being one with weather is how we are able to be consciously through intention be affecting weather.

In this video, Feeling Magnetism, Dan Winter explains in great depth through our heart and how we affect reality, weather and much more.

This is quoted from a Seth book, channeled through Jane Roberts that explains how we are affecting weather all of the time.

“There are great correlations between thunderstorms and psychic storms, for example, and between unstable electromagnetic properties of both feeling and thought, the brain’s ability to handle these, and its need to rid itself of excesses. You do not simply react to the weather. You help form it, even as you breathe the air and then send it outward again. The brain is a nest of electromagnetic relationships that you do not understand. In certain terms it is a controlled storm. From it spring ideas that are quite as natural as lightening. When lightning strikes the earth, it changes it. There are also changes that come about through the impact of your thoughts upon the atmosphere. As certain primitives do rain dances and consciously bring about rain, deliberately directing unconscious forces. This is the nature then of your own energy or your ability to direct it. Storms or tornadoes are often brought about by angry men precisely as wars are. They are simply version of the same phenomena.”

Beliefs in Separation Compared to Connections

Once you start to really experience your connection with everything, you will be so amazed at the experiences you begin to have.   You will probably also start to practice so many things that seemed impossible to many, however becomes exciting and adventurous.   Or maybe you are already experiencing many of seeming impossible experience that proves and creates the trust that we need when affecting weather to be possible, affecting weather is just one thing out of so many other possibilities.

I am amazed how now I am sharing so much of my personal experiences without any fear. because a decade or so ago, I would have been too fearful. Now I feel safe because I learned that this is all part of evolving, and anyone who is not ready for it, will just not continue to read or go on this path. And for any skeptics, well I am not concerned at all about them because I know one day, somewhere upon their journey, regardless of how many more lifetimes they may have to go through, the dawning of this amazing powerful awareness will become for them too.  All that is important for me is our evolution, and what resonates on my blissful journey, and that I can share it with others who are also on the journey.  We can learn from each other and continue our evolution of infinite amazing abilities, like affecting weather, and infinite bliss, and everything it contains to experience and be empowered as a result.

So you can see how in my past, just as probably in yours that fear was our motivator that has now turned into love as the inspiration.  And beliefs in separation is only an illusion we live until we become to experience for our own selves how connected we are to everything.   In the beginning we wanted to know all about the nature of reality, and if it’s true that we do create our reality.   After enough consistent experiences we come to the absolute wisdom that we do, and then the realization of how it’s all connected.

Even for years when I was experimenting to have enough proof that I do create all my reality, I didn’t realize the oneness, the unity, the connection because my beliefs were still so stuck in the illusion of separation.   I couldn’t even realize that manifesting, creating reality is unified.   I became to realize that creating is becoming one with the desire or want.  Even though it took years to understand oneness and connection because of old beliefs. So we have always been the creator of our reality even when we didn’t know we were, and creation always takes being connected to our Infinite Source whether we realized it or not, its all connection.  The only difference is the beliefs that don’t allow us to see it when we were not aware.

What is atmosphere?
And Where Do our Emotions Go?
This Wisdom also Helps in the
Understanding of Affecting Weather

Atmosphere is what we call the invisible air that sustains us.  Climate is the atmosphere generated by our gathered emotions.   As we can watch on the weather channel they are always showing the "jet streams of pressure" and we watch how it's constantly connected as it moves all over the planet.  Yet for many that are not aware or tuned in enough to connect the dots to realize it was always there for the noticing.  We must go deeper to ponder where do our thoughts and emotional feelings go?
Really think about it!
Emotions are Energy in Motion

We have learned that thoughts are energy, everything is energy, so our emotions are also energy and actually the most powerful energy.  As the Law of Attraction teaches, emotions steered with intention become feelings with thought creates quicker then thoughts without feelings.  Because when we steer emotions that are scattered throughout our body into our hearts desire, they become intense fuel felt as feelings, gathered with such power that we implode and create reality.

So when we feel intense emotions, or any emotions as feelings, where do they go?
If everything is connected through consciousness collectively with other individuals, they bubble up until they explode into our atmosphere that we call weather, the climate we experience. Our emotions are affecting weather all the time, many just don't connect the dots.

Take some time to digest and absorb this awesome information? You will feel yourself resonating with it.

At first people become aware to believe that weather affects their body, they know before it rains as they feel it in their bones and so on... And even that concept was weird and out of the ordinary when it was first thought about. They have not gotten to the point of understanding to comprehend the underlining truth, and are stuck in one part of it, instead of knowing the whole picture.  

As we expand it even further to realize that our emotions of feelings may have a natural being to weather originally.  That it's actually reversed, we are affecting weather, but people who feel it in their bones just don't realize that's the end result they're experiencing.   We just have to go deeper, meaning deeper so we can go beyond our old conditioning's of what we were taught to believe, that everything is separate from us.  Then we become to realize that affecting weather is a natural part of the nature of reality.

The Real Weather Forecaster of the Future

Thoughts generate and trigger what we feel and those feelings stir and keeping bubbling inside us and are released as we breathe, and our breath is interacting consistently into the atmosphere.  Interconnected with our emotional heart channeling into feelings imploding into the atmosphere. 

So when the weather forecaster says, “there is a high jet stream of pressure flowing along a certain area” if we were to literally see what's really going on then we would hear it this way, “the high jet stream of pressure caused from the area of people in this vicinity collectively are bubbling up very angry emotions that are steering the air velocity of the atmosphere and connecting to joining in another area with others with the same emotional frequency pattern of steered feelings, so they will be experiencing heavy downfalls of rain, (released crying,) and severe thunderstorms, (lightening and roaring thunder of emotions exploding into the atmosphere from anger, fear, doubt, hopelessness, depression from reactions.

Whew! Now that may still some crazy but you know what? That is what is really going on.  We are affecting the atmosphere that becomes our climate and is affecting weather all of the time.

Right now and for decades heart math institute has been monitoring and can prove it with their technology that they have set up throughout the world.  They seen the readings, the data of info before the 911 happened, they were able to read the heightened spikes just before the explosions. What they were seeing was the emotions of people that subconsciously already knew something was occurring before it even occurred, because we are not taught how to listen and know our intuitive messages ahead of time, as we can in remote viewing. Yet heart math’s technology did and still is monitoring all over the world.

Listen to Dan Winter explain practices for a Shaman

My Own Experiences with Affecting Weather

So if you have come to realize the wisdom of how our emotions are jet-streaming our atmosphere and creating our climate and affecting weather then you also come to realize just as we become to learn and then become deliberate creators, is the same way we come to know we can deliberately be affecting weather personally. Or am I actually switching realities?

It doesn’t take a lot of people either, as I have done it by myself. Experimenting like a scientist would through trials until seeing the proof enough times to validate it for myself.  I started out experimenting with affecting weather after hearing a fantastic program from a Ramtha teaching on Beyond the Ordinary internet radio, and actually listened to it a few times until I really could comprehend it with some believably.

The winds that day became so strong, and I put myself in the relaxed trance state and kept my focus on the wind and kept focusing on it stopping. I did this 10 times as I kept having to experiencing it over and over to really believe this was happening.  I was affecting weather,  I was able to affect the wind and experience it slowing down to an actual almost stand still.  Though this went on for a process of an hour. At first I had hits and misses, but the more I kept doing it, the more hits I had of slowing it down and then stopping it completely.  Though I only stopped it for a few seconds, from all the experiences I had realized there was no coincidence or chance when it happened so many times consistently.  As I held my focus in a state of being of stillness, imagining the wind as if already stopped, it did, for a few seconds, as soon as I broke out of my concentrated focus, the wind whirled forcefully again. Then I could do it for a few minutes.

Just like everything else, you must experience it for yourself to know, instead of making any judgments about it.

Affecting Weather - Snow

Our driveway is half a kilometer long, and the challenge we experience is the area being all open with farmer fields creates major gigantic snow drifts in the winter that make our driveway impassible.  We’d have to be plowing every couple hours when the winds are blowing.  Even though I have experimented with wind as I mentioned above, I am not able yet to be that masterful in real time to keep it sustained for long periods.   It takes massive hours of continued practice that I allow so many other things to detour me away from mastering so many things still.   So I still have other priorities before getting to these real time weather creations.  Many times we park at the end of the driveway and maintain the end spot, and walk the driveway when it becomes so impassible.

When I became desperate, like when we are running out of water in our well and we need the water to be delivered is one instance when I really put my intentions to work.   Because the truck wouldn’t be able to drive down the driveway to deliver it, so it becomes a desperation that inspires me to experiment again on affecting weather.   Our driveway was just plowed and if it kept snowing and blowing wind, within a couple of hours the driveway would be impassible again.   So I sat in my room, one that has become my divine space where i do many of my focused intention work, and I sat in pure unaltered attention of focus, focusing myself into a trance state and imagined the snow and wind stopping.   I did this for about 20 minutes and then let it go, figuring whatever will be will be, and I didn’t want to stress out anymore about it.  Well for awhile the winds became to be even stronger, but just for an about 15 minutes, and then just like magic, the wind and snow stopped.   Within the hour the truck arrived and delivered the water, and believe it or not, approximately an hour later, the storm came back, howling wind and more snow.

Another time after waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, I stared out the window, it was winter but had not snowed yet, and I love snow even though it's challenging for us with driving, I just love it.   I was looking out the window and could actually feel my heart expand in this relaxed loving, blissful feeling, and imagined fresh snow falling covering everything pure white,

I became so passionately immersed in the feeling of the vision for awhile, then my attention came out of the trance from the the smell of the coffee brewed. There was no snow in the weather forecast for that day, zero percent precipitation.   I got my coffee and came upstairs to my divine room that has a big window by my desk, and sipped my coffee while I begin to think about how and what i desired to create for my day.  Within a half hour I was beside myself, it started snowing just like in my vision, big huge fluffy white snow flakes falling everywhere my eye could see.  It snowed for awhile, covering everything, and then it stopped.  Of course the bliss I felt was so amazing, I can’t even describe it in words.

Too many of these experiences show me there is no chance in creation, everything is creation either be manifested into reality experiences consciously or unconsciously.

Creating Rain

Rain is weather I experiment a lot with because it's fun, and also because instead of calling the water guy to deliver water, I believe my infinite bigger part of me urges me to experiment and create again.   If it’s your passion or your souls journey this life time to evolve, I guarantee you, any doubts or judgment about what is possible will become obsolete eventually too.

So I will only share a few experiences about affecting weather because there's just so many to write about that I've experienced.   On Monday (this was a few months ago) I checked our weather forecast and it showed sunny and hot for 6 days straight.  Ugh, was my first reaction, and I thought great, another opportunity to do it again.  So after going for a nice long walk, and to do that all I have to do is go to my mailbox and back, which takes about 15 minutes at a slow relaxed pace to get there and back. 

I sat on the deck in the hot sun and again went into that trance state and imagined feeling rain on my skin and body, and then as the imaginative video in my mind continued into the rain becoming so heavy I went inside the house.  I stayed in that imagining trance state for about 20 minutes. Then it’s like a spark back to reality as I was still sitting in the hot sun. Then I just let it go again, feeling whatever, whatever, and just left it alone and went on to other things.

The next day showed same forecast 6 days of sunny hot humid weather, I didn’t think anymore about it just trusting soon it will show a change and if it doesn’t, well I still have to keep practicing. The next day I check the forecast and it shows rain and thunderstorms 2 days from now, 80% precipitation and 10 to 20 mm of rain.

I have been doing this off and on for years, so the memories of it are becoming more expanded of proof that builds the trust and expectation of affecting weather. Experiencing it in real time is the ultimate bliss, which I explain about later on this page.

Creating Warm Sunshine in the
Winter to Melt Snow

I love working on whatever is the challenges i am having and allowing it to become or transform into the most exciting thing as this experience was, knowing nothing is impossible.  Everything is a greater opportunity for more fun filled experiments to dabble with and experience the magnificence of the creation, and affecting weather has become that for me.

It was a cold cloudy day and there was snow on the ground, some spots were bare but some spots in the driveway still were impassible.   I wanted some crisp cool fresh air and love walking in winter, all cozily dressed  So I took a shovel and walked the driveway and shoveled the spots that were impassible.  Though I couldn’t drive it yet because the ice chunks were too big even to break up.  I knew if the sun shined long enough it could melt allot of it, but it was so cloudy and the weather forecast read cloudy day.   So as I walked back to the house in a trance state imagining clouds breaking up and the bright sun shining, even imagining watching the sun melting the ice and snow in those spots.  I continued the imagining also after I was in the house, and then let it go again to whatever becomes is okay.

Within a couple hours exactly what I imagined became, and I watched for hours off and on as I looked out into the driveway the sun shining on the snow and ice and melting it as each hour went by. 

When my mate came home from work he was so surprised to see that he could drive down the driveway instead of parking at the end and walking it.  Of course I told him about what I did and he listens to only what he wants, like we all seem to do and wasn’t that surprised.   Maybe he's just become accustomed to what I keep doing even though I still get excited.   He has said to me many times that he doesn’t understand all my excitement when I have already experienced so much of the same things I have been doing?   Maybe he believes and trusts more then I do, and I may be still creating those supportive beliefs systems, and it takes me longer to really comprehend all that I am sharing, as in affecting weather.

Does Affecting Weather work Every Time?

At the beginning of my experimenting with weather, the misses were more then the hits, but the more I practiced the more hits, and it does seem to continue that way.   It's just like everything else, when we are determined and consistent to keep practicing, we experience the manifestation.

My Experience of Rain in Almost Real Time

 If you don’t believe what you are going to read, then that’s okay because it really does take expanded evolved consciousness of a being to have transformed new beliefs that have tore down all the old conditioning. This is the truth, and I am only sharing this for others who are interested and curious, or have had the same type of desires and have experienced it themselves.  It will always be most important to experience it for your own self that will show you how powerful you really are. This is my most amazing experience of affecting weather to date, and adds more proof for me that anything is possible when we believe and focus long enough to experience the proof with no doubts, pure attention and being one.

It has been a hot couple of weeks with no rain, except for the bits I have experienced as I continued to experiment with creating rain. The first day I sat outside alone and focused my attention for over a half hour as if it was raining.  How it felt on my skin, head, body, and seeing and feeling it coming down and also giving thanks for it as if already rained.   After a half hour I walked to the side of the house and there were big huge drops of rain spots only on the BBQ and table.  That was weird I thought, only in those 2 spots.  It was so hot that I watched those spots dry up in no time. This was so much fun, even though it was just small proof of affecting weather as bits of rain drops.

The next day being so obsessed in my passion to experience rain in real time, I sat outside alone again, this time for over an hour and a half. It was sunny and hot and there were some white puffy clouds, I sat and focused pure and altered with very few doubts popped into my mind. The few that did in the beginning, I just replaced them with the seeing and feeling of rain pouring down, and me sitting through it all just reveling in it with such bliss and magnificence and appreciation of how I was affecting weather of a sunny hot day to experience rain.  I also asked if there are any entity's or spirits of weather to join in.

I started this at 6:30pm and stayed in that focus until after 8pm.  It felt like time stood still.  During this time I experienced the white puffy clouds turning darker and darker and forming just over the house and the farm land, everywhere else was not cloudy but sunny. T he winds started to pick up it became darker and darker and I heard thunder rumbling.  Then rain came down for less then a minute, enough to wet my skin then it stopped. I was becoming so ecstatic. And my bliss continued to keep peaking with such amazement, and I continued my imagining as if it was already raining and giving thanks for it and for the amazing experience.

It was just after 8:05 pm when I looked into the window at the clock and I continued to sit thinking, wow the dark clouds, the winds, the darkness and the thunder and those bits of rain.  No I want more! I want it to rain down more, I wanted to know for absolute that I was affecting weather.

I looked all around and still the same thing, dark clouds only around the house and the farm area, so I continued my imagining and focus and then I reminded myself to just let it go. I just sat there observing the magnificent beauty of nature and the birds and then it started raining, just pouring down on me.   I didn’t move I sat there getting soaked with pure bliss and appreciation and even started crying.  This is no coincidence, this is pure intention and creation of affecting weather in real time, and I experienced my focused imagining feelings of desire in physical. In only an hour in a half!

I was so excited and didn’t know who to tell that would believe me. Would my mother who does rain dances even believe me?  Because she only experiences rain a day or two later, not in real time, and she's religious and doesn't give credit ever to her self.  The only people who would believe me is maybe YOU who is reading this now, the courageous ones like you that come upon this website. I heard from one of Dan Winter’s video’s that when we experience such amazing things we should always share it with others. Again for anyone reading this, if you really want to know for your own self how powerful you are? Do this for yourself and don’t give up till you experience it.

I am going to continue to do this until I can master it, how sovereign is that? When we can really self sustain ourselves in dire times? If it’s too dry, we can call on to affecting weather and create rain, affecting weather when we desire and need to.  What if there was a short supply of food and we could manifest instantly?  Wouldn’t that come in so handy. You could never get the magnificence of the experience until you experience it yourself, so do share it with us when you do, or if you already have experienced magnificent abilities.

Wayne Grover shares his experiences with PK man, Ted Owen.

I read this book after I had my experiences with weather, it is a fascinating book to read.

Have An Experience about Affecting Weather?

Share your experiences with affecting weather? Or any other insights you have about the topic.

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