30 Day Challenge
Three Different Challenges 
that Will Prove
How Powerful You

Really Are 

Manifesting a Desire

For this 30 day challenge, pick one big desire you have right now that has not manifested, and write it on a small piece of paper.  Now on the second line right the desire in the present tense as if you were already living your desire manifested.  Also write the emotions you would feel if the desire was already manifested.

Now sit quietly and in a relaxed state and close your eyes and imagine your desire already manifested as if you are living it for 15 minutes.  Anytime other thoughts try to detour you away, just say cancel and go back to imagining again.  Pick a time throughout your day to spend 15 minutes doing the imagining at the same time every single day consistently.

If you miss even one day, then you have to start over again and count it as the first day and imagine each day for 30 days.  Even if you are up to 20 days straight and miss one day, you must begin again and do it for another 30 days.  This way it becomes a habit so that you will not miss a day. Also whenever the thought of your desire already manifested pops up during the day, and if there’s any doubt mixed in, change it right in the moment you notice it to feeling and thinking of your desire already manifested.

Another Different 30 Day Challenge
The Power of Now

Eliminating Emotions You are Addicted to

This challenge is to eliminate emotions you are addicted to.  You will be amazed by recognizing that many negative emotions you feel, are old habits that you need to break free of.  Until you are able to notice that old emotions, especially negative ones, is a past habit of reacting.

When you really work this for 30 days, you will noticed old negative reactions and feelings no longer trigger the old way of reacting and feeling. When you stop yourself anytime you notice you are feeling negative, and replace it with a high vibe feeling, as appreciation, remember for the 30 day challenge, or instant forgiveness, or recalling a blissful experience and so on. This also must be consistent.  If you forget to notice throughout a day, then it’s back to starting this challenge again counting as day one, until you can go 30 days without missing a day of doing it.

Another 30 Day Challenge
Remote Viewing and Healing Exercises

Practicing and working on this challenge of remote viewing not only is exuberant for remote viewing but also for practicing and perfecting any healing on yourself or another or diagnosing illness on yourself or another. It also is a great practice on mastering your focus of intention on anything, it all starts with consistent practice and then experiencing your own results. In this video Thomas Campbell will guide you through five different exercises along with explaining all about intentional focusing and much more.

When You Commit, You See Results

It really does takes serious commitment to make the changes to experience reality differently then we have in our past.  If anything we desire has many, many old beliefs attached, then it will take these kinds of challenges. It also is a great way to be keeping ourselves aware too with magnificent benefits to doing these practicing exercises consistently. Some benefits are that they become fun and feel good because you do feel better, and better, as you do them.  You will be consistently changing your state of being.

Below video of the different techniques from Neville that you can practice.

Share Your 30 Day Challenge

Share your experiences of your challenge and what you went through, how long it took, your results.

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