Trust is So Powerful
In Deliberately Creating what You Want

If we don’t absolutely trust then it means we don’t believe what we want will be received or manifested to us. When we experience things we don’t want, it seems so natural and easy to create what we don’t want because subconsciously we really are expecting to get it just without realizing it or being aware of it.

It is in already established beliefs that we have built but in a negative limited way. We built that negative or contrast by repetition from old beliefs that have that knowing already built in. Expectation is naturally also built in to, the only difference in creating what we want is we have to build the same kind of natural simple easy trusting and expectation as we did with the old beliefs that continuously create what we don’t want. So we have to start from scratch in a sense because we realize what we don’t want and how it’s creating over and over again.

One powerful way to build trusting memories for what we want to manifest is by creating more memories of our aware deliberate creations that we have created so far, this creates memories of proof. When we have more memories of proof of experiences we have deliberately created to override the old memories of what we don’t want but have created, then proof builds up more and more in a positive aware state. It then becomes easier and more natural in creating from our memories we have built up in trusting that creates the knowing expectation. We can also build proof from observing others too as people with Multiple Personality Disorder and through others who do extraordinary abilities as in telekinesis is trust in infinite energy of consciousness.

Trust is a Bliss Feeling when We Create Deliberately What we Want

When we are in bliss we are instantly in the knowing energy too, these two high vibrations go hand in hand, they are vibrationally connected. We feel blissful when we are in genuine appreciation of everything around us, even the not so good feelings experiences but we know they are part of our growth to more evolved unlimited consciousness, so that automatically transforms negative to positive.

Love is the leading high vibration and when we get ourselves into that loving, blissful knowing state of being we are allowing so naturally amazing manifestation experiences into our lives. This is the reason that knowledge and doing work on emotional addiction is so important to realize that we really do become addicted to emotions but it’s the negative low emotions that we need to let go of. Then we can finally live most of our days in bliss as in my book I wrote about bliss not only because it feels so good but for all its benefits too.

Building Trust Memories

Building knowing memories is absolutely essentially important to evolving into infinite consciousness because it takes experiencing what seems impossible to our limited beliefs and to transforming those beliefs into new supportive higher vibrational beliefs that perpetually transform into more and more absolute knowing.

It takes going out on a limb or leading edge to not only believe to be able to allow these amazing experiences to manifest for us or we would never evolve, we would keep living the same boring and uninteresting life over and over. Which we have probably already done thousands of times already and this lifetime may just be the time and plan we choose to remember in this lifetime in the cycle of 2012 to go beyond the limited impossibility beliefs and venture into proving how possible it all really is by our own experiences as our proof. So that proof can become our own wisdom that we know what is possible no matter who or what around us doesn’t believe it, we know because we experienced it and are creating the new infinite memories that continue to expand. This proof and memories then creates more expectation of the unlimited and absolutely knowing continues to build more and more expectation for unlimited evolved experiences.

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