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2017 Blog Archives of videos and information that will inspire with great reminders to empower you beyond the norm into staying consciously aware to live the life you prefer to live.

Is the Old Mind still Disturbing You?

This morning early on Christmas Day the urge/intuition was to watch a video of Mooji's.  And his newest video was so profound and funny, yet so clearly seen how easily the ego mind can sneak in if we're not being our Real Divine Self. How ego mind can also sneak in with negative doubts to delay what naturally would just unfold effortlessly of our manifestations.

New Technological Ways for Santa

Since the old ways to describe to kids how Santa delivers the gifts each Christmas is quite prehistoric. Have some fun in contemplating the new understanding that technology can allow it to be done.

Elon Musk's New Way of Avoiding Traffic

Elon Musk's new way of avoiding traffic, plans that already in the works.

Uber's Future Flying Cars

Uber and Nasa are working on plans for flying cars to transport people. We are living in the most exciting interesting and fast progression for so many new experiences in our reality.

Inspiring Casino Win

Man gets kicked out of car dealership for being too poor, but read what happens next.

The Miracles of Our Mind

Powerful audio book by Joseph Murphy, the miracles of your mind. Be the Master of Yourself by giving yourself your own suggestions of what you prefer.

Staying Focused

Staying focused that you are the ONE SOURCE, the real self in this Mooji video. We can also use this analogy to stay focused FROM our desires fulfilled, instead of thinking OF our desires, to not allow any distractions FROM IT being ALREADY DONE.As Neville Goddard said, it's a profound key difference in "thinking OF our goal, and instead think FROM our goal.

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The Secret into a Movie

The Secret is going to be made into a movie.

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Great article about perception and to stay true to your own perception.

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Help Imagine Rain for BC

We can help by putting the intention and envisioning rain for British Columbia as wild fires are burning across the province.

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Great Every Day Ideas

Many creative great ideas for every day uses.

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Love is a Powerful Manifestor

This is a powerful reminder of the power of love. Just by loving whatever it is we are interacting with, changes the outcome. Being consciously aware of our interactions to be noticing if they are from our beingness of love, or of fear. The example Tom Campbell uses of the car we can replace with what we desire, with love's intention and let go of any doubts, and instead love IT into manifestation. As Neville Goddard stated, a desire is the answer to any problem. We can appreciate the problem as it has given us the desire to resolve it, and love the desired solution into the manifested experience.

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Amazing Human Abilities

Vincent J Dacynski shares his experiences of meeting and seeing many yogi's with siddhis abilities. He also became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation from Maharishi's.

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Alan Watts Video

A great audio/video, Alan Watts magnificently talks about the nature of reality.

All the World Believes a Lie

This is still one of my favorite videos that I came across awhile ago, Joseph Murphy talks about the infinite truth about everything. It's a great reminder that nothing outside of us can effect us, absolutely nothing when we know this infinite truth. Nothing externally is the cause. It's all inner subjectively manifested objectively. Knowing this puts all the power where it belongs, back to our own true infinite self of who we are without limitations.

There was a video of his whole lecture on youtube, but then it was deleted. But you can hear a bit of it from this insert.

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Starting the New Year with Great Inspiration

Staring the New Year with the greatest inspiration and reminder that it is all about what we are focused upon that creates ourselves in this reality. Joe Dispenza reminds us in this video. He begins with proof of reverse aging.

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