Infinite Possibilities is Knowing
“If we can Think it, then It Exists”

To open our minds to infinite possibilities We need to try to imagine that every thought ever thought still exist in the infinite hologram or infinite consciousness of All That Is. It really is mind expanding when we ponder that in some great Source there is infinitely thoughts that anyone or any being has ever thought.

When we go beyond the physical plane of existence of this planet into infinite dimensions is infinite possibilities of infinite consciousness and nothing is impossible.

When we ponder into the realm that quantum physics has been showing us that there are infinite dimensions then we must expand our minds even further.

Being stuck in linear perceptions really does limit our capacity to delve into the pondering of the infinite of All That Is. But when we do ponder into it we can then realize that the Infinite is expanding. So whenever any dimensional plane thinks thoughts infinite consciousness has already expanded and it’s on going.

The focus of this page is to expand our minds to more of the unlimited thoughts that we can use to create more expanded experience for our manifested creations now.

So we must expand our mind into the infinite possibilities to realize that many individuals on our planet are already doing and experiences some of these idea’s that may seem impossible to the rational ego closed mind. However if we allow our self to expand we can then learn from these individuals who are doing things that seem impossible, yet are so possible because they are already doing it. They have accepted the new idea’s of infinite possibilities and are experiencing them for themselves and has became their wisdom. Their knowing that what seems impossible to the limited mind is possible to the open expanded mind.

On Vincent Daczynski's website you can read about his direct experiences with many who have mastered extraordinary abilities and he is also featured in What If The Movie.

The movie “What if” by James Sinclair

Expanding into Infinite Possibilities is Evolving and Being on the Leading Edge of our Time

When we expand our consciousness we expand our beliefs and knowledge to know more for ourselves. Since we have always been creators creating our reality and the only difference now is that more and more of us are becoming to know it. This is empowering and expands us from old conditioning thinking of beliefs to expand into newer capabilities for our planet.

To be on the leading edge does takes courage because many of our old beliefs really do have to break down into chaos so that the new structure can take over to support the new ideas of information.

It's all part of evolving and we see it in technology and it all came from thought first. The creative, courageous minds that expanded themselves to bring technology to what it is today.

We are doing the same thing with reality as it continues to shift and expand into becoming more then what was believed in past history. We are shifting and evolving and eventually the mass of population will catch up.

So where do we Find these Infinite Possibilities?

Let’s start with the Psychic Phenomenon!
By psychic I mean using our focus to tap into the Infinite Consciousness and to get there we must become quiet in our thoughts and go through our Imagination. Our imagination is the door to the infinite where infinite possibilities are waiting for more to be discovered and where all great minds go! It's wisdom to realize that no one ever invents something to be more precise they are discovering it.

Many of our teachers or role models of the limited beliefs just didn’t know, so how could they teach us and guide us into what we were naturally doing in the first place. It has only been a detour because now we do know and that is all that is important now.

Infinite Possibilities Expand into Infinite Capabilities?
Let’s Take a Look At Some of Them

Let us take a look at the man Prahlad Jani that has not had food or drinks for 70 years .

It’s sounds crazy and impossible to the rational ego personality conformed mind, yet many individuals has been doing it for decades, and more are following the same path.

Other infinite possibilities that humans are capable of and doing

• Individuals who are doing and experiencing telekinesis right now moving objects with their mind and intention.

• Healings of the most incurable diseases
• Growing in new sets of teeth
• Growing in new hair and natural color hair
• Improved eye sight to perfect vision
• Reversing the aging process
• Doing what psychic children and some adults are doing opening a rose to bloom in real time
• The man with x-ray eyes, others seeing through books, cards and walls, picking up energy through pictures and any objects or locations
• Levitation
• Remote Viewing
• Seeing auras
• Immortality
• Creating and Modifying Weather
• Communicating with Entities from other Dimensions
• Bilocate, being in two places at once
• Teleporting
• Time Travel
• Instant Manifestation

The list can go on and on because if you or anyone else can think of it then the thought already exists to practice to become masterful at whatever it is. That means that we have infinite abilities whether we are aware of it or not, we do. It just takes expanding your mind to accepting the infinite possibilities.

On Tom Kenyon's website there's a technique to connect to your future self to experience or manifest what you desire on his "sphere of possibilities page.

Impossible Things Animals can do to Survive Winter

Many things that animals do to survive cold winter months seem impossible to us.  In this short weather network article explaining how a frog creates similar to antifreeze in their body.  They stop breathing and their heart stops and then it starts back up when it is warm.  A rabbit changes its dark color and becomes white.  

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