Owning the Impossible

Owning the impossible can't be experienced if we don’t believe?
Whatever desire we want to have as an experience that seems so impossible for it to be created, we must transform that belief to be possible, or at least an idea? Through my own experiences it really does take unaltered faith or knowing that what is so impossible to the majority of people is only because others have not ventured into making what’s unknown known.

Sure we may be labeled gullible to non believers when we believe what we hear as we learn from other master teachers, or individuals we see in video’s, cds, seminars and so on. However, it really does take all that we do learn and apply it with such a strong passionate commitment so we can experience it for ourselves. Then gullible is no longer a word in the journey of the Infinite Manifestor, instead transformed into all is possible. How else could we evolve if we didn’t peak into possibilities of our future to be experienced by owning the impossible even if it's an idea at first?

Owning the Impossible by Pondering the Idea of Growing in New Teeth

In the DVD, "What If the Movie” I heard about a guy in prison that had his 2 front teeth knocked out three times from fights and he naturally grew front teeth each time. Though the norm beliefs state that’s impossible once we have already grown in 2 sets of teeth, the 2nd set is presumed permanent. But this guy didn’t know that, his comment was something like, he thought everyone grows new teeth to replace the lost ones. His belief already supported that the body is already capable of doing it naturally. He didn’t have a belief that supported and created as the norm, that if we loose our second permanent teeth, that’s it. No he had a belief that naturally supported the manifestation, when he looses teeth new ones are replaced, and that becomes the program that commands hid body to create new teeth. Listen to Dan Brule explain about it in this video.

The Idea First, then More Research to Keep the Process Going

I am so so excited to share this with you right now, because I did take the 30 day challenge and the idea of new teeth to heart. I also had a desire that I wanted to share something powerful with you when it came time for the next newsletter. So my desire did become the reality. I know it would be even more amazing if I could be sharing I won big bucks in the lottery, but no that’s not it yet. I am still working on the money emotional blockages. But this experience for me is still so empowering because I did do something that my past conditioning believed was impossible. First I searched the internet to see if I could find others who have grown in new teeth after their second permanent teeth. I also kept in mind that what I am observing is also creating, and wala,I did find others who have experienced it, but it took years for them to grow a new tooth. I also know that timing of manifestation is dependant on what I believe it to take.

So I created the new vision of the desire manifested that created a new belief of memories to be hardwired and experienced by becoming in the I AM Vortext state of being and owning the impossible.

By Owning the Impossible, I did Grow in a New Back Tooth

So I was already imprinting my brain, body and heart coherence just by researching more information about growing in new teeth that created more neuroconnections so the process had already begun from the first time I watched the DVD. Throughout a couple week process I continued to imagine a new tooth growing in, seeing the white of it coming through my gum and so on and would then let it go. The last imagining I did was when I was driving to my parent’s for a visit and the imagining came so clearly, so intense with feeling, and so natural, I didn’t even have to work on it. It was there like an already clear tuned in channel. This lasted about 15 minutes while I was driving and I felt my excitement stirring and the great heart appreciation of bliss too for it as if that was my experience already. Then I let it all go with this knowing that soon I just knew I would experience it. A half hour later after I arrived at my parents home and was eating, I felt something hard in my gum, so I put my finger in my mouth and I could feel a hard piece of tooth under the skin. I ran to the mirror trying to see if I could see the white of it but couldn’t yet, but I could feel it. Of course everyone there had to look into my mouth because they were so confused of how could it be? It was there and ready to pop through the gum.

Presently, which is 5 days later I can see the white of it coming through my gum. So now another experience of owning the impossible became possible to experience for myself is really mind altering literally. It changes the DNA coding in the process to expect other new teeth to grow in if needed.

This also expands our mind to wonder even further into the quantum infinite abyss of consciousness to other things that seem so impossible and to again challenge ourselves because owning the impossible is so much fun. It’s also another great confirmation of proof that believing is seeing first to create what seemed impossible is really possible when we believe it first, then we do see it.

I do know that bit by bit, the more that we break through what seemed impossible eventually will snowball into many more owning of impossible experiences along pur journey, I am so glad you are with me along the way.

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