Practicing the Paranormal
Requires Intention ... Focusing
and Letting Go

Practicing of any paranormal or psychic abilities means that we must quiet the chattering ego thoughts. This practice has many defined labels that is popular and used as: meditation, yoga, focus, attention, concentration, unity of one mind, one thought, infinite mind and so on. I myself use the label FOCUS for describing any extraordinary ability to practice and become masterful at it. And so I will refer to FOCUS throughout this page on practices and experiences.

Focusing means to be able to think one thought for an extended period of time. At first you may find that your level of focus may only be for a few seconds. With more and more practice we actually rewire new connections in our brain and by practicing we become better and better at it. Until we are able to hold the focus for longer and longer periods of time, so from a few seconds of holding the focus on a thought to 5 minutes, to 10 minutes, 15 minutes and longer. It will always be dependent on your own acceptance level of what you believe is possible for you to successfully experience any paranormal ability.

Then you let go by relaxing in the visualization and let go by knowing your are actually in a state of becoming, in a state of allowing your physical manifestation to experience of the paranormal or whatever information to just come through to you.


Whenever you choose to practice the paranormal or anything else to manifest as the experience, what you are doing is suspending yourself into imagination, which is the non linear of infinite consciousness. However the length of time you spend in that pure focused state will be how profound the paranormal experience will be. As a result of you’re practicing if you do it long enough it will become your actual experience of whatever paranormal ability you desired to experience...

The most powerful key is being able to focus and visualize or seeing yourself already performing or experiencing the paranormal psychic ability as already done in your mind of focus.

For example let's use the desire to heal or recreate our reality from the experience of a migraine. I realize I am catagorizing self healing as paranormal because it is not accepted as a normal way to relieve any disharmony in our body. So it is still paranormal to the norm.

First we must realize that we created the migraine from our own thinking that became our experience. Once we accept that as valid reality we become responsible for our creation and then we empower ourself to change it.

We focus on our migraine already gone, disappeared, visualizing by focusing on seeing ourself go through our day without the migraine. Keeping the pure focus on that for as long as you can, it will eventually with practice become similar to watching a video of yourself with sound and feelings. Whether you stay focused for a few minutes or ten minutes will be your feedback for your ranges of time spent in focusing until you just become to know it’s done.

Then you let go trusting and knowing it will become the exact experience in physical reality. We have created a reality of no pain and when we come out of our focus, we continue to hold ourself as the being we desire. In other words if you still feel the migraine after your focus, continue to think of yourself without the migraine even if the pain is still there. If you continue to not fall prey to the pain, you will experience the migraine gone. I have done this numerous of times in the past.

Since I have transformed my thinking to empowering thoughts, I rarely create migraines in my experiences because I received the message loud and clear. It was always up to myself to recreate what I created originally.

If it is data or information that you want to pick up as in remote viewing then you clear your mind in a relaxed state and focus on what you are intending to view or pick up information about. For example if you wanted to tap into information about a friend then visualize seeing your friend in your mind or thought of focus and just sit in a receivership state of being. If other thoughts try to intervene you continue to bring your focus back to the one thought, your friends face or whatever pops in about your friend.

You do the same thing for distant healing, seeing whoever you want to extend healing to by focusing on the person and seeing them already healed.

Focusing does take practice and the more you practice it, the easier it will be to distinguish pure information versus ego chattering information. It is only through practice that you will become to know the difference.

Psychic Mystic can help you discover your Psychic Ability and participate in the transition to the coming age of peace.

Beginner’s Practice

Ramtha's teachings guides beginners to use a lit candle to focus upon. By staring at the candle and keeping your thought of focus on the candle for as long as you can. Again whenever other thoughts pop up realize those other thoughts are trying to distract your from your purpose. Your purpose is to keep your focus on the lit candle flame and become one with the flame. As your practice to observe your length of focusing time and the ranges of how long you can extend it each time without ego thoughts surfacing.

Focus on your desire as already manifested and let it go of what doesn't belong with your desire fulfilled. I found it most important to be aware that whenever the desire you want manifested pops into your mind throughout your day, to think of it in the way you want, instead of what you do not want. It makes all the difference in the energy you are adding to it instead of going back and forth and adding doubt. This also takes practice and I have found after a few days of doing it, it also become natural to trust and know its on its way to manifesting your desire.

I have experienced firewalking ... spoon bending/twisting ... breaking an arrow with my throat ... breaking a board in half one hand. And out of body experiences, telekinesis, premonition dreams, telepathy, contact with other spirit entities and family members who have died, passed on all through intention and focusing. And of course I have experienced so many desires manifested throughout the years through conscious deliberate creating. I am working on the card practice of seeing through 52 cards too.

You can also focus and practice levitation and all other extraordinary paranormal abilities by focusing.

In this video Bashar explains law of attraction, let in and then let go of what thoughts don't belong.

Bashar :: The Law of Attraction and Repulsion - Highlights from BasharCommunications on Vimeo.

We'd love to Hear your Experience

You can share your experience just click on this link and share with us your extraordinary experience!

Have You Experienced the Other Powerful Benefit to Focusing?

What I have found for myself is that from years of practicing I can actually expand the focus of thoughts starting from when I awake and now focus on the thoughts I prefer and have them extend throughout the day.

For me and if you have also found that you are able to do that too, it is a complete turn around from the ego based daily thinking all day long. The benefits are so amazing and powerful because it turns everything that was once negative into empowering thoughts. We all know the differences in negative thinking and empowering thinking by how it feels for us. The negative is all fear based thoughts and the empowering is love based thoughts. The ranges are so different in how it creates our feelings which then magnifies what we are creating all day long too.

The practicing of getting so proficient at doing this will seem uncomfortable at first and it does take commitment every single day and being self aware as much as possible all through each day. If you are consistent at practicing it even for a month or two you will naturally continue because of the results of how you think, perceive and then feel about everything will change. You really do become empowered and blissful all day long.

We are in a Evolutionary Shift Taking Place

Now I have found that it may appear as there are 2 ways of practicing, but really it is disguised as two ways but it is really one way. It is our own unique level of acceptance of what we believe we can experience through our practicing in the amount of time it takes us.

What I believe is going on is that as we practice any desired paranormal experiences or for that matter any desire we choose to experience we want to have, it will always vary depending our own belief system. So it appears as if we are practicing maybe for days, weeks, months even years on paranormal practices until we have the experience. But what I truly believe is going on is that we are constantly shifting realities, irrelevant of how long it takes, the shifting is still on going. Have your found this with yourself too?

This amazing information is from the greatest teachers that have shared the knowledge. It is then up to your own self to accept the knowledge and to incorporate it into your life. Then it will become an accepted comprehended belief transformed into knowing. As a result from entertaining the thoughts and then experimenting with the knowledge of information and from your own experiences will be when it becomes your wisdom.

We own it because we know it through our own experiences then nothing or no one can alter that wisdom of knowing for our self.

Once we realize it as our truth then we know we are shifting to realities that contain the level of practicing and getting the results we believe are acceptable at each stage. No matter how it varies it is still the shifting of realities going on. It seems that we are a teleporting beings without noticing that we are in fact always doing the shifting because of our linear perceptions. When we become to realize that we are infinite multidimensional beings it becomes to make more comprehendible sense and we resonate with it, then it is so amazing. It has for me, if it has for you then you already know that it’s the greatest evolving process that we are creating for our present reality and future reality. If you have not realized or thought about it yet, then eventually you probably will, if you continue to expand in you’re evolving comprehension to the new knowledge of information. Your experiences in life will become less normal and more paranormal.

It can be of the most important advantage for us to know this because it does change everything. When we can comprehend this knowledge of shifting realities perpetually then we can speed up the process of practicing time. Quantum jumping created and taught by Burt Goldman teaches how to quantum jump to connect with another self in the infinite dimensions that is already experienced in what we desire to do.

It Changes Everything

So now do you find that this information incorporated into our life can change everything? Instead of long practicing of any paranormal ability we can just connect or shift realities to the one we want to experience and wala it becomes the physical reality we experience. It still takes focusing, letting go and expanding our level of acceptance. Eventually we will be living our life the quantum living way, quantum living is using our paranormal abilities that creates our life to become magical and easier the way our higher self intended ourselves to evolve to become, paranormal into normal living in physical.

The possibilities are endless! Infinite possibilities are then available for us to choose from once we become to absolutely know it for our own self.

There would be no need for the hard challenging way to live and create our lives, everything would become bewitching, literally.

That is what this new world shifting is all about, so that we can shift to the empowering ways to live and let go of the old worn out reality that keeps us believing we are the victims. We then become sovereign beings creating everything the way we desire to create and manifest, we become conscious infinite creator’s.

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