Transformation Symptoms Healings

Transformation symptoms healings means we now have the greatest opportunity to use the energy of higher consciousness, for all the DNA symptom changes that we have gone through or are still going through.

Let me ask you a question, if you have a brand new upgraded computer, would you still use dial up internet? Or would you use high speed? That does seem like such a silly question, of course to get the best performance you would use high speed. However that’s exactly what we are doing if we stay focused in fear or negativity when we’ve been upgraded with higher consciousness DNA to be activated.

For those of us who have been on the infinite awakening journey for a long time we have gone through allot and learned through our experiences massively.

For those who are still stuck it’s even more pivotal and exciting because getting unstuck is easier than it’s ever been. For those who have just begun their journey of transformation of this great evolution in consciousness, they will go through it maybe more intensely, however more quicker than before too.

This is really what we came here to do and experience, and transformation symptoms healings is the biggest part of it. Once you deep down from your heart, soul and spirit remember this wisdom you will find that transformation symptoms healings will be easier and quicker compared to all the old energy that’s been lingering around for so long and has affected us. It will be like a power boost that will create your body to be at its highest potential.

Letting all the
Old DNA Symptoms Be Healed

Lots of focus and attention has been going on the DNA symptoms of change, however we must stay focused now on transformation symptoms healings. We must make a conscious deliberate decision NOW to let go of all emotional ties to the past negative and limited emotions, memories and data that created our body to be out of balance.

Yes we have gone through a transformation now we must realign with higher consciousness. Now is the time to be focusing all of our attention on the high consciousness vibration beyond the old past for the activation of transformation symptoms healings.

We are taking the reins to no longer allow our body to be out of harmony with the divine high vibes. All those old symptoms do not need to keep us down any longer, they don’t need to keep invading our attention and body. We have gone through a transformation of being out of alignment with our infinite self, spirit as our bodies have been making changes uploading the new information and energy into our system via DNA blueprint. Recoding, redefining and aligning with higher consciousness, the new programming.

We have experienced so many symptoms while our body, brain, nervous system and all our parts went through and are still going through these transformational alignment frequencies. Now it’s time to let it all go and allow the final process to finish the greatest work. Focusing on feeling joy, focusing on alignment done. Lessons learned and time to move on from pain, fear of the past so it doesn’t taint our future. It’s like rebooting the body now.

Higher Consciousness Frequency Gateways, Reboot the New Body System

The high vibrational gateways are open for our transformation symptoms healings. These gateways are from higher consciousness at this prime time in our evolution of pivotal December 2012.

Consciousness has expanded beyond the norm conditioning to higher frequencies that are now pouring in, infinite rays of decoding our body’s DNA with the highest love energy vibrational frequencies. Aligning our body with higher consciousness.

The time is now, the gateways are open for transformation symptoms healings and we now have to be the activator of this defined divine energy.

Being the Activator
Transformation Symptoms Healings

Since the energy is open and pouring in, we must be the receiver and activator of it. What does that mean? It means everything is now magnified. Whatever we are putting our focused attention on will become magnified and continue to magnify.

Peak awareness is so important along with the continued commitment to keep working on ourselves to perfect any disharmonies of our past. Owning our empowering transformation symptoms healings now.

Now that the energy is at its prime magnification, we have to get out of the way so we can receive it. That means all the disharmony of fear and negativity and body symptoms that we have been going through is done. If we continue to linger in it, it will magnify now of more fear and pain.

Being the receiver of the transformation symptoms healings, the higher consciousness gateway flow means focusing now on self love and peace so it can overflow and magnify and over lay all perception to have the most blissful experiences. Not allowing any emotional addictions detour you, not altering your peace and love for anything or any experience.

All experience is seen as left over residue to override all negative past, use any left over residue of negativity as the greatest blessings to transform it in the moment. To be using the gateways of higher consciousness to be a peak receivership and activator of this higher energy.

DNA has been Downloaded
Now it's
Time for Activation

All old body symptoms of pain and discomfort is done if you allow it to be. Your DNA has been upgraded from higher consciousness. Now it’s time to activate it. To activate it means responding lovingly no matter what’s going on. If you continue to linger in the old energy, you will experience it as out of harmony quicker now, so why linger in it any longer when the new DNA is already formed.

You will be activating and perpetually experiencing higher consciousness by responding loving. That’s how to activate and continue the infinite process. It’s the only way it will continue to activate and allow the new programming to work sufficiently. That’s the reason that you will feel disharmony quicker because your higher consciousness DNA has already been upgraded. And when you are out of alignment with it, you will see the reflection in experiences as more heightened to get your attention so you are running on the higher consciousness then limited lower consciousness.

Remember the analogy of having a new computer and using a telephone server instead of high speed? No way! This is similar to being upgraded of higher consciousness in your body’s DNA yet using the old past reactions. It will not be in sync. You must be activating for your best performance with higher consciousness now to continue the best highest potential.

Now Now Now!
The Momentum of Now
You are Higher Consciousness

Now is all that matters. You’ve learned from the past and all the old data garbage that you’ve been carrying around is taking care of. You have a clean slate, everything and everyone is forgiven, it’s the high vibe and the only vibe we should be putting our attention, focus and doing’s upon.

Now in every moment is the love gateway that changes the past history while also changing the future history. Now we are the catalyst, the pivotal beings that will reap all that we sew now. No more waiting and using precious divine energy on anything but infinite love if you really want to be the receivership and activator of high consciousness frequencies.

So that now you can just be love and feel the bliss of it. All the DNA is perpetually aligning with the infinite programming and experiencing the most amazing experiences, all right now. So it’s totally up to you right now, are you ready? Every day and every experience is a catalyst for your transformation symptoms healings, for your heavenly bliss experiences now.

Will You Still Experience Challenges?

Will you still have challenges? It depends on how you perceive it. Fear or love? If you are still perceiving anything as fear, it will seem to be of effort, and it’s a great sign to get you to notice and change it anytime you realize it.

If you are continuously activating your infinite DNA then you will be perpetually responding lovingly and you won’t even comprehend anything as challenges. Instead it will be perceived and experiences as the most divine blessings of sparkling opportunities to keep transforming and being a love being. It really does become so simple and easy once it’s a habit, it really does become naturally because it’s coming from higher consciousness and infinite spirit.

New DNA Symptoms

Instant Forgiveness, we automatically forgive ourselves and others instantly, it just feels and is natural.

Instant Appreciation, we automatically appreciate everything, big and small, including all situations and people.   We no longer have to work on appreciating, we just are appreciative of everything, it's coming from our heart.  Things that used to bother you, no longer do, you perceive everything in a new ways.

You feel you heart expand into everyone and everything, and you feel so much lighter, mentally and physically.

Pain and any bodily disharmony is rarely experienced, and if it is, we are quicker then ever to harmonize it back to harmony.

You experience quicker desires manifested, and thoughts we feel and linger in for a bit becomes reflected quicker because our heart and thoughts are in sync, working together.

Our awareness is heightened, we notice more then we ever did in the past.  We experience the present moment's power in our experiences of reflections.

We perceive and experience everything and everyone as an extention instead of separate.

Everything is brighter, and you may even notice colors you have not experienced in the past.  You smile and laugh more, everything in the past that seemed unpleasant or challenging is an adventure.

You can also listen to Sri and Kira audio, great information on awakening and reason that many what Kira refers to as "painful relationships" have become challenging as you continue to change and expand in consciousness.  With much more information on how to stay anchored in higher consciousness through the changes.

Your Experiences of Your Activations

Share with us your experiences of how you have transformed your DNA changing symptoms to activating the love DNA

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